Monday, July 16, 2012

Screaming wouldn't save me

Note: This takes place the day before I squirted for the first time.
My wrists and ankles are cuffed with tethers to the corners of our bed. I am laid out, naked. Vulnerable. 

For months he had told me I wasn't ready. I wasn't ready to be tied up and subjected to orgasm after orgasm. We couldn't do it in the apartment, my screaming would be too loud.

Now we have a house. Just a few days after moving in, he told me the time had come. Well, the time to tie me up. He says I'm still not ready to be forced to orgasm as he fully intends to one day.

He started by taking my favorite bullet vibe and running it in circles around my clit. It's only on low vibration, but it doesn't take long for my clit to swell. He threatens to spank my clit for being too excited. I tell him no, it's not my fault it feels so good.

He turns up the bullet vibe and holds it just up on my clit so it's not directly on me like I would need in order to cum. Too soon he takes it off my clit. And then with a little extra lube he sticks it in my asshole about half way in.

I've never had vibration in my ass before. It makes my asshole feel like its stretched wider than it is. It feels good, but so different.

Almost immediately my glass G-spotting dildo is inserted in my vagina. The bulb of the dildo pushes against the bullet in my asshole; now I really feel stretched. I whimper and move away a little bit. It doesn't hurt, I'm just not used to it. But then the bulb slips further into me and the feeling of fullness passes into just pleasure. He's sliding the dildo in and out of me. I love how it feels hard in me.

My muscles are tensed as he starts to really fuck me with it. With his free hand he plays with my clit.

Once again, he stops before I can orgasm.

I'm frustrated. My asshole is still vibrating and he is still fucking me with the glass dildo. But my clit is practically begging for attention. I need to cum with my clit. I whine, begging to cum. He just smiles at me.

He has me close my eyes while he stops. Then I hear Mr. Hitachi buzzing - and he places it on my clit on low.I can't keep my eyes shut, they fly open and look at him. He's watching my face. He presses it into my clit and resumes fucking my vagina again.

I can't move much, but as my orgasm starts to build I automatically try to move away, arching my back. And then my first orgasm hits. It's powerful and he doesn't move the hitachi away from me. He presses it further onto my clit. I push up the bed as I'm able to. He pursues me. He won't let me have any relief from the orgasm and orgasm number two hits me even harder.

He won't stop the hitachi on me or give me a moment's pause. My screams were filling the room and echoing down the hallway. My whole body was tensed. I gripped the restraints with my hands. I needed escape, a ride down. I wanted to relax.

He wiggled the hitachi back and forth against my clit. My second orgasm had barely finished but my pleasure was still very high - and then the third orgasm hit me. I screamed so hard I went voiceless. I could hardly breathe. My hands gripping the restraints pulled me up the bed, trying to get away.

He was relentless. He wouldn't let me rest. He started fucking me hard with the glass dildo while pressing the hitachi on me. Now I can feel a vaginal orgasm building and my body is again trying to get away from him. I'm still screaming from the last orgasms, and then this next orgasm comes and I  feel my head hit the rails of our headboard while my body arches away from the hitachi.

I am screaming so hard I start gasping for air. I can't breathe. He won't stop. I can't make any noise at all. I start coughing, choking on my need for air. He's still fucking me so hard that I can't stop or relax. I try waving my hands to stop but i can't seem to make my hands let go of the rails on the headboard now.

Finally, he pulls the hitachi off me and I manage to catch my breath. But he's only paused long enough to turn it from "low" to "high." Before I can barely get my voice back the bullet vibe is pulled from my ass and the hitachi is forced back onto my pussy, vibrating the glass dildo and my clit. On high.

My screams picked right up where they left off and I tried to twist one way or another. Orgasms hit me one right after the other with no time to rest inbetween. I screamed and screamed. I think he said something to me, but I couldn't hear him over my voice. My head hurt from the rail pressing into my skull. My hands were gripping the bed, trying to bend the rails. My legs were stretched so tight my feet kept slipping against the bed trying to push away from him.

Just when I thought I had had enough, he pulled the dildo from me. I thought it was time to relax, but instead he filled me further with his dick and started to fuck me, keeping the hitachi pinned between us on my clit. He pressed down and fucked hard. I couldn't move and screamed through two orgasms before he came in me.

After something like 15 orgasms in the evening, my muscles were tense. I was hoarse. I was exhausted and sore. I needed to rest. As I turned out the light, I thanked him for the wonderful experience.

All he said was, "See, you're not ready... I went easy on you."


  1. He sure did...that is, go easy on you. ;)

    1. Baby steps... I'm sure he'll continue to push me.

  2. Next he'll have to tie your legs so you really can't get away...and add a blindfold. You two are fun :)

    1. He had my legs a bit but yes there was flex in the restraints where I could move a bit.

  3. Heh heh heh heh heh.... I like the way he thinks. That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. My/our pleasure! He is slightly evil in his thinking :)

  4. Hell of a way to christen the new house!