Wednesday, May 8, 2013

He asked me a question

"Will you let my penis in your pussy?" was the question he asked when I had suggested a quick nap before our busy evening. I shouldn't be surprised at the question; he has asked me before work this morning and I'd had to say no as I was already running 40 minutes behind schedule.

"Yes," was my simple reply, and he beat me running into the bedroom.

"Strip! Woman." he commanded. I only giggled and pealed off my work clothes. We stood on opposite sides of the bed and looked at each other. He grabbed his balls and penis and shook them toward me. My hands cupped my boobs and bounced them toward him. He bit his lip in appreciation.

We climbed into bed and under the sheet, laying on our sides. One arm beneath each of our heads held hands at the top of the mattress. The other arm pulled us closer together, each one gently massaging the others back. Legs touched from thigh to toe. We started with light kisses. Lips that barely parted and kisses were soft and light. His lips parted more and his tongue swept across my lips gently in the way I had teased him this morning. I sighed and kissed deeper into him, sweeping my tongue into his mouth and sucking his bottom lip as I pulled away. He moaned as I returned to his bottom lip, sucking on it and gently biting it. He started to suck mine in return but I pulled away to kiss more of him. I closed my eyes and let my lips feel my way around his mouth. His lips are plumper than mine and I loved to kiss them.

His hands started wandering down towards my butt and then up to fondle my breast. He palmed my breast softly and then circled my nipple with his finger to make me shiver. His fingers traveled down my body to push apart my legs. I shifted to my back so his fingers could find their way to my waiting clit.

I watched his face as his fingers found their way to my wetness. I had wanted him since I saw his hard cock this morning and teased him with my parting kisses; his eyes grew wide at the discovery of just how wet I was. He only gave me a few strokes on my clit before getting up to enter me.

He knelt over my body and positioned his penis head at the entrance of my vagina, but he did not enter. First he kissed me some more, from my lips to my breasts. He took time to suck on each of my pointed nipples, watching me slightly arch into him. As he made his way back up my body, his dick entered me slightly.

He rocked back and forth gently, his penis barely entering with each thrust. I was wet enough for his whole cock, but he wasn't rushed. He savored each gentle thrust in me, barely increasing his depth. The slow movement teased my G-spot and I closed my eyes again in pleasure. His head rested on my breasts until his entire dick was in me. He paused and pushed up to stare into my eyes. His face was pinched in pleasure. It was the face that had only entered our sex life almost a year into our relationship; a face of more than pleasure, but pleasure, passion, lust, and the deepest love. Like the core of his feelings worn on his face for me. The face I see so often now, and love so much.

He now thrust deep into me and pulled out slowly. More pleasure from my G-spot and I told him he was going to make me squirt. He called me a squirting machine. I said it was his fault for turning me into that. He gladly accepted that responsibility, and sank his head back onto my breasts.

From below him, I pumped my hips, pushing out as I flexed up and into him, then squeezing his dick as I pulled away. He stopped moving and let me fuck him from below. I could feel my wetness surrounding him, this cushion between us that felt so good. His hands moved under my head to cradle me and he kissed me with urgency. He moaned into me as I fucked him a bit faster. His breath caught in his throat each time I almost pulled away.

He knelt before me and started fucking me hard and quick, where his balls slap me and his cock hits my cervix so I cry out with each fast strike. Pain and pleasure mixed; it felt good in such a strange blend of feeling. His body made a loud slapping noise as he fucked into me and I felt an orgasm start to build. One hand still cradling my head, he kissed me until my hands clutched his back as my orgasm built and I came, squeezing him with my pussy and my fingers on his shoulders. He paused deep in me as my body shook around him.

A few seconds of my body being tense while my body was flooded with pleasure. He felt my fingers relax, and resumed fucking me, hard and fast again. My orgasm was barely subsided and the pleasure was coursing through my veins. Feeling him moving inside me again, feeling my come pooling just outside my vagina, I screamed in pleasure. My eyes were shut as he fucked me into another orgasm.

This time my hips bucked and my back arched against him. My body was wild and thrashing. He stopped his rhythm again to watch me in my ectasy. I could feel my body, my vagina, moving around him. Squeezing him and feeling his hard girth in me just caused the waves of pleasure to continue to spread through me.

He started again soft and shallow. Shallow hitting that spot that, if I could relax the right way, I know would end in squirting. I forced my body to relax, focusing on breathing and moaning. Our faces were touching cheek to cheek but where our lips were almost next to each other. We were breathing and moaning in each others ears. I clawed at his back, I could feel it coming.

And squirt poured all over his dick. He felt the warm stream hit him and pour down his balls. His hands, still in my hair, grabbed tight. His hips no longer gave me shallow thrusts, but quick deep ones which cut off my squirt and then forced it from my body. He called my name and I clung to him.

He was overtaken by the moment and fucked me like he needed to. Fast, quick, deep, rough. It didn't take much to send him over the edge to his own orgasm in which he pushed in as deep as he could while I cried out at the invasion. He collapsed on my breasts and I held him. We cuddled for a few moments sharing contented sighs.


  1. Oh so hot, so deliciously sexy. I love how you described his face of love. Endearing.

  2. that darling is my idea of a great naptime.. and I might be just a wee bit jealous now.

  3. Yum. I love those wet, messy, lustful, loving orgasms.