Friday, February 1, 2013

MakeLoveNotPorn: our new video

A few weeks ago on a Sunday night, as we were slipping into bed, I said to him, "I think tomorrow, you should fuck me in the kitchen so I can squirt all over and we'll video tape it." He only said, "Maybe" as a response.

Monday morning, I woke up to soft kisses on my cheek. After a few moments of cuddling he said, "Well, should we go to the kitchen?"

We went. I did not squirt in the amazing flood that I normally do, just a small squirt and then a 2nd round of what I would call drops of squirt than anything. But the video is fucking hot.

It's nine and a half minutes of him fucking me from behind. I squirt twice, and have 3 orgasms before he comes in me.

But its not being posted here on the blog.

Instead, we decided to post it on to share. (If you haven't checked it out, YOU NEED TO).

This is a website we've been following for months. I signed up for a beta pass long before beta was open and I remember when only three or four videos existed on the site. I knew that, one day, I wanted to contribute to it, but I wasn't sure what to do. We are relatively anonymous and we're not jumping into making videos that show our faces. So... then what?

Well, this video is a floor view shot, showing our feet and legs (and one of my boobs at one point). It's still anonymous - and unless you've been to our house and looked at our kitchen floor from that viewpoint, I'm not sure anyone will recognize it.

If they do, then they're viewing our video on MakeLoveNotPorn.

If you want to watch it, you can find it here:

Yes, the website requires you to rent it for $5 for a 3-week unlimited viewing. I realize this automatically eliminates some potential viewers and disinterests others. But let's consider this: we will get back 50% of what you way, so you're actually supporting us and our sex life. Consider it full circle: you support our sex life, and we support yours with more videos, audio clips, and sexy writing to inspire erections (both clitoris and penis ones!) and orgasms.

EDIT: Oh, and since writing the above several weeks ago, we went ahead and made a foot job video and added it on there as well. Both of our videos made their debut earlier this week in the latest Hump Day edition. We hope you enjoy!

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