Monday, October 29, 2012

Wet happy tears

I've found in a relationship that a little sexual bribery can be a good thing for both partners. For the briber, you have something to prove, an incentive to really put thought and action into your "work." For the bribee, you have this power over your partner -- and a very strong power to say whether or not they met your expectations.

I wanted help painting the living room. He wanted to get off. Sexual bribery was the key. His challenge: "I had better come REALLY FUCKING good."

Hmm. So what to do... We cuddled in bed, freezing in clean sheets and a home that hadn't quite warmed up with the latest cold front. He dove headfirst into my cleavage and came up for air about twenty seconds later. I giggled as he went back down and I suggested we get him a "cleavage snorkel" so he could stay down there longer.

He came up for air and asked how I was going to make him come good enough to help with painting. I started by just so lightly playing with his penis with my fingers, as I often do. Light touches, just finger tips grazing his skin, wandering up and down his shaft. I massaged that spot just under his head that made him close his eyes and bite his lip.

Then I stood on hands and knees over him and licked his semi-erect cock a few times. I drew it into my mouth with my lips and swirled my tongue around it. He moaned slightly. My lips slid down his shaft halfway and back up. I kept my lips soft, gentle, barely touching him. I let my saliva, pushed by my tongue, swirl around him and sucked slightly. Up and down, lightly. I wanted this to go slow.

I used one hand to grip the base of his cock - only covering half of his cock) and focused my attention on the upper half still available to my mouth. I made him look at how big his penis was in my hand.

"I know," he breathed, closing his eyes again. "It's because its so big." My response was to return to bobbing my head up and down his cock again, this time removing my hand from blocking my movements down his cock. I pushed myself to go down more, and more, pushing for that base that would make me gag.

"Oh, you just want it all down your throat? Do you want to just lie down and so I can push it all down your throat?" And I did. The cock-hungry girl in me was only so eager to agree. I laid down and he laid over me, almost as if we were about to 69. Instead, after I guided his cock to my mouth and tilted my head back for a good angle, he flexed his hips and his cock pushed down my throat.

I gagged, hard. I rarely take it so deep. He felt my body heave and held himself there. I pushed him up and off. "You have to let me breathe!" I reminded him. Having my air supply cut off causes panic and I forget to relax my gag reflex as much as possible. He told me to take a deep breath. I did. As soon as he heard the intake stop, he forced his cock back into me, hard down my throat. I felt it push far into me, and my body heaved. I tried to relax, but another giant have and he pulled up. His dick dragged strings of very thick spit into my mouth.

He let me take a couple of shallow breaths and back into my throat he went. He kissed my velvet bare pubic mound as my body heaved some more. He let me gag a couple of times before allowing another quick breath and once again my air was cut off. Tears spilled from my eyes, dripping down my face.

Thick cum was in strings from his cock to my mouth when he pulled up. He kissed me tenderly and I began to pull him back into my throat. The gags wouldn't stop, and it hurt slightly to have him down there as my body fought his intrusion. Again and again he gave me quick breaths only for me to pull him back down, needy for him despite my body's rejection.

He laid back down on the bed, and saw the tears running down my face. I pushed myself down on that cock again, better controlling the angle so it didn't hurt.  I'm not sure if my gag reflex became more sensitive from gagging or if I was just so cock hungry I pushed myself that far, but I was choking on his dick with almost every slide down his cock.

I was panting for air when I pulled up to stop the gag. I almost puked twice. Spit dribbled out of my mouth in thick drops as ropes between my mouth and his cock grew too long. I coughed. His cock felt slippery with my spit, like lube as I jerked him off while I gained control of my gagging.

"Oh you cock hungry whore!" he whispered at me. "You are so cock hungry today, aren't you?" I didn't stop to talk or answer, I just took in his cock again into my throat.

I took a break from deep throating and very softly licked the head of his penis. Soft laps of my tongue while my lips were encased around him. He softly moaned how good it felt, how it was just right. It felt so good.

Back to deep throating - his sensitized dick head slid down my throat and he gasped at the sensation. I gagged once more, fresh tears spilling from my eyes. All the quick breathing in between gags and having my air cut off was giving me a runny nose. I had to spit the extra thick saliva out onto his cock - I had too much in my mouth. I couldn't see straight through the tears in my eyes. His hands were in my hair, pushing my head down and he fucked into my throat until my gag was so strong I had to push myself off of him.

I spit more onto him and heard my loud sniffles between my gags. I heard his moans turn into deeper, throaty growls. His hands pushed me down and gave way when I couldn't handle it. I loved being his little cock whore. He made me stop so he could slap my face with his dick. I kept my mouth open - it was the only way I could breath - and the slaps made a small pop! of sound in my mouth.

In my had I knew I was his little cock sucking whore. I was to serve him, be used by him, and I was so happy to choke on his dick. When he was done slapping me, I returned to softly licking the head of his penis, licking off the thick cum that remained on his cock rather than my cheek.

When I started pushing him into my throat again, I had to use extra care to avoid grazing him with my teeth. My mouth was tired and his cock can hit molars if I'm not careful. I wanted only tongue, cheek, and the walls of my mouth to touch his cock. More gagging and new tears spilled. I sniffled and choked.

I heard he was getting close to orgasm and pushed him into me further than I wanted to, gagging. His hands found the top of my head and he held me down and fucked into my mouth. I wanted to pull away but I heard his orgasm come and sealed my lips around his cock. He stopped thrusting and gave a final push so his come poured down my throat as much as possible. I gagged more on his cock and swallowed what I could, finally pulling up so I could finish swallowing his come.

I looked at him and wiped my eyes. My whole face was wet with tears, snot, and spit. He handed me a kleenex and I cleaned myself off. He told me I was a very good girl for crying like that and taking his dick so well. I've never cried like that before, and I loved it so much.

So, did I win his help with painting? Apparently so, as he's agreed to paint the room while I'm at work later this week, giving me the rest of today off.


  1. So glad I found your blog. I love reading about your experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, that was quite a story in both the content AND the delivery.