Thursday, July 19, 2012

A look at our sex toy collection

Separately, we had both started collecting sex toys. However, neither of us had much of a collection. We started buying toys together before we even met in person. Now you get to see full details below.
Innocent cabinet

Our innocent cabinet that matches other bedroom furniture turns into....

OK, let's dive in, shall we? I've linked to blog references to these toys and, for some, where you can buy them yourself. You're welcome!
 Top Shelf - Bondage
 1. Handcuffs with velcro adjustments & fake metal (read: plastic) chain). We bought these in a local sex shop early in our relationship. We liked the chain in between the cuffs, but found it was so cheap we really didn't trust the links against our real struggling.

2. Japanese Rope handcuffs: This was given to me as a wedding present from my best friend. The rope is super soft and actually luxurious feeling. My ex wouldn't touch it. I've used these to bind the BF to the bed sitting up to watch me masturbate.

3. Metal handcuffs: These were from the BF that he brought with him. They do click into place well; we don't have a key for them. There isn't much of a chain between them and I think we've only used them once. The metal kind of hurts and is distracting to us during sex, which is why we bought the cuffs in #1.

4. Velcro handcuffs: Another set from the BF that he brought with him. These have a plastic clip that can clip them together or, if you have the equipment, connect to some longer straps. We don't have those. One cuff has printed "Don't" and the other "Stop" on them. These are fine, but we don't really like them very much.

5/6. Because its so visible in the background, the black pouch and purple below it are storage items for other toys shown further in the list...

2nd shelf - Clit Vibes
7. Vibrating Clit pump. Oh, the famous clit pump!

8. Fun Factory's Layaspot: I purchased this as a clitoral/full exterior pussy vibrator during my sexual frustrated years... and this toy was equally frustrating. But I haven't thrown it out. I'm hopful I can turn it in to something fun.

9. Pipedream vibrator: This little vibe actually goes with a glass dildo further down on the list. The vibe is very strong and has some great vibe patterns, but it gets hot quickly. It's a backup should my trusty bullet vibe break (again!) on me.

10. Bullet vibe: This vibe is a cheap bullet vibe that you can buy from almost every sex toy shop online under different toy names; they are all obviously the same with different print on them. They range from $9-$15 depending on where you purchase. This is my back-up as my current working one is on my bedside table for easy access. My favorite vibe ever! Bought my first one on my honeymoon, used it about once a year. Now I use it once or twice a week, I think.

11. Rocket Vibe: This vibe is battery whore. Seriously. It will wear out two AA batteries in about 30 minutes. If you're willing to invest in the batteries, this is a super fun toy. It's about 5 inches in length but has the power of my bullet vibe and includes vibration patterns! I've used it in my pussy to practice my kegels and in his ass as a little extra stimulation while I jack him off.

Vibrating dildos/glass
12. The Tantus Echo. I bought this toy a few months ago as a special deal from Tantus (it's listed as a closeout item currently). Anyway, this silicone dildo is awesome because it comes with an 80mm bullet vibe that you can feel through the whole dildo. Plus its ridges are pretty extreme - it's like 5 or 6 penis heads entering/exiting your body with each full thrust. This dildo stretches me out and makes my BF accuse me of having an extra slutty pussy.

13. Random vibrating dildo. I remember I bought this dildo from Babeland during my frustrated years of sex, but I've barely used it (and I can't find it on their website anymore). There's nothing wrong with it, but its just not super exciting to me. I keep it because when I want a vibe with some slight waves for gripping with my pussy, this is it. Oh, and it vibrates.

14. Pipedreams Icicle dildo #16. This is my first glass dildo and there is a review coming on it. I love glass, and this toy is awesome. It's very popular for our G-spot/try to make me squirt play, such as the time he tied me up and just made me scream and scream.

15. Babeland Orchid G: I bought this toy along with Violet Blue's book The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot as a kit from Babeland when I first discovered squirting and decided I wanted to try it myself. I had no sucess on my own with this item -- until this week. I tried masturbating with this item and my hitachi to squirt. I got very close, but ended up squirting with my hitachi alone after I had given up on it happening at all. So I think this toy has redeemed itself after 5 years, its now a keeper.

16. Butterfly Kiss vibe: This is my first vibrator that was designed to target G-spot and clit. I started using this shortly before the BF entered my life. I used it all the time on cam with him during skype, showing off a bit of my oral skills. This is the toy that he coached me into having multiple orgasms with. Now that my pussy has been stretched out a bit, this toy really doesn't do much for me anymore.

17. OK, I admit. I have one jelly toy. In my defense, it came free with another toy order. I've not used it. BUT, it's a rabbit vibe - which I've never tried - and I really want to cover it with a condom and just try it one day. And then toss it.

Anal play & couples toys
18. Tantus Charmer dildo. Another purchase via a Tantus special, this is a great toy for anal and G-spot play. The ridges are much less intense than the Echo dildo/vibe so we both use this toy and I love to peg him with it.

19. The Siren dildo. Our second dildo purchase together, this is our favorite pegging dildo. It's pretty big and I can get his P-spot so good with it. It's also the one he uses when he fucks himself against the bathroom wall and sends me naughty pictures of it. This is our largest dildo, but I think we're ready for an upgrade in size. When he fucks my vagina with it, he loves to dirty talk at how loose it makes me.

20. Spareparts Joque harness. This is our only harness and we love it. I selected it because it was adjustable in so many ways and unlike so many other harnesses out there, it is machine washable! The harness parts wrap around your waist and and legs, leaving your ass completely free and open. It's also available in a larger size for us "plus size" women, so I don't feel squeezed into it.

21. Tantus Silk dildo - small. This was our first dildo purchase and we got it to go with the harness. Its funny, you never know how small something is until you see it and we were both a little disappointed at this size. He really wanted something larger. However, this is the toy we use for DP when he fucks my pussy and then fucks my ass with this. It's a great size for that and I feel very comfortable with it.

22. Crystal Delights glass butt plug. We have a pink crystal in the end of this toy. I won this on twitter to my absolutely delight and received it about a day before we moved - so we haven't used it yet. Stay tuned.

23. Condoms. We only use condoms when I'm on antibiotics which interfere with my birth control pill. Otherwise we dislike the condom route. I keep these on hand for emergencies or when I have a toy we want to use anally but it isn't made of silicone or if its not flared at the bottom (like the rocket vibe) and I need to hold onto something more than the end of the toy.

24. Pop Plug / Plug of Lust (small): I won this toy on twitter before I even had a sex blog - my first sex toy win! We love this anal plug. It kind of reminds me of a pacifier and it does kind of "pop" into your ass. We've both worn this plug in preparation for anal sex. We love it.

25. Pop Plug / Plug of Lust (large): While #24 came from Babeland, this one came from Eden Fantasy's. To me, they look identical aside from the color. It certainly is large compared to the small, and only the BF has used it so far. He loves it. I've plugged him with it, and then held the hitachi to his ass for it.

26/27. Vibrating cock rings. I've purchase both of these from Babeland. The first was an attempt to entice my terrible married sex life (one of many) and I ended up not liking the toy; it wasn't strong enough. The other cock ring is made of silicone and could hit my clit just right. however, the BF didn't like it and found the vibes so distracting he went limp. So... I'm not sure what I'll do with these.

28. Pink Silk gloves. We bought these on our date night in May. The BF has always wanted me to stroke him with silk gloves. I made him orgasm just from stroking his body with these gloves. He just loves them. He's also used them on me.

29. Blindfold. These came with our restraints we purchased (also on our date night). We don't blindfold often, and when we have we've used my silk scarves for it.

Spanking & Large toys
30. Drac Fleshlight. We got him this vampire-inspired fleshlight around Christmas for his and my joint fun. We've both used this toy, and he tends to use it while sitting on twitter talking to me or looking through tumblr during his morning masturbation. I like to pretend to eat this pussy before he uses it if I'm around. Oh, and the material makes me totally jealous I don't have a dick myself.

31. Riding crop. Another date night purchase, this toy has been used quite a bit in the short time we've owned it. I've spanked his ass and he's spanked my ass and clit with this toy. We love the reach with it, and yet we love how close you can be and still use it effectively.

32. SLUT paddle. Ooh our spanking paddle. We love this. I use it to administer swift spanks to him when he's naughty around the house.

Not pictured:

33. Mr. Hitachi, who is always plugged in next to my side of the bed awaiting use.

34. Our bed restraints, which will be featured in the near future in a post of its own. We don't take them off the bed unless we have really good reason to. 

35. Pandora vibe, an excellent prostate vibrator just for him. It's currently packed somewhere and hasn't been unpacked  yet.

36. Smartballs Teneo uno - A single kegel exercise ball that is also packed somewhere still. I love to wear it, when I remove it after a couple of hours its normally covered in cum as if I've had an orgasm. I normally have the BF lick it clean, although I do take part in that sometimes as well.


  1. We love the cabinet, and admire and envy how organized you are! Our bedroom doesn't have any cabinetry of this type, but we've recently repurposed an old trunk to hold our collection. It's nowhere near as convenient, especially since the trunk acts as a stand for our oscillating fan (and whatever else we don't want on the floor), but we can lock it easily for when our daughter gets nosy. But we'd both love to someday have a setup like this.

    The presentation of this post is excellent. You display each type of toy beautifully and make it easy to identify each one when reading the descriptions. In addition, you go to great lengths to list the technical aspects of each toy while in some cases including personal notes and such.

    The fact that you guys started buying toys before you'd actually met in person is awesome!

    1. Our relationship has always been so open about sex, and we wanted to do so much, it was so hard to pace ourselves in purchases!

  2. Replies
    1. Are they a good four? We've certainly learned some lessons on what we like/don't like.

  3. Great collection. I have two separate collections. One I recently started with John (it stays with me) and the toys I collect with Mister. And, they don't intermix. Lol, it's weird. Anyway, love the cabinet and love the ideas you have given me for future purposes. Great post!

    1. I wonder, do you ever find yourself wishing for a toy from the other collection?

  4. Nice collection. I bought totes with drawers for mine. Still my toys end up all over the room. The cabinet is really nice and very discreet.

    1. Oh I can certainly relate to toys being scattered! I'm hoping this cabinet will allow me to become more diligent in cleaning up after myself.

  5. I love the cabinet and how it is nearly see-through. A well organized post I will be referring back to when I'm in the shopping zone!

    1. Awesome! Let me know if you need any other recommendations!

  6. If I could trust my children not to get into the toy cabinet, I would go for something like this. Mrs. AP and I have a plastic arts bin under the bed with slots for each toy. We probably need to go through them all and replace a few with some more glass ones when we can afford to do so.

    Lovely post and a wonderful insight into a sexy pair of kinky minds! Thank you!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. That sounds very organized and discreet, something that one day we may need to switch to. And glass toys are so worth the investment, I believe.

  7. This was a great! I love seeing what other toys people are interested in. It is very well organized and fun to see all the links to the items and your stories about them, that had to be quite the undertaking. Anything your lusting to add to you collection?

    1. Its funny, you think we would be satisfied with this collection, but the list of what we want is pretty long. I still want to try a decent "rabbit" style vibe made of silicone. We want more dildo's for anal play. More spanking items. Different types of restraints. Attachments for the hitachi. Oh, the list goes on...