Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sex diary: Our anniversary weekend

In all reality, this past weekend was like many other weekends for us. The only exception was I wrote ahead on my blog and spent nearly no time in the blogging/twitter world that I frequently haunt on the weekends. My time was instead dedicated to us time. It was actually a quiet weekend for us; house buying issues came up and took away some of our fun, but I think we still made up for it.

Came home from work with a stress headache. I was welcomed and told we were going to take a bath together immediately. Bubbles. His fingers spend most of the time in my pussy fingering me. He sits behind to wash my hair, spending extra time massaging my scalp.

We dry off and head to the bedroom; he eats my pussy like it was the last time he'd ever eat it; hungry and intense. I came twice. I blow him. We hold each other through a nap. We wake up and he fucks me, then cums on my clit and licks it clean. Then the bullet comes out and I orgasm again.

Spend the rest of the evening in just my underwear. He enjoys the view.

Before bed he jacks off to my ass, placed almost in his face.

Woke up cuddling together.  Eventually morning sex took over. Lots of kissing and groping. Lots of calling out each other's names. More cuddling.

Early afternoon I feel sleepy so we take a break on the couch. I go nude and his hands wander a lot. We end up in the bedroom where he bends me over the bed and fucks me until my legs shake.

We go out to dinner and I wear a low-cut dress, no bra. We spend the entire time mocking the high-school kids sitting behind us venting their drama to each other.

Dessert from dinner is taken home and enjoyed naked on the couch with a movie. Hands are everywhere. We stay up so late we're both too tired for sex.

Wake up with his arms around me, hand on my breast, dick on my ass. He fingers me and gives me a handjob with help of the bullet; I jerk him off with lube. Both still horny, but an appointment forces us to leave. I take many opportunities to flash my thong at him (and only him) by lifting up my dress at key moments. When we return hours later, we're tired and spend time video gaming instead.

I stay up too late due to caffeine intake during the day and we end up arguing over something trivial. We stay up and fix it but no sex. Instead we stare into each other's eyes and talk about our love for each other and how excited we are to move.

Technically our anniversary. I'm off to work and am so busy I'm barely able to tweet/text. He masturbates while I'm at work. We cook dinner together and watch a neighbor get arrested. He jokes about fucking me up against the window in front of the cops; I refuse to take the chance. But I do stand there in a tank and underwear.

That night I spank him and jack him off while he is on his hands and knees. He complains I'm spanking him too hard. He cums calling my name over and over. I'm too tired to orgasm.

Past the 1 year mark and I am working from home. Another house-buying related appointment mid-morning prevents any morning sex. But when we're home on my lunch break, we take full advantage. He fucks me with lots of kissing on my neck and mouth. We both use our tongues to explore the other's mouth. My orgasm triggers his and we are climaxing into our love's ear.

A few minutes cuddling where he rests his head on my feet. I rub my toes on his face and he starts jerking off. He gets off to my feet in record time while kissing and licking them. He begs me to scrunch them and when I do he orgasms.

I am horny from hearing him get off to me; I pull out my bullet and spread my legs for him to watch (he's still cuddling my feet). He decides to kiss, lick, and caress my feet the entire time. Tongue and lips everywhere. It turns me on. I orgasm. I almost squirt. I am so turned on I want to cum again but cannot... its too much sensation everywhere.

That night, he eats me out burying his face in my pussy. Tongue in me, lips everywhere, hands gripping my hips. He lets my O build for a while before I cum.

I run my hands all over his body while he jacks off.

Final tally:
His orgasms: 11 (4x masturbation, 1x oral, 2x handjobs, 4x penis-in-vagina sex)
Her orgasms: 10 (3x oral, 3x bullet vibe, 4x penis-in-vagina sex)
Amount of groping: Countless.


  1. My kind of weekend! Good for you spending the time together. This is what we do almost every weekend. You're very sweet together.

    1. Thanks Natassja! This is pretty typical for us, although we're normally not so tired and sleepy to avoid sex. It happens, and we still got off plenty!

  2. A nice combination of love and sex which makes for a great anniversary celebration. Congrats, you two!

  3. Good for you for putting Twitter and your blog away and instead taking time for yourselves. Everyone enjoys a diversion from real life and these things provide one. Sometimes it can be difficult to put down the smartphone or get up from the computer, but focusing on yourselves, especially on an anniversary, is essential.

    Your weekend sounds much like our own, as we found ourselves with an off-site babysitter and made the most of the time we had. The sex you had sounds intense, yet also very deep and emotional. Your intimacy is the sort of thing some couples work for years to achieve and in some cases never do.

    Your mention of BF wanting to fuck you up against the window in view of the cops made us laugh. We always joke about that sort of thing, and were we much younger, without established careers and a child, we'd certainly have done so by now. We're such exhibitionists.

    Thanks for the diary. We love reading posts like this.