Friday, May 11, 2012

He returned the favor

Note: While this post very much stands on its own, there is a back story to it in parts one and two.

 I woke up from a very warm body wrapping itself around me, pulling my body close. My skin felt cold against his heat. He wrapped arms around me, and from head to toe we were touching. I sighed contentedly as my "good morning" to my lover. I felt very sleepy still. Last night we had been up until past 3, me spanking him with our new riding crop. He had fallen asleep rather quickly and I had decided to wait until morning for my orgasm. What was a few more hours?

And here he was holding me, almost too hot against my skin. My mind was sluggish to wake up. He let me slowly come back to life, kissing my shoulder and at the base of my neck. I curled more into him. "I love you."

He kissed me again. "I love you. Good morning, beautiful." I grinned and pulled him tighter. He kissed my cheek. "I love you, you're so pretty." Then he kissed my shoulder. And my back. "I love your back." His hand wandered to my breast. "I love your boobs, they're so big and wonderful." He kissed me again. Hands wandered to my stomach. "Sexy stomach, I love it so much." And my ass. "Oh I love your ass... its so perfect." And my thighs. "Oh I love your thick thighs they are so sexy baby."

My mind, so tired from just a few hours sleep, was now awake and following every touch and word with excitement and wonder. What a perfect way to wake up.

I rolled onto my back to look at him. I smiled, he brushed some hair from my face, hand resting on the crown of my head. He kissed my cheek and then my lips as his hand wandered down to a nipple to tweak and tug a little bit.

He sat up, and pulled my legs apart. My insecurity hit me. Oh no! I haven't showered... I should go shower, it's been wet all night and he won't like it... he'll taste it and stop right away! I panicked in my head. But no, true to his complete love for all parts of me, he ran a finger or two along my lips before gently spreading them and giving me his first tender lick.

My body melted into butter. He licked my clit, his fingers played with my wetness already covering my pussy. He was gentle, sweet, and just the right firmness against my clit. I spread my legs wider and he pushed a bit more into my cunt; I moaned when he took his first longer lick, spreading my wetness everywhere with his tongue. I pulled my knees toward my chest, spread very wide. He pushed them further apart as he ate me out. The pressure of his hands on my legs felt exquisite.

He sucked at my clit with intensity now. I started making loud moans that were nearly screams. I grabbed at his hands and his head. I voiced "Yes... oh yes baby.... fuck right there oh right there!" as he licked and sucked at me. "Mmmmmmm" he hummed and he buried his face in my whole pussy. I screamed as I pulled on his hair. "Oh you taste so good...fuck baby you smell amazing. I think I need to eat you again tonight... its so good!" Those words alone made me pant and scream, but it was the absolute takeover of my entire crotch by his face that made me grip the sheets and scream as he finally brought me to orgasm. He kept his face buried in me before making me cum again.

I lay panting. He crawled up to me and I kissed his face, as much of it as I could. I smelled sweet on him, and tasted delicious on his tongue.

"I'm going to fuck you now."

My eyes popped open. "What? NOW?" I was ready to go back to sleep.

"Yes, now," and his dick was hard against my clit. "See what you do to me? See what eating your pussy does to my dick?" It was very hard, and my very wet pussy let him slide right into me.

I moaned as he filled me. I know I get very wet when I orgasm, but this time I felt like I could drown his dick in my cum. I could feel the wet surrounding him, moving in me as he moved in and out. His face reflected the same pleasure, only I'm sure very heightened for his dick. His face was in ecstasy and he buried it in my breasts. He moved in and out of me and ran my fingers up and down his back.

He pushed up on my pelvis a bit and an orgasm built quickly from the extra pressure on my clit. I came, scratching his back which, I found out from this experience, he loves. He slowed to let my body relax slightly, then he continued to fuck me. I was lost in the moments until he spoke again: "I think you should suck wetness of my dick, I know you want a taste of your pussy."

He knows just what to say to me. I pushed him off me and licked his dick. Oh I DO taste so good right now! It was slightly sweet, like water with a little bit of honey in it. A few licks wasn't enough, I swallowed his cock, licking and sucking every part of my wetness of his dick. He moaned in pleasure as his eyes rolled back and then shut, chin tilting up toward the ceiling.

I had intended to get just a taste, then go back to sex. But I was cock hungry and he was enjoying it so much. I positioned myself in my normal cock-sucking position and sucked to my hearts content. I focused on pushing as much of him in - I'm so close to deep throating him. This morning I kept pushing the boundaries and choking on his dick, which he loved. He loves to hear my choke, the sound and feel of me gagging on him.

I never let choking stop me. It only makes me want it more. I don't remember much about sucking him, I was lost in the moment (and I am writing this 5 days later). When he did cum, I swallowed his cum - deep in the back of my throat as the good cock-sucking girl that I am.

I laid down next to him, satisfied and happy. And then his fingers wandered toward my clit. I opened my legs for him and looked into his eyes. "More?" I asked, hoping the answer was yes.

"Yes, my beautiful." And he started playing with me. My clit was so sensitive... and then he remembered. The crop.

He made me play with myself, rub my clit while he swatted at my nipples and breasts, my legs. He made me put my legs in the air to swat my bottom. All while I played with myself. The spanks me gave me stung slightly, but they brought more pleasure than pain. I loved it. It was like spikes of pleasure all over my body.

He ordered me to spread my pussy lips wide for him. He spanked my clit. Hard. My whole body jerked and flinched. It was so intense. Intense pain on my clit that made it feel like warmth was spreading from my clit throughout my pussy. But then another sting, then another. I tried to close my legs but he prevented me from doing it by sitting between them. I started to cry out with each blow. It was so painful and yet pleasurable somehow. A completely new type of pleasure.

He stopped spanking me, and finished me off with his hands. I came with shudders and spasms and screams. The spanking had left me so sensitive I could barely stand the direct touch he was giving me.

Oh Sunday morning. I love you so much...

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to wake up! Nothing like a little quid pro quo! Very hot, as always!