Friday, March 23, 2012

We enjoy each other's cum

Wednesday night. Middle of the week, exhaustion is setting in for me, but I'm horny. When I got home from work, we had a quick fuck and nap together. I was good and did my homework, wrote Thursday's blog entry, and then cuddles on the couch with the BF where we gave each other a neck and shoulder massage.

When we went to bed, it was very late. Almost too late for sex, but I wanted his mouth on my pussy, and I wanted to suck him off in return. I'd rather have an orgasm than sleep, so when we got to bed I pulled out the prostate vibrator and lube and crawled inbetween his legs.

He was surprised at my choice of toy. Normally I blow him with no toys, no extra sensations. Just us and my mouth on his dick, hands occasionally wandering. But I wanted to give him more. I lubed up the massager, and slid it in him, turning it onto the lowest level. His dick was hard after a few strokes of my hand, and I slid my mouth down onto his dick slowly, taking as much in as I could. Slow, surrounding strokes up and down his whole dick. He sighed at me, enjoying the feeling. I continued the long, slow strokes up and down. It was just a couple of minutes and my spit was dribbling down my chin, the result of my mouth lusting after his cock.

I turned it up on setting 2, and his body responded with tension. His moans changed from "mmm" to "mmMMMmmm" with my mouth stroking him. Occasionally I would sink down, pushing him into my throat and holding him there. I pushed myself to accept his hard dick in my throat. I added long tongue flicks up and down his dick while moving my whole mouth up and down on him. I moved onto setting 3 pretty quickly, and he gasped as the vibrations became stronger. I ran a hand up his chest, and down his stomach to his balls which I massaged gently, sucking at his head. I forced his dick into my throat again, holding him there until I couldn't anymore.

Setting four, slow pulsing with bursts of intensity. I could hear the vibe working away in his ass, and I mimicked the intensity with my mouth, slow then fast movements. He called out my name softly. I changed to cycle 5 on the massager which is short bursts of vibration in between short periods of stillness. I sucked him in, and made deep swallowing movements. His moans revealed his enjoyment of my mouth enjoying his cock. Now I was being aggressive with his dick, making it mine.

Level 6, his body immediately reacting to the faster pulses surging through his ass. His hands where holding my arms now, almost bracing against me. I made more swallowing actions, feeling his dick tickling my throat, my tongue working against the underside of his cock. I moaned my own enjoyment in sucking him. His hips were flexing into me, gently fucking into my mouth. He was moaning now too, hands gently rubbing my arms.

I could tell his orgasm was imminent. He shouted a whisper that said, "I love you" as he came, and his hands grabbed my head and forced it down onto his cock as far as it would go, unleashing his cum into my throat. There was so much, I could feel it sliding down my throat; there was so much, I started to choke on it but managed to swallow it down and keep him in my mouth through the trembling and moans.

Some quick clean up, and his head was in between my legs, one of my legs over him and the other out to the side as far as it could go. He started with his fingers, one on top of my pelvis fingers down, the other coming up my pussy from the bed. Both started playing with my clit, gently batting at it. I was super sensitive and his gently touches made me moan louder than I expected. He kept at it, making me just enjoy his gently sweeping movements against the most sensitive part of me.

And then his tongue surrounded my clit from top to bottom, sweeping sideways. I moaned so louding, pushing up slightly into his mouth. He did quick sweeps across my clit and my body trembled at his touch. Fast tongue flicks that were hard against me, but then he suddenly stopped. He placed his hot tongue on my very swollen clit, and let it rest.

Just tongue, not moving on me. My legs trembled from the tension building in me. I called him out for teasing me like this - he never teases during oral. He waited moments, but it felt like minutes, and pulled his mouth away, my pelvis falling in relaxation. He laughed at my desperation, and started over with his fingers playing around my clit, just barely brushing up against the most sensitive area. 

I moaned for pleasure and for desire. I wanted more, needed more. I wanted his mouth. Then it was on me, doing broad sweeps against my clit again. He nipped at my pussy, gently squeezing kisses everywhere. He turned his head from sideways to up, and did broad, long strokes up against my clit and I was grabbing at whatever part of his body I could reach, calling for him. He sucked at my clit boner, making my body jump slightly. It was then just tongue and clit and nothing else existed. I started cumming, and as always he kept licking me and sucking at my pussy. As my orgasm peaked his fingers got involved, this time not gentle but strong and determined to keep my pleasure high.

He laid down next to me, and I kissed him, tasting myself. I murmured my love, and looked into his eyes. I am always so turned on emotionally when he eats me out. And last night I was really feeling such strong love for him. I told him I would never get enough of him. He joked about jacking off into my tea in the morning so I could drink it. I told him I would love that, but I wouldn't drink until I got to work so I could drink his cum and no one would know about it. His eyes grew big, and his hand reached down to his cock. I could see it was hard through the sheet.

"Are you hard again?" I asked, not believing that innocent comment would do it. He was, he started jacking off through the sheet. "Wait, you want to cum again?" He smiled at me, stroking harder. For about half a second I contemplated going to bed. But no, I was already so turned on from watching him start to jack himself off. I grabbed my bullet vibe and laid down. We looked at each other, and he reached out for me, wanting me. And deep down, I needed nearness. I laid into the crook of his arm, laying my head on his shoulder with his arm supporting my neck and gripping my far shoulder.

We looked at each other. There was a quiet stillness as we stare into each other's eyes. His hand is slowly jacking off and the bullet vibe is buzzing on my super sensitive clit. I have it on the lowest setting, and I already feel like I am close to cumming. I keep it teasing me, but I feel I'm losing control to the incredible pleasure. My moans are loud and long, and I can barely focus on keeping my eyes open, but I don't want to look away.

He's studying me, just watching me. The vibe is still on the lowest setting and I have to stick the bullet in me to keep from cumming. I'm gasping at words, telling him how good it feels. I can feel his strong grip on my shoulder, holding me to him like he never wants to let go. I turn up the vibe slightly and sweep it up to my clit, then move it in wide circles. My eyes are shut, its just me and the intense orgasm I know will come soon. I hold it off, letting it build and build.

I can hear him jacking off, but I can't open my eyes. I hold the bullet up, pinpointing the vibrations in a single, super sensitive spot just off my clit. I start playing with the vibration and he tells me I'm a good girl for teasing myself like this. I can only nod, and bite my lip. I slide the vibration switch to be stronger, then much stronger, until I'm sure I've made it the strongest possible. My mouth is open and I'm making high pitched moaning noises, gasping, my body twitching away from the intensity. I'm rolling my hips, trying to hold off as long as possible.

And then I feel it, like I'm on a roller coaster nearly at the top of the hill, about to crest and feel a rush of adrenaline as I start to fall... my orgasm is almost there. I feel a pool of wetness gathering in my vagina, filling me up almost. I hold the bullet vibe against that one spot, and force my body to feel it. My orgasm hits and I lose complete control of myself. My body is thrashing against the bed, and I'm lost in waves of black as the orgasm rolls across my body. I'm trying to scream but there's no sound escaping my lips, I scream and scream and finally take a breath and then the sound bursts out. I become aware that my hand is still holding the bullet against my clit; I move it away, and as it brushes my pussy lips I'm hit with another wave of pleasure - am I even on the bed anymore? I can't tell - it feels like I'm almost jumping in the air. My other hand slides the controller to off - and I realize I only had it on the mid-point of intensity, not full as I thought.

My body begins to relax, although my legs are tense and I'm trembling all over. I force my eyes open to look at him, and he's jacking off furiously, as if he never took his eyes off of me. I lay on my side, head on his shoulder, and we kiss. He's staring into my eyes with a fierce fire inside. I reach down and feel my swollen pussy lips covered in my cum. I slide a finger just outside my vagina and cover it. I pull it out - its glistening in my wetness. I suck it off, looking into his eyes, and tell him how much I love its taste. His breath comes in a gasp, he's staring at my fingers. I reach down and swipe two through my wetness, pulling a pool onto a finger. I show it to him, glistening in the light of the one lamp we still have on. I slowly suck my cum off my finger, savoring every taste. When I suck on my second finger, using my tongue to pull it in my mouth, he cums. He's holding me to him and we watch his cum rush out of his cock.

And finally, we sleep.

The next morning, I did wake him up and I drank his cum in my tea at work.

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  1. Oh gosh I need to come after reading this. Fan-fucking-tastic.

  2. Mmm. I'm with Liza. I mean, not _with_ Liza, but, you know.... My shorts are tight....

  3. Damn, that was hot!!!

    I'd love to make you a cup of tea...laughs!!!

    I just found your blog, and just WOW!!! I plan on reading more though...


  4. It works, but could have been so more climatic in its conclusion had you been more patient, more present, more enthusiastic, and detailed at the end. What was promised, "drinking his cum at work" was nonchalantly and haphazardly mentioned instead of highlighted and detailed as one might expect it to be after such promise.
    Corrective criticism is not usually welcomed, but often needed.
    Think about this and ask yourself what you can do better next time.
    What with all your potential.
    Just another cum lovers opinion.

  5. I wrote, "AnonymousJuly 15, 2012 3:28 PM" comment-Please don't come chew my head off:)

    1. No chewing of heads off... The details of the cum drinking experience were tweeted the day the blog post went live. It was a treat for my twitter followers :)