Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adam & Eve fail - Tweeting Misleading Info on Vaginas

It makes me angry when someone who is supposed to be an expert in something intentionally misleads their followers. Today, I saw a well known sex toy company post about a controversial topic with a link to a dubious article. Here is the post and the website link.

For me, Adam & Eve are an expert in the sex toy industry. They've been in business for over 40 years and have sold products to more than 7.4 million customers. On twitter, when this tweet was made, they had over 26,000 followers. Obviously, they have a respected following among the sex toy industry, helping their customers achieve sexual satisfaction.

That's what makes this tweet so offensive to me. The tweet read: "How To Tighten Loose Vagina For Sexual Gratification" then followed with the link.  I have an issue that a loose vagina is necessary for sexual gratification, as can be implied from the way this is worded. A vagina does not have to be "tight" to be sexually satisfying! What exactly is "tight" or "loose" anyway? It depends on the vagina and the penis and each person's preference.

If your vagina is loose, does it mean your partner is unhappy with you? Can't get satisfied from you? Wishes it were someone else's vagina? No, it doesn't. If your partner mentions that you're loose, the next thing that needs to happen is a conversation. Is this just an in-the-moment observation compared to normal? If there's anything I've noticed from my vagina, is that some days its tighter and other days its looser. It depends on my mood, my hormones, how horny I am, what toys I've been using. If its consistent, let's consider two possibilities: A) The guy has a tiny dick or B) you're vagina is/has changed.

As the article mentions, the most major change a vagina goes through is childbirth. The great expansion and stress from childbirth does stretch out the vagina. The muscles are weakened. It does feel loose. It is different after childbirth. How does that affect you? That's a conversation only you two can have together. You need to discuss what it means for you both - is this a big deal, or no issue? No one can tell you whether your vagina is good or bad -- and no one should.  Just because you or your partner has goes through vaginal delivery, it doesn't mean sex is over or you'll never experience sexual satisfaction ever again.

However, the author of this article could be a bit more gentle with his language when it says that a vagina that has gone through childbirth becomes "wide pot-hole like." Wow, what a way to make your female readers feel good about being new mothers! Or your male readers look forward to sex post-baby. What kind of baby am I giving birth to, anyway? A 5 year old? Could you be more negative? How about a few sentences later, when the author states, "But if the vagina turns loose, this does not happen and so the partners do not get the desired pleasure out of the sexual act. Continuous dissatisfaction in love-making may deteriorate the emotional bond between couples, putting their relationship at stake."

So... if I go through childbirth or my vagina loosens with age (or whatever reason), I'm at a risk of losing the emotional bond and my relationship may fail -- did I get that right, Mr. Article Author? And Adam & Eve, is this the message you really want to tell your fan/customer base?  Well, let's follow the same logic: one night my partner can't get it up, or it takes him longer to get hard. Well! there goes the relationship! Childbirth = relationship killer! No wonder the divorce rate is so high... right?

NO. This is such a terrible message to spread to any sexually active or to-be-one-day-sexually active person. Man or woman, it doesn't matter. It sets the wrong expectations and the wrong focus on how sexual gratification is received. Sexual satisfaction is so much more than penis-in-vagina friction. That is really only a small part of it -- what about the intimate kissing, touching, talking, feeling? The sharing of your body and mind with your partner? If a slight change in penis-in-vagina feeling is ALL that your relationship depends on, you shouldn't be in that relationship!

Let's get to the article's real sketchy advice on "fixing" this problem. The first solution is actually reliable - kegel exercises. These are real, medically backed exercises that do improve vagina muscles and increase sexual satisfaction for women. The stronger your vagina, the stronger your orgasms! You can do these on your own, or buy some specific exercise toys from your preferred sex store retailer to help you focus and build those muscles.  Now the article states that you should "Assume that a tampon has been inserted in to your vagina. Now contract your vagina to check the falling off of the tampon."  Erm, excuse me? When has a tampon ever "fallen off" or "fallen out"? That's not how the body works! This author has no idea how the female body works.

On to the remaining 5 suggestions - each one being dangerous and not recognized at all in the medical community. Vagina tightening pills and creams? Are you kidding me? I'll bottle some lube, add some food coloring, dangerous perfume, and call it a "tightening cream"! What, does that sound dangerous and irresponsible and something that I would only sell to make a fast buck? Bingo! And yet the author links to several sites suggesting them to be effective... These pills are made of astringents and the cream has glycerin. The website for this cream states that a tight vagina will prevent your man from cheating on you! (Head-desk.... FAIL). Seriously, Adam & Eve, did you even read this article and the links before you told your 26,000+ twitter followers?

And then one suggestion that I really hated - surgery to re-tighten your vagina. Any medically optional surgery should be avoided, in my opinion. These surgeries to "fix" or "rejuvenate" or "re-virginize" put a terrible expectation on women. There is nothing wrong with you -- stop "fixing" a problem that exists in the narrow-minded sexist person in your life! Surgery for "love" (or worse, "obligation") is the last thing a woman who is confident and self-respecting will do.

The last suggestion has me shaking my head. Weighted tampons? I've never heard of such a thing, so I googled it. Nada. So I'm guess the author is suggesting using a tampon as resistance to squeeze against? (Again - if he's suggesting we women have to hold onto a tampon, he's clueless about the female body.)  Tampons are actually kind of dangerous. You're never supposed to use one when you're not on your period and even then you could end up really sick. Your body was not meant to have a dry item in it for hours on end. I can't think of a more painful thing than inserting one when I'm not on my period... ladies, please don't ever do it!

And finally - a little info on this article. Oh Adam & Eve, did you even look at who the author was? This article is someone on blogger -- not my first idea of an "expert" by any means. The website is "MediMiss" and run by a guy who is a professional blogger/webmaster. So, no expert there. But he's not the article author - in fact, the author is the Jhon Napier, the guy selling those dubious (and dangerous) pills and creams that the article links to! He's just a guy selling herbal supplements that haven't been reviewed or medically tested by anyone... His website only claims that their products are manufactured in a safe environment. Well, thank goodness... now let's get them tested and deem them safe before we fucking insert them into one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies, shall we? Fuck you Jhon Napier!

I asked a couple of guy friends who have had babies with their partners and - shocker! - are still in a relationship after the fact. Was it different feeling? At first, yes. The vagina is still healing, just like any other normal body part will after trauma. Did it take longer to get off? Sure, at first it was more work. But you know what? As one guy pointed out, SEX IS WORK. Sex is a calorie burning activity - so new moms and dads, you'll be burning more calories post-baby. That doesn't sound like a bad thing to me!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Orgasms on very little sleep = win

We had sex Sunday morning. It was good wake up sex. Sunday night I gave him a BJ - and he fell asleep within 60 seconds. I decided to wait until tomorrow to cum.

Monday night, I spoiled him rotten with a massage, full body kissing, then a long, sensuous handjob. I didn't want anything in return, it was his night. I decided I could wait one more day to cum.

Tuesday night he had a migraine and had to go to bed early. I ended up with insomnia, and even porn and masturbating twice with my trusty bullet vibe could not get me to sleep.

Wednesday I was almost dead to the world. Offsite work meetings on two hours of sleep... I managed to stay awake all day. I needed to get a good night's rest, but my insomnia often comes in batches, so I took 2 tylenol PM at 10p and waited for it to kick in. I laid on his chest watching Seinfeld for a couple of episodes, and knew it was time for bed.

He had been hinting about eating me out, and he knew I was due for some good cums. We climbed into bed, cuddled for a few minutes, and his fingers wandered down my body. He ran a finger down to my pussy and started running a finger from vagina to clit. I was so wet and he called me on it... he fingered me and told me he loved to watch me tremble as he gently stroked my swollen clit. "Why is your clit so big already?" he wanted to know.

What could I say? I was horny out of my mind. I only moaned my appreciation as he touched me where I needed it most. He pushed me onto my back and kissed down my body to start licking my wet cunt. I knew right away my orgasm was not far away. I was surprised at how loud I was already... but I was halfway to cumming and his tongue had only just started.  It was lapping at my big clit, driving me crazy. He stopped and blew lightly on it, then back to eating my pussy. He made long licks up my clit, and then pushed one finger into my pussy. I moaned, pushing into him slightly as I feel my orgasm cumming closer.

And then it becomes illusive, like I want it to much. Then he wanted to tease me, and he pulled off and started blowing on my clit, sending cold shivers up my back. My nipples grew harder, and I begged him to continue. He teased just a few seconds more, then resumed by licking my clit and fingering me deeper. I was getting closer to orgasm, and my hips started rolling up toward him. He sucked on my clit, making kissing noises as he released it. Suck, quick licks, suck, quick licks. He's fully finger fucking me now, and soon I'm cumming.

He doesn't even notice. He doesn't pause or take a break. If anything he starts going at me more, and it feels like his tongue and finger are in me. I'm cumming again, I hear my hand slap the bed, my other one is hanging onto one of the bars on the headboard. He's doesn't slow down. He keeps going, and orgasm 2 is so closely followed by orgasm 3.

He shifts positions, now kneeling with his head bent down rather than laying in front of me. The angle is new, it feels good but it seems uncomfortable. And then I feel it: his fingers on my G-spot, slowly rubbing, pushing. He knows when he hits it because I'm immediately shouting "Yes! Yes! There!!! Right there!!!" and I feel that sensation of I might need to pee. He's flicking at my clit, and my mind is overwhelmed by the two strong sensations. I try to relax my muscles, relax and try to pee... let go god please let go so I can squirt! Let my first squirt be like this so I can cover his face in it... Hit his mouth and nose so he can smell and taste it like I know he wants.

The sensation is growing stronger, but I can't pee... I'm trying but I know my muscles aren't right for it... and I feel like I'm right there... so fucking close yet I can't do it. I try to think positive, just enjoy it and let it happen. He continues going after me fingering me just in the right spot, better than he's ever fingered me before.  I feel the pleasure in my pussy getting stronger, the orgasm getting closer. His mouth takes over, and as I feel orgasm number four, I think how he must love my pussy squeezing at his finger as I cum and cover it in my wetness.

Four orgasms, and the tylenol is really kicking in. I care barely keep my eyes open. I'm barely coherent as I murmur something about how wonderful he is and how much I tried to squirt all over him. He knew I was trying, said he was hoping it would happen. We're both disappointed, but its not negative. Its said in a way that we'll keep trying, we know it will happen. I remember saying that this was my favorite method of trying so far.

He reached for the bottle of lube and started jacking off. I turned over and cuddled onto his chest, eyes shut. I kept thinking about him fingering that spot while licking me and the immense pleasure it was. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I told him my clit boner would not go away, I was too turned on from what had just happened.

He pushed me again onto my back, and started rubbing his dick on my clit. It was so sensitive, the sensation of his head hitting my clit was almost too much. I moaned and wanted him in me... I told him I wanted dick in me. Please fuck me, please. I think I begged him with "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me..." I can't remember completely, my brain was too groggy. He gave me what I wanted... the lube on his dick was still wet, and I was so wet. He tried to fuck me hard and deep, but it was so slippery he kept slipping out and clit fucking me instead.

I don't remember the next details. I do remember more clit fucking and he was trying to get me off that way... I wanted a clit orgasm, but I wanted dick in me. I remember pushing my hand down between us, slipping my favorite middle finger down onto my slick clit. I started masturbating myself while he fucked me slowly, letting me build up. He watched my pleasure build and started fucking me faster. I held my legs back, knees toward my shoulders, he held my shoulders with his hands, fucking me.

My orgasm hit me and I felt my pussy clench his dick as he continued to fuck me. I gripped his back with my free hand, the other furiously attacking my clit as the orgasm continued. It was strong and powerful, taking over my body. Highest pleasure filled my whole pelvis.

I know he fucked me more, I don't remember how long it lasted. I remember rubbing my hands on his back, my sleepy brain on an orgasm high. I don't know if he came first or I did, but the orgasms were hitting within a half second of each other. My orgasm surprised me. I was so sensitive that every movement he made seemed to increase my pleasure. While he came I was lost in orgasm, unable to think. His ended, and mine continued, brought on by his final thrusts and twitches. He relaxed a little, and my body responded with tremblings and shrieks. He relaxed more and I kept going, my pussy throbbing around his dick, my body unable to relax. He shifted to try and stay still, but it was pointless. I kept cumming... cumming... so he pulled out and my body went into a final peak of pleasure.

I don't remember anything else. The details now are hazy at best, but that last orgasm was the longest I've ever experienced.

Formspring Friday: Sex in the workplace?

Q. What's the naughtiest sexual act that you've done or want to do at your place of work?
What I've done and what I'd like to do - very different answers. My workplace isn't really conducive to being naughty. I've never been able to participate in a #workwank as its commonly referred to on twitter. I work in a cubicle right outside of HR. The bathrooms are shared between my company and 2 others -- basically there are way too many people sharing these toilets. They are always in "truckstop" status it seems... I get in, do my business, and get out as soon as I can. No chance will I spend more time in there than necessary.

So what have I done? Well, I've put my hands down my shirt and tweaked my nipples, rubbed my breasts. I've put my hands under my desk, legs spread wide, and tickled at my pussy. I've done this with fingers, but my favorite item to use is my pen so I can then keep it near my face and smell it. When I wear a skirt I have slipped a finger into my underwear and fingered myself for a quick moment, then licked it off. If I'm horny enough, I can wiggle in my chair and move my clit boner and really feel good from it - not enough to get off, but enough to spike the hornyness.

Oh, and I've sexted the BF. A lot. To where I hurt from needing to cum so much.

Now what would I like to do? I'd like to have my BF fuck me up against the window in the president's office. Breasts on the cold window, being fucked from behind.

Want to ask me a question? Just head to and ask anything you want. Really. Anything. Try me. I'll answer the following Friday.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 Things I love

Trending topic on Twitter: #20ThingsILove. I could have tweeted all of this -- but let's face it, I love to expound on a topic and give detail. So here we go. And no, these are in NO particular order. And its nowhere near comprehensive.

20. Sex: I'm not talking about orgasms - who doesn't love orgasms? But I'm really talking about sex. Just the act of touching each other, feeling each other. Fingers, mouths, dicks, dildos, vibrators, tongues. Anything where you touch and penetrate your partner - that is such a lovely and wonderful experience.

19. Chocolate: I love chocolate. No, not in the "All girls love chocolate" kind of way. No, I'm much more involved with chocolate. Yes, I indulge when stressed or hormonal. But, I feel that I need some form of chocolate every day. I prefer dark, European style chocolate. I'm only OK with milk if it's a high quality brand. Hershey's? Crap - don't even offer it as an option. Ghiradelli? Good. Dove? Better. Lindt? Best. I prefer a good 56-67% cocoa content in a truffle form.

18. Star Wars: You know the name of this blog is BiLikes SCI FI, right? Well, guess what my favorite movie is? Star Wars... specifically, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. All time favorite movie. Read the books. Was an internet expert for a while. Have dressed up as a character. When I'm in a better shape, I will do the Princess Leia outfit for the BF. And I can't wait.

17. Water: It's my favorite beverage. And I'm a water snob... Evian is the best in the world.

16. Ice: As I mentioned in this post, I have a bit of an oral fetish, and sucking on and chewing ice is a great way to feed that need, all while hydrating myself. (I am wet all the time, I need to be rehydrated all the time!)

15. The Ocean: I love swimming in salt water. A freshwater beach/lake doesn't appeal to me at all. I love the feeling of the salt water. It feels so refreshing on my skin, no matter the temperature. I want to sink my toes into sand, and stay in the water for hours. The more naked, the better.

14. Traveling: I have the travel bug. I grew up traveling internationally. By the time I was 11, I had been to 5 continents and lived on 2. I was almost born on a third (for which I'll never forgive my parents). I spent a year in college living in Europe traveling. I cannot get enough! Give me 8-12 hour airplane rides, hotels, trains, a traveler guide book, figuring out the local currency and food. I'll take it all and love every minute of it.

13. Trashy TV: Somedays, there is nothing I like more than some trashy TV. Its what I want/need to decompress... by trashy TV, I mean daytime court TV, Jackass, The Soup, World's Dumbest, Operation Repo, Cops. Stupid crap that's filled with stupid people being stupid... and I looooove it.

12. Writing: I love to write! As you can tell from this blog or twitter, I love to tell a good story or provide a quippy remark.

11. Languages: I love languages! I am orally talented (snort) perhaps I should say linguistically talented. I speak French so well that the French think I'm French. I haven't had a chance to study any other language formally for a long period of time, but those that I do I pick up pretty quickly (although at the start they all come out in a French accent, which is hilarious and hard to correct!).

10. Goat cheese:  Goat cheese on pizza, in pasta, on garlic bread, warmed on toast.  Love it.

9. Mini Coopers: I had a Mini Cooper. Red. White Roof. Hot. Had to sell it -- and I miss it so much. My Focus is so freaking boring in comparison. I miss my little zoom zoom car.

8. Reading: I am a reading bug. I'm normally reading 2-3 books at a time on a variety of topics. At some point, I'll have to tell you about some of them, because I've got a nice little collection of books about sex, culture and history.

7. Gaming: I love to play games! Online, computer, or board game - I'm not very picky. I'm terrible at strategy, and I prefer games of chance or skill. My favorite games would be: LOTRO for online, Oregon Trail for computer, Careers, Monopoly, or Othello for board games.

6. Playing cards: I kept a separate entry for playing cards. As a kid I traveled a lot before the time of game boys and laptops. So we played cards. All the time. Small, portable, and take hours of time. Even with technology card games are some of the best fun you can have to pass an afternoon or evening with someone.

5. Art: Yes, I love art. I love going to art museums, looking at art, creating art, picking out art. In college I spent what little spending money I had on buying cheap artwork for my dorm room - I needed color and visually appealing walls. I studied a lot of art in high school and college, and have had the wonderful opportunity to see many of the world's masterpieces. I'm hooked.

4. Ikea: Love Ikea. Every piece of furniture in my apartment except my desk is Ikea. It's accumulated over the years, but I'm talented at buying stuff over years and having it all match, and I can fit flat packed material in a car or mini van like you would never believe.

3. My BF's dick: Yes, for obvious reasons.

2. My BF's tongue: Also for obvious reasons... but its so freaking big! Seriously. He has the longest, widest tongue I've ever seen... I'd have to compare him with Ozzy to see who has the longer tongue. I'm a freaking lucky lady!

1. Tomatoes: Despite my love of chocolate, a well-ripened tomato is my favorite food.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo blog: My sexy feet in the bathtub

 I took a bath. Covered myself in bubbles.  Then I took some pictures.

I took them, along with some other naked photos, as a surprised for the boyfriend. 

 And now I'm sharing those pictures of my feet, with you.

Would you like to wash them for me?  
Tickle my toes, cover them in bubbles.
Watch them sparkle in the light?

The boyfriend likes to jack off to my feet. 
And let my feet jack him off. 
Or suck on my feet as he fucks my pussy deeply.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How many orgasms can I take? his fantasy

The other night we were cuddling in bed just chatting. I can't remember if it was pre- or post- sex. He mentioned that one of our next toy purchases needed to be a secure tie-down system. Now we have three pairs of handcuffs - one metal, two cloth with velcro straps. The problem with the cloth is that the velcro can be ripped if you pull strong enough (and we both have) and the chain in between the cuffs is obviously very weak. The metal ones come open too easily as well.

So we can use the cuffs, but the one being cuffed or immobilized can break free. I can play within the rules, but he will not. He wants to make sure I can't escape without his help. He wants me to try to squirm, but be completely unable to. He wants complete control.

He wants to make me cum. A lot. He's made me cum almost 20 times in a short time of about an hour, I think. (You can read about that here). His "record" is when he made an ex cum 30-some times over the course of a couple hours. He (and I) would love to surpass this... but at some point I can barely take anymore sensation.  For him, this becomes a delicious challenge.  His vision:

Strap me down, hands above my head. Legs wide and straight. A strap across my stomach. All this to ensure that when I cum, I can twist, jump, and flail my legs, completely out of control. My back arches so high that I'm end up standing on one shoulder and my feet. I've never been immobilized when coming. I can't imagine what that would be like.

And he wants to watch it happen. He wants to use me with his dick and hands and mouth, make me cum over and over. I'll beg for him to stop, and he won't. He'll keep going. I'll cum more and more. I'll beg for relief, and he'll keep going. My pussy is his, its under his control. And I can't move. I am completely his. And his sole purpose is to pleasure me beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Whenever this strap, tie-down system is acquired, you will know. But I may need 24 hours to recover from it first. What I love about this fantasy is that it is entirely focused on MY pleasure. Not once did the topic of him cumming ever cum up. That's not the point. Although, I'll be curious to know how many times he does cum whenever this is experienced.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

On being sex postive pt2

Note: This is a continuation of my prior blog post about how I was in a long sex negative relationship and how I eventually escaped it by standing up for myself and what I wanted. This post is about recovering from the emotional damage and finding confidence in  yourself. 

In this post, I am brutally honest about me and my insecurities. In sharing this part of me, I hope I can show one person that has felt like I did or experienced what I have, see that there is something better out there.

At first glance, the BF liked what he saw in a few pictures of me. All I saw was an overweight, uncomfortable and awkward girl that didn't feel anywhere near cute or pretty or sexy. I saw beauty in my eyes, hair, and boobs, but everything else was... well, I didn't want to think about it.

These are my boobs.
Now he wanted more pictures. He wanted pictures of my feet. That was easy - I do have nice feet. Were they sexy? How was I supposed to know? Apparently they are because he jacked off to them the day he get my pictures. I remember modeling my feet, trying to figure out what the best angle was. In the end, I figured I couldn't go too wrong with feet.

We started skyping, and what he saw through my clothes he seemed to like, but I was so uncertain about going further. What if he decided he didn't like it? What if he wasn't attracted to me? What if he were disgusted or repelled by all the extra fat on my body? Would he care about my stretch marks, brought on by rapid weight gain from depression and medical issues? What about my extra body hair, where I have to pluck and tweeze and shave and wax almost every day?

He complimented me on my looks. It was uncomfortable. I didn't believe him. I couldn't see what he was saying - when I looked in the mirror, I hated what I saw. I hated to even watch the little window in the Skype screen that showed what I looked like. It wasn't pretty -- to me.

Eventually he asked to see my boobs. I have beautiful boobs, in my opinion, so I allowed it. When I pulled my dress down and showed them, he gave a little gasp and called them "Perfect." He loved the size of my DD's... my large areolae that are the lightest pink, and my big nipples. He didn't care about or even see the flaws that I thought might be there. I feared my nipples were too small, they pointed down rather than up, they were lower on my chest than I wanted. But to him they were perfect. He never called them anything else. He jacked off to me, watching me play with them. I began to believe him.

But then he wanted more. He wanted to see my ass. And now I was almost terrified. There was no way he would think my butt was nice. No one had ever complimented it. Ever. He asked and I said no for days. He kept asking. He seemed to like what he saw when I was fully clothed, but clothing could hide a lot. But he was so in love and interested in me, how could I resist? So one day I showed him. My back turned, facing away so he could see my butt, I heard nothing but a happy sound and he was telling me my ass was sexy, incredible, so beautiful. Exactly the kind of ass he loved.

And them my stomach. My stomach which is the biggest part of me, the most frustrating part. It's fine, despite its stretch marks and a fat roll that ends just above my pussy. He calls it sexy, he loves to see it, feel it. He doesn't care how it looks when I'm in my corsets or interferes with my underwear or strap-on harness. It's a sexy tummy for him.

I felt a change starting to take place in me. It was incredible, this feeling that someone could see me as beautiful or sexy.  Was it possible he could really like me for me, just as I am?

Fast forward a few weeks, and we are now skype masturbating together. I keep the camera focused on my chest and face. He coaches me through multiple orgasms, the first ones I've ever experienced. Afterwards, I flip on my stomach, still naked, head resting on my hands, giggling and talking with him. He asks me to shift the camera so he can see more of me. I turn it, so he can see some of my back, ass, and thighs. He loves the view. At some point he makes me laugh, and when I do my ass rises in the air slightly. He notices and his attention is drawn there. I lay my head down and push my ass up. His response is burned forever in my memory: He jumps up in his chair, punches the air, huge smile on my face, slight growl escaping his lips.

I ask him what is going on. He says, "Ohh god, you're so fucking beautiful! I can't get over it!" And I break into a smile, blushing red. He sees it immediately, and I'm hiding my face out of shyness. I'm overcome with this warmness in my heart, this joy infecting my soul. I'm convinced: to him, I am as beautiful as he could want me to be. Whatever the flaws and imperfections I see are unimportant and he sees only beauty there.

Time has passed since that moment, but I will never forget it. Every day he tells me over and over I'm beautiful, I'm sexy, I'm pretty, I'm perfect, I'm cute. He can't keep his eyes and hands off me. I totally and completely believe him.

But more importantly, I believe in myself. Beauty comes in different packages. I am going to work on getting back to the shape that I prefer for myself. I've started that journey and will continue it. But I am no longer trapped into one version of myself that is beautiful and the current version is not. That's not how it works. 

One of the keys to great sex is confidence in yourself. Without it, you'll never like who you are and it will show. Your partner will sense it but will have no clue on how to fix it. The only one who can fix it is you. You have to be willing to take the risk, trust in yourself, believe what that special someone sees in you. Find reasons to like it in yourself.  It has amazed me as I've wandered around twitter and tumblr how much "beautiful" is described in forms I would never have guessed. It isn't what you see on the newstands and in movies! Its variety in every size and shape and color of boob, areola, and nipple. I've seen tiny ones and huge ones I didn't know could exist - and I see hundreds of "reblogs" under all of these images, because so many people likes and appreciates them and want to jerk off to them.

Does that mean everyone likes everyone? Not necessarily, we all have our own tastes. If you are with someone who doesn't like YOU - and by you, I mean ALL of YOU - then fucking move on with your life. You don't deserve to be unhappy and feel bad about yourself with someone. Fix what you don't like if you can and find that someone who thinks you're absolutely gorgeous just as you are.

Beauty is never just about looks, its about personality, too. At the end of the day, a bitch is still a bitch no matter how great she looks. She's a short term attraction, kind of like a carnival ride. But no one wants a carnival ride for life. They want to go to the carnival and then go home and live life. My BF and I started out as anonymous friends before the physical attraction was in play. We were attracted mentally and (yay!) physically to each other. That is the winning combo.

Friday, March 23, 2012

We enjoy each other's cum

Wednesday night. Middle of the week, exhaustion is setting in for me, but I'm horny. When I got home from work, we had a quick fuck and nap together. I was good and did my homework, wrote Thursday's blog entry, and then cuddles on the couch with the BF where we gave each other a neck and shoulder massage.

When we went to bed, it was very late. Almost too late for sex, but I wanted his mouth on my pussy, and I wanted to suck him off in return. I'd rather have an orgasm than sleep, so when we got to bed I pulled out the prostate vibrator and lube and crawled inbetween his legs.

He was surprised at my choice of toy. Normally I blow him with no toys, no extra sensations. Just us and my mouth on his dick, hands occasionally wandering. But I wanted to give him more. I lubed up the massager, and slid it in him, turning it onto the lowest level. His dick was hard after a few strokes of my hand, and I slid my mouth down onto his dick slowly, taking as much in as I could. Slow, surrounding strokes up and down his whole dick. He sighed at me, enjoying the feeling. I continued the long, slow strokes up and down. It was just a couple of minutes and my spit was dribbling down my chin, the result of my mouth lusting after his cock.

I turned it up on setting 2, and his body responded with tension. His moans changed from "mmm" to "mmMMMmmm" with my mouth stroking him. Occasionally I would sink down, pushing him into my throat and holding him there. I pushed myself to accept his hard dick in my throat. I added long tongue flicks up and down his dick while moving my whole mouth up and down on him. I moved onto setting 3 pretty quickly, and he gasped as the vibrations became stronger. I ran a hand up his chest, and down his stomach to his balls which I massaged gently, sucking at his head. I forced his dick into my throat again, holding him there until I couldn't anymore.

Setting four, slow pulsing with bursts of intensity. I could hear the vibe working away in his ass, and I mimicked the intensity with my mouth, slow then fast movements. He called out my name softly. I changed to cycle 5 on the massager which is short bursts of vibration in between short periods of stillness. I sucked him in, and made deep swallowing movements. His moans revealed his enjoyment of my mouth enjoying his cock. Now I was being aggressive with his dick, making it mine.

Level 6, his body immediately reacting to the faster pulses surging through his ass. His hands where holding my arms now, almost bracing against me. I made more swallowing actions, feeling his dick tickling my throat, my tongue working against the underside of his cock. I moaned my own enjoyment in sucking him. His hips were flexing into me, gently fucking into my mouth. He was moaning now too, hands gently rubbing my arms.

I could tell his orgasm was imminent. He shouted a whisper that said, "I love you" as he came, and his hands grabbed my head and forced it down onto his cock as far as it would go, unleashing his cum into my throat. There was so much, I could feel it sliding down my throat; there was so much, I started to choke on it but managed to swallow it down and keep him in my mouth through the trembling and moans.

Some quick clean up, and his head was in between my legs, one of my legs over him and the other out to the side as far as it could go. He started with his fingers, one on top of my pelvis fingers down, the other coming up my pussy from the bed. Both started playing with my clit, gently batting at it. I was super sensitive and his gently touches made me moan louder than I expected. He kept at it, making me just enjoy his gently sweeping movements against the most sensitive part of me.

And then his tongue surrounded my clit from top to bottom, sweeping sideways. I moaned so louding, pushing up slightly into his mouth. He did quick sweeps across my clit and my body trembled at his touch. Fast tongue flicks that were hard against me, but then he suddenly stopped. He placed his hot tongue on my very swollen clit, and let it rest.

Just tongue, not moving on me. My legs trembled from the tension building in me. I called him out for teasing me like this - he never teases during oral. He waited moments, but it felt like minutes, and pulled his mouth away, my pelvis falling in relaxation. He laughed at my desperation, and started over with his fingers playing around my clit, just barely brushing up against the most sensitive area. 

I moaned for pleasure and for desire. I wanted more, needed more. I wanted his mouth. Then it was on me, doing broad sweeps against my clit again. He nipped at my pussy, gently squeezing kisses everywhere. He turned his head from sideways to up, and did broad, long strokes up against my clit and I was grabbing at whatever part of his body I could reach, calling for him. He sucked at my clit boner, making my body jump slightly. It was then just tongue and clit and nothing else existed. I started cumming, and as always he kept licking me and sucking at my pussy. As my orgasm peaked his fingers got involved, this time not gentle but strong and determined to keep my pleasure high.

He laid down next to me, and I kissed him, tasting myself. I murmured my love, and looked into his eyes. I am always so turned on emotionally when he eats me out. And last night I was really feeling such strong love for him. I told him I would never get enough of him. He joked about jacking off into my tea in the morning so I could drink it. I told him I would love that, but I wouldn't drink until I got to work so I could drink his cum and no one would know about it. His eyes grew big, and his hand reached down to his cock. I could see it was hard through the sheet.

"Are you hard again?" I asked, not believing that innocent comment would do it. He was, he started jacking off through the sheet. "Wait, you want to cum again?" He smiled at me, stroking harder. For about half a second I contemplated going to bed. But no, I was already so turned on from watching him start to jack himself off. I grabbed my bullet vibe and laid down. We looked at each other, and he reached out for me, wanting me. And deep down, I needed nearness. I laid into the crook of his arm, laying my head on his shoulder with his arm supporting my neck and gripping my far shoulder.

We looked at each other. There was a quiet stillness as we stare into each other's eyes. His hand is slowly jacking off and the bullet vibe is buzzing on my super sensitive clit. I have it on the lowest setting, and I already feel like I am close to cumming. I keep it teasing me, but I feel I'm losing control to the incredible pleasure. My moans are loud and long, and I can barely focus on keeping my eyes open, but I don't want to look away.

He's studying me, just watching me. The vibe is still on the lowest setting and I have to stick the bullet in me to keep from cumming. I'm gasping at words, telling him how good it feels. I can feel his strong grip on my shoulder, holding me to him like he never wants to let go. I turn up the vibe slightly and sweep it up to my clit, then move it in wide circles. My eyes are shut, its just me and the intense orgasm I know will come soon. I hold it off, letting it build and build.

I can hear him jacking off, but I can't open my eyes. I hold the bullet up, pinpointing the vibrations in a single, super sensitive spot just off my clit. I start playing with the vibration and he tells me I'm a good girl for teasing myself like this. I can only nod, and bite my lip. I slide the vibration switch to be stronger, then much stronger, until I'm sure I've made it the strongest possible. My mouth is open and I'm making high pitched moaning noises, gasping, my body twitching away from the intensity. I'm rolling my hips, trying to hold off as long as possible.

And then I feel it, like I'm on a roller coaster nearly at the top of the hill, about to crest and feel a rush of adrenaline as I start to fall... my orgasm is almost there. I feel a pool of wetness gathering in my vagina, filling me up almost. I hold the bullet vibe against that one spot, and force my body to feel it. My orgasm hits and I lose complete control of myself. My body is thrashing against the bed, and I'm lost in waves of black as the orgasm rolls across my body. I'm trying to scream but there's no sound escaping my lips, I scream and scream and finally take a breath and then the sound bursts out. I become aware that my hand is still holding the bullet against my clit; I move it away, and as it brushes my pussy lips I'm hit with another wave of pleasure - am I even on the bed anymore? I can't tell - it feels like I'm almost jumping in the air. My other hand slides the controller to off - and I realize I only had it on the mid-point of intensity, not full as I thought.

My body begins to relax, although my legs are tense and I'm trembling all over. I force my eyes open to look at him, and he's jacking off furiously, as if he never took his eyes off of me. I lay on my side, head on his shoulder, and we kiss. He's staring into my eyes with a fierce fire inside. I reach down and feel my swollen pussy lips covered in my cum. I slide a finger just outside my vagina and cover it. I pull it out - its glistening in my wetness. I suck it off, looking into his eyes, and tell him how much I love its taste. His breath comes in a gasp, he's staring at my fingers. I reach down and swipe two through my wetness, pulling a pool onto a finger. I show it to him, glistening in the light of the one lamp we still have on. I slowly suck my cum off my finger, savoring every taste. When I suck on my second finger, using my tongue to pull it in my mouth, he cums. He's holding me to him and we watch his cum rush out of his cock.

And finally, we sleep.

The next morning, I did wake him up and I drank his cum in my tea at work.

Edit: This post was featured on on April 10, 2012. 

Formspring Friday: Enjoying anal sex

Q. Do you enjoy anal sex?
I'm going to answer this in term of receiving and giving (even though I'm pretty sure you're only talking about receiving). My short answer is: yes. And yes.

I've done anal sex a few times. The first time, I did not enjoy it. We went too fast, we didn't start small and then work up to his dick, we just started dick in. It hurt and I was sore the next couple of days.

Then I did some research, and next time we went slower, and eased into it. It was easier, and this time it did feel good, different good. I didn't get off on it, but I enjoyed it. Another time, I used my bullet vibe on my clip and was able to cum - and WOW, a whole new level of orgasm.

Another way I've enjoyed anal is having the BF's dick in my pussy, and a slim silicone dildo in my ass that he fucks me with. That felt amazingly good!

As for giving, yes, I love to peg my BF with a dildo. If you've followed my blog at all, you've seen that in this post about our favorite dildo.

Want to ask me a question? Just head to and ask anything you want. Really. Anything. Try me. I'll answer the following Friday.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On being sex positive pt 1

Disclaimer: This post has very little to do with sex. Well, actually it has a LOT to do with sex, but it does not contain a sexy story.

Lately, I've been thinking about the journey I've been on in the past 5-10 years. It's been a pretty dramatic transformation, personally. The last couple of years has been an insane ride. In an attempt to digest my past, present, and future, I've decided to blog about it. 

This is a new type of post for me, its personal. I already feel vulnerable and I've not said anything personal yet.  So let's get real.

I think it all started when I discovered at 18 that I had a condition called PCOS which explained some confusing things that made me feel different from other girls. Among them - an inability to have a regular period, the ability to gain weight rapidly and nearly impossible to lose, more hair on my body than what I normally see on girls, and a high probability I'll never be able to have kids.

That's a lot to take at 18, when life is just starting and you're told some of the best parts of you are defective and fucked up. At 18 I was not in shape but not out of shape. I was curvy and knew how to dress to accentuate those curves. I was also in a relationship with a guy who I thought I liked - after all, we got along great... but I didn't know what I was missing because I was just 18 and stupid.

He proposed when I was 19, and I accepted. I was 19 going on 25, or so I thought. I had my life figured out. Or so I thought. He ate me out for the first time on my 19th birthday. It lasted all of 30 seconds before he told me I tasted too bad for him to go on. I didn't have the nerve to ask him to try again for another 6 months. When he couldn't handle it again, I figured out I was the problem, just another defective part of my female system. I decided that life had officially screwed me, so I would just have to deal with it.

Youth is stupid. I got married at 20 and thought I was happy. Sex was boring. I remember losing my virginity and when it was over 30 seconds later I thought: that's it? Sad. I got little enjoyment from sex itself. Our first year of marriage we had sex about once a week. To me that seemed odd - isn't the "average" like three times a week? We're newlyweds, what's wrong? He couldn't understand it - why wasn't I interested? I wouldn't admit to myself what a mistake I'd made.

A lot was wrong. He didn't like toys. Our once a week turned into longer stretches of time until it was once a month when I would get so fucking horny I couldn't stand it. We'd have sex and then I'd have him give me a hand job until I came. When we had our once a month fuck I'd fantasize about other men to keep myself wet and in the moment. It helped, but it didn't fix the problem. I stopped asking for oral - it hurt too much to be told over and over how 'dirty' I was.

And it wasn't just the taste. He didn't like my smell. He would wash his hands after touching me, he didn't want the smell to linger. He would shower after sex to wipe our cum off. If cum spilled on the bed we had to wash the sheets immediately. All I felt was that I was dirty, gross, and there was no way that ME - my fluids and my desires - could ever be desired or enjoyed by another.

I told him I wasn't attracted to him. I wanted to be separated. I wasn't sure I wanted to be in this anymore. I was having sex dreams about exes and other men, never about him. If I thought about him I'd get turned off and could never cum. We couldn't afford to live in separate apartments like I wanted, so I moved into the other bedroom. It was wonderful.

Finally, I told him I wanted out. I couldn't take it anymore. At this point I was so desperate for some good sex I was almost ready to cheat. I never did, but it was close. What remained of our relationship ended quickly, and he was gone.

I felt free. Free, with a price. Years of feeling bad about myself, bad about what I liked and wanted had taken their toll. My weight was up nearly 65 pounds from that marriage. I felt ugly, fat, gross. I didn't seek anyone out - it wasn't even a consideration for me.

And then the BF entered my life. I delayed showing him my picture for months, afraid and nervous. I was too heavy, too unattractive. He would see it and run. Finally, I couldn't delay it any longer. But I told him I didn't want to disappoint him. I told him about that stupid condition I'm trying to control (with hardly any success) and how I don't like who I am today. I sent him that message via FB and went to bed, dreading the next day.

He wrote back with this: I see a short, bigger girl. who is very pretty. and does have a very sex body. your eyes are very pretty. they look to be baby blue. don't worry abut losing any lbs for me hun i love you just the way you are. and i do spend every waking hour thinking abut you. ps i iam falling very hard for you 

How the world changed!

To be continued.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BiLikesSciFi's orgasm

Want to hear me orgasm? Then you're in luck. This is me masturbating. Recorded for you. I'm normally a screamer, but I'm not that loud on my own. I'll let you be the judge. Enjoy!


Monday, March 19, 2012

My oral fetish

So, I have a bit of an oral fetish. I love to have *something* in my mouth just about all the time. I've always enjoyed sucking or chewing or playing with an object in in mouth, around my lips.  When I was in elementary school, I once chewed the colored coating off an entire box of paper clips that I had in my desk. I got in trouble for sticking this short 3/4" diameter, 4" long pen in my mouth sideways, and getting it stuck. (Today I really wonder what my male fifth grade teacher thought of that!)

I was the kid who chewed on her pencils, destroyed the clips on her pens by snapping them off. I never wanted a shake, I wanted a slushie to chew the ice. I frayed my toothbrush faster than normal. I chewed on my straws, making them barely useable.

I always want ice to chew on... Ice is a constant stream of texture in my mouth. Cold, turning warm, crunchy, then melty, then slobbery. My mouth is wet from my saliva because I'm sucking on something.  It melts and the cold water feels and tastes good. It's why I want more.

I like gum. Sometimes I really want to chew, sometimes I want to play. I roll it around, making it smooth and flat, ready to cover my tongue to blow a bubble. Or twist it around, folding it and flipping it into a small stack of folds. Sometimes my tongue has more contact with the gum than with my teeth.

And then there's cock. Oooh there is nothing like a dick in my mouth. Really. I love having a soft dick in my mouth, I can suck on it, flick my tongue around the head so easily. A soft cock is delicious. I like it best when I can taste myself from the last time it was in me. Then I love to fill it grow, and I try to keep it all in me, containing it in my mouth. For the BF, I know I'll eventually lose this battle. But I still try to fight for as long as I can.

Then I get to suck him off. I actually lick cock very little. I'll do some long licks from base to head, but not very many. I prefer to suck. My suck I mean turn my mouth into something fuckable. I protect him from my teeth and jack him off with my mouth. Normally my tongue is active, flicking strokes at that sensitive spot just under the head while my mouth is bobbing up and down, trying to swallow that dick.

Then sometimes I just suck. Suck like I'm creating a vacuum in my mouth, trying to pull him into me without moving. Filling my mouth with as much as I can take and sucking it in, like I have to pull him in as far as I can. It's intense for him in sensation and intense in muscle tension for me. My whole jaw is operating to suck as hard as I can, and then more.

When I give blow jobs, my mouth is happy. I produce so much saliva I slobber all over him. The base of his cock becomes a little pool of my spit, slipping down his cock or brought there from my lips moving up and down on him. Strings of saliva are everywhere. I've read about mouths going dry, or needing lube for oral. No, not ever... in fact I'm in the opposite, sometimes it feels like I have too much spit available. But that's never the case, because then I use it as extra lube to surround that big cock as much as I can, even though I just can't fit all the way in.

And last of all, I like to feel that cock tremble in my mouth. That moment when orgasm is imminent, and I know to fill my mouth and throat with him, flick my tongue as much as I can manage, and swallow that hot cum right down my throat.

When I'm done, I lick my lips which are covered in my saliva, and I smile, smugly satisfied. My mouth has served me well, but that doesn't mean its stopped watering for anything in it.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Formspring Friday: Penis size

Q. What is your opinion on penis size?
I'm glad you asked for my opinion - because there is no right answer. I have a friend who says, "If it doesn't hurt, then it's not worth it!" I'm NOT that kind of gal. So, let me give you some history, and then my thoughts.

I am in my mid-20's, and have only had experience with 2 penis's. Surprised? I'm not sure if its rare/typical, each person has their story. My first penis was the smaller one - I'd call it 5 inches from what I remember. I call it the "smaller" one because that's what it is - smaller than what I have now. That being said, its actually the average length for a penis. My BF's penis is about 8 inches. Yes - that is a big step up, and I honestly love it. I can take him balls deep in my pussy, but I can't deep throat him all the way - my gag reflex is still trying to cope with the length. At 8inches I can grip his dick with both hands (one on top of another covering as much dick as possible) and still have the head showing.

So is bigger better? No, not necessarily. In my experience its what you DO with what you have that is way more important than what you have. I don't care if you have a 10 inch thick penis - if you are clueless on how to please a women, or how to even ask how to please her, then I'm probably not going to be satisfied. One thing I like about my BF is that he can make me cum just by fucking me. It's probably a combination of penis-length (I love being filled) and technique... but I'd say technique is more important. He certainly knows how to fuck with his whole body - its not just thrusting, but its kissing and hands and talk and positions and leverage and placement. Everything.

 What about girth? Girth is important. Too skinny, and you might feel like you're a dick flapping in a sticky, wet, wind tunnel. Too wide, and you might not get very far without a ton of lube and foreplay - and for some girls even that is too much. I had a friend who had to ice her pussy after the first several times with a guy - he was just too wide for her. (Don't worry my girthy friends, they were able to work it out and are together.) Is there a perfect girth? I have no idea. I really can't answer this - it might vary by girl, it might vary by experience. I'm happy with my BF's girth - it fills me up, fucks me to no end, and can just fit in my mouth (sometimes it does get too big where I can barely get it in, I will say).

OK - penis size. You know what, I don't think it matters. Infinitely more important is your confidence, paying attention to her satisfaction, and learning how she can and likes to cum. All of that trumps size... size is relative and it really depends on the lady. When I was with the smaller dick, I would cum during sex with clit stimulation while being fucked. Even today they remain the best intercourse orgasms.

Worried? Stop it. Just fuck him/her already.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midweek, post-nap sex

I awoke from my nap (see part 1 of this story), the breezing was blowing across my back sending shivers up my spine. I tried to reposition myself, but he pulled me closer, tighter to him in his sleep. I couldn't move, but I didn't want to wake him. I settled into his chest, and dozed. Some minutes passed, and I forced myself away and flipped to lay on my stomach. He awoke, and turned over to tuck himself into me and cuddle me. We murmured about our nap, the breeze, the day. Our joy.

His hands started wandering, and found their way to my ass. He wanted me again, and when I reached for his dick it was almost hard again. He started fondling my breast, tweaking at my nipple. He spooned me, kissing my back and neck. He pulled on my hips and I moved slightly so his dick could find my vagina. My wetness was pooled at the entrance, waiting. He slid in, moaning at it... and questioning how in the world I could be so incredibly wet. (As if he doesn't know the reason.)

We took turns, him thrusting into me, me grinding against him. Slow and sensuous. Minutes passed and we kept taking turns, sometimes fighting for who would control the direction. He told me he wanted me to cum. "Don't you have any cum for me, my love?" I did - grinding against him, feeling his dick slide in and out and all these angles I'm not used to, my orgasming had been building. His words set me over the edge, and I was bucking against him. He gave my back some kisses, and pushed me onto my stomach. My legs stayed almost on their side, but not straight. His dick never left my pussy.

I turned my head to look at him, and our eyes locked. We just looked at each other as I pushed my ass into him and he fucked me gently. His hands were resting above my head, and I reached up to grab them in my hands, holding him, bracing against him, He played with me, going fast and shallow or fast and deep, changing his pattern. We were fucking for pure enjoyment, no schedule, no deadlines. Just us.

I could feel my clit boner begging for attention, but I needed his dick. I told him I wanted to cum with my clit with him in me. He chuckled at my clit horniness, but pulled out and sat back so I could flip around. I reached down, and even I was astounded by how wet I was. I expressed my surprised, and he laughed with me at how incredible it was. I started fingering my clit, wiggling it back and forth, and he kissed me as his dick entered me again.

Only it didn't enter all the way. He just inserted barely past the head, and pulled out. It wasn't enough, I wanted more. He whispered in my ear, "No, my little dick is too small... it won't satisfy you." And I moaned from excruciating anticipation. No, I wanted full, deep dick... I would never get off without it. I wanted all of him. I moaned, complaining.

"No, I want all of you, I need your dick."

"My dick's too small, it barely goes in at all. I can't satisfy you."

My clit was feeling amazing, but I knew I wasn't going to get off this way. But what could I do? I played the game. "No, its too small. I'll go find a bigger dick to satisfy me."

His breathing picked up, but he kept teasing me. "You fucking tease!" I admitted. "I can't cum this way!"

He knew his plan was working. He kept teasing me. My orgasm was building, almost ready to go, but I had no dick in me. I couldn't cum.

I complained more, louder, I humiliated his small dick for not satisfying me, leaving me frustrated.

Finally, he pushed in all the way, out, then all in with more force... and he exploded into orgasm. His thrusting caught me off guard, I need more thrusts to orgasm. But he knew, he kept pushing, fast thrusting in me, until I was screaming, bucking against him, squeezing his dick. He was motionless but I was still riding his dick, cumming all over it. Finally, after I was satisfied, I relaxed and opened my eyes. He was watching me, smile on his face.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fucking for the future

I had the day off. It was an important day. BF, after 4 years of no talking and complete separation from his marriage mistake, was finally divorced. Details of how and why this legal detail wasn't completed so long ago isn't important. What matters is: it happened.

So yeah, what does it feel like to have your boyfriend legally free? Awesome. Amazing. Confusing. You don't expect to enter a relationship with something like this hanging in the background... but it does happen. And to have it done and over with? Wow. And I'm just living with this for not even a year... for him, it was an amazing day. It happened first thing this morning, so we had the rest of the day together.

I made him a carrot-cake divorce cake that said "Happy Divorce!" on it in orange frosting. We played computers, watched TV, and yes, we had celebration sex. Twice. With a nap in between.

Round 1 started in the kitchen, I think. I was writing the words on the cake and he started licking the bowl from the cream cheese frosting... so I took a finger and put it on my boob. (Yes, I was making the cake in my bra and panties). After he licked that off, I spread some from my collar bone up my neck. He licked it off, kissed me, and slapped my ass. I finished with the cake, and things moved into the bedroom.

We started kissing before we made it to the bed. Deep French kisses, hands wandering. Bra and panties off, his underwear on the floor. He reached down and started fingering my clit, and my knees started to buckle. It felt so good, just barely stroking my clit, then reaching in further and giving me the come hither move right on it. I moaned, kissing him and reached for his growing cock. He pulled me onto the bed. I started jacking off his dick, making it hard.

"Oh you always make it so hard so fast," he tells me. He was hard in no time, maybe record time.

I grinned, and climbed on top. "I'm going to fuck you today," I said. "Happy divorce!"

He laughed. First sex as a single man in more than 4 years. I didn't let him in, but settled my pussy on top of his dick, just slighting rocking on it. I put my hands above his shoulders, and kissed him, my curls hanging down framing our faces. He could feel my wetness, just barely touching him. I spread my lips, and moved my clit on his boner. His dick was slick with my first pass. My clit stroked his dick as we looked into our eyes.

I rocked, and he started talking to me. "Oh you naughty girl, why are you so wet today? So very naughty." I went to kiss his neck, but he hijacked my head and bit my neck. Hard. I gasped, moaning into his shoulder. He released me for a second, then kissed me, then bit me again. It was painful... but I liked it. I leaned back up, and started flexing my hips up, pushing his dick up into my pussy. I held him at the entrance, covering him in my wetness. Then I pulled off and started flexing with my clit against his dick again. "Come on my dick, use your clit to come on my dick. I love to see you come with your clit... you feel so good. Make it feel so good for me baby," he told me. I was so turned on. My orgasm came quickly, left me quivering on his dick. He ran his hands up and down my back, telling me what a good girl I was for obeying him like that.

I flicked my hips up again, and this time I sank onto his dick, and his eyes rolled back and a moan escaped his lips as I let him fill me up. He pinned my feet under his legs, pushing himself into me as I pushed myself into him. I rocked slowly back and forth, agonizingly slow. His voice was low in volume, high in pitch, asking for more. It felt amazingly good, rocking on that. He grabbed my right ass check and held it firmly in his grip, fingers pulling it sideways. Then I started flipping my hips up so he was barely in me before gently falling back down. Again and again, and then I was cumming again. When I was done, he pulled my hair away from my face and told me he loved me and I was so beautiful when I came.

Pushing into each other, I feeling as much as we could, just us, our bodies. I fucked him, rolling my hips, letting his dick fill me up. I came a third time, and then a fourth, each time getting closer and easier. I started really fucking against him, and his hands were slightly resting against my ass. I started bouncing my ass, and he told me to keep going, keep doing it. So I did, more and faster, an orgasm building. My eyes shut from pleasure, my last view was his eyes squeeze shut, mouth open in pleasure. His hands were grazing my ass, following its bounces as best as he could. He exploded into orgasm for 20 very long seconds. And my orgasm hit mid-way through his. I could feel my pussy squeezing his cock hard, making his gasp and twitch. We kissed.

It was the best sex he's had in years, he told me. And we fell asleep, on our sides, legs intertwined, his arms around me, his lips on my forehead, my head tucked into him. The breeze was blowing in the windows. It was lovely.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My BF's sexy butt

My boyfriend is incredibly sexy. I love every part of his body... He has "popeye" arms that are very muscular in the forearm and bicep/triceps, nice strong shoulders. He's slender without being super skinny. His hands are strong, manly, and muscular.

But let's just cut to the chase here: he as an ass that is AMAZING. It's not quite a booty butt, but damn is it delicious. There's definitely no question of "Where's his butt?" or even joking about him not having one. It's there, and its perfect.

All in all, I'd call it fuckable. Because that's exactly what it is. A loveable, squeeze-it-in-your-hands, spank-it-til-its-red, kiss it, lick it, all out just fuckable kind of butt. And it's MINE to play with... whenever I want.

Damn, I'm lucky.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Review: Siren Dildo

The Toy
I've owned the Siren Dildo for about six months. I bought it online from Babeland to pair with a harness that I had purchased last year. The BF and I wanted this dildo to use primarily with the harness to peg him. We chose this dildo for two primary reasons. First, its 100% silicone and therefore easy to sanitize after use. Second, its shape is designed to hit the G- or P-spot. We purchased the purple color to match the harness.

The dildo arrived on time and looked exactly as the picture on the website. It has a nice curve to it, with a defined head. It flares toward the base where it has the widest girth. The base of this toy is flat so it can sit upright, however the curve and head make it a little top heavy toy so keeping it upright is difficult.

We sanitized it by boiling it in water for about 5 minutes, then set it aside for later. Before use, we recommend rinsing it off as silicone tends to attract dust like crazy.  If you need to use lube with this, make sure you use a water-based lube.

The Sex (for him)
We use this toy on him in 3 different ways. Most of the time, we use this dildo in the harness for pegging him. It fits easily in my harness and stays secure in there. I lube it up with a water-based lube and gently enter the BF with it. (Normally, prior to pegging him, we start with some fingers or a butt plug to help loosen him up and get him ready for this dildo). Starting out, I position the head so it will hit his P-spot regardless of the position we're in. (The P-spot is in a similar location to the G-spot but a bit further into the anus).

When using this with the harness, I've fucked him in doggie style and missionary. My favorite position to use this is with him on his back and me kneeling in front of him. In this position I can have access to his dick and balls and control his legs. The best orgasm I've ever given him was in this position. I start out with slow, shallow thrusts. I let the dildo slowly work its way. It doesn't take long before I'm thrusting as far as I can into him with this. The dildo's widened base makes it perfect for anal play. The BF loves the feeling of fucking all the way in and out, just keeping the head in him. Normally I'll lube up one hand and then jack off his dick, using my free hand to hold onto him or let my hands roam. Sometimes I'll use my hands to grab around his legs to pull him toward me, matching my pulls with my thrusts. The best way to reach his p-spot is to push his legs up toward his shoulder, pressing his legs down. At this angle I can get him just right, so much so that I can make him cum without any dick stimulation... its the most cum I've ever seen shoot from his cock at once, and the longest, strongest orgasm I've seen him experience.

Because this dildo has a flat base, using it up against a wall for support is pretty easy. One day at work, the BF sent me a picture of him standing up against the wall, dildo in his ass, hard cock in his other hand, jacking off and watching himself in the mirror. I was so incredibly turned on - it had never occurred to me to use the toy this way. The base can almost suction itself to the wall so that he can fuck himself on it while jacking on.

After I got that photo (which I still have in my phone and look at occasionally while at work), I asked him to do it again, but let me suck him off while he fucked himself on the dildo. He willingly obliged me. He lubed up the dildo and inserted it himself, getting it positioned against the wall. I kneeled down and sucked his cock into my mouth, I let him fuck against the dildo and followed his body with my head, not letting him out of my mouth. I ran my hands up and down his body while I sucked, up to his chest, down to his ass, and down his legs. I sucked him, playing with his cock. His legs trembled, he could barely keep himself standing while I sucked at him. In the end, it became too much stimulation and he focused on the blow job rather than the dildo in his ass.

The Sex (for her)
To use this dildo on me, I need a lot of lubrication (preferably via an orgasm prior to dildo insertion) and some work up to taking it. The first time I used this dick, we tried fisting. He got about 4 fingers in me before I decided I wasn't ready for the full fist. Since I was so stretched out, we pulled out this dildo and he started fucking me with it. Four fingers is definitely wider than this dildo, but it still felt like it filled me. With a little clit stimulation, I was orgasming in very little time.

The second time we used this dildo was earlier today. This time I did cum first - from oral sex courtesy of the BF's amazing mouth. (If you don't follow me on twitter, you're missing out on the hotness.) After cumming, he worked the dildo in me with very little effort since I was already so wet. I couldn't take this dildo all the way in, but I'd say I took about 4.5 inches before it felt too big for more. The BF was able to manipulate the head against my G-spot easily. He fucked me with it and it felt good. My favorite move is when he wiggled it in me, creating almost like a vibration-like feeling. He didn't use it on me long enough to get off this time, but I'm sure that I could have pretty easily.

The Judgement
Overall, I'd give this toy a 5/5. It hits the BF's P-spot so well and every time without fail. I love using it on him - and he really enjoys using it on himself. Its the perfect size for him - big enough to give him that full, fucked feeling, hit the right spot, without being too big.  This I think is one of our favorite toys to use on him. I enjoy this toy as well, but I honestly prefer the BF's dick at this time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fucking his little slut

This morning I had some very good sex... I'm not going to recap all of it at the moment since I already tweeted it earlier today. Here's a short summary: He played with my clit, fingered me a bit, played with my clit, ate me out, fucked me with a big dildo, then fucked me, and finished with fingering me more.  This special entry is decided to him fucking me.

Not long after we started dating, the BF asked me to make fun of him, tease him sometimes during sex. I didn't know what to say or what was OK to say. How do you know where "the line" is during this time of verbal play? I did some research online, mostly through some of my twitter followers/friends who gave some incredible, invaluable advice.

I was being fucked with our big dildo, the Siren. Its the thickest toy I have and its thicker than the BF's dick. We had been talking about him fucking me with it for several days, and now I was taking it and he was enjoying giving it to me. He pushed it as far as he could in me, stretching out my pussy. "Yeah, you're my little slut taking that big dildo, aren't you?" he teased me. I could only nod in response. He watched it slide in and out of me, filling me up. His dick was hard from watching it. Finally, he couldn't take watching it anymore.

He pulled the dildo out and set it aside. "Its my turn," he said, moving to get on top. He slid in my soaking wet pussy, his face betraying his pleasure. "Oooh," he moaned. "Oooh your pussy is so big." And it was - it didn't feel normal. His dick felt thinner, or I couldn't feel it filling me up. I could feel his head pushing at my G-spot as he fucked me, but I could barely feel it entering me. Normally I can feel every sensation, and now all I could feel was a giant pool of my wetness.

"My dick feels so tiny in you," he said. He was moaning with every thrust. "Oh fuck you're so wet." I gripped his back. My wetness was incredible - I've never felt like I could drown a dick, but I was pretty certain I was doing just that. I was surrounding most of him with wetness, rather than my vagina.

"Yeah, you like my vagina so big, don't you?" I encouraged. "Not tight like normal is it?"

"No," he managed to say. "No, it's so loose and slutty."

"Yeah, so big from that dildo. Like a bigger cock's been fucking me, huh tiny dick?" He moaned in response. "Yeah, I can barely feel that small dick in me. Its too small for my pussy." He was making slow, deep thrusts. He breathing was heavy, and I could tell he wasn't going to last very long.

"Its so loose, you slut," he told me.

"I know, I'm such a slut."

"You liked that bigger cock didn't you?"

"Yes, its better than your little one. I can hardly feel it," I said back, turning him on more.

"Oh I want to cum in you, slut," he said slightly breathless.

"Well you can't make me cum, your dick's too small to please me," I mocked him.  He exploded in orgasm, quiet at first, then building with loud, long groans of pleasure and some deep final thrusts.

I made him finger me to orgasm afterward.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Formspring Friday: About giving blowjobs

I was asked on twitter: I need advice, how do I get wife to enjoy giving me BJ? She always complains my jaw gets sore, what is she doing wrong?

Well, let me start by saying I'll do my best to answer this for you, but I am only one person and I hope some of my readers will jump in with their comments below to add any other advice I may have missed.

I think the first thing you need to consider is whether or not she wants to give you a BJ. Now, I have heard not all women like to give one and they end up doing it because they feel guilty or forced. I have only heard about this, I haven't experienced it myself. I personally love giving head and the women with whom I do discuss sex with all seem to really enjoy it, too. But I would have to imagine that, like all things, it just may not be some people's cup of tea. If that's the case, you need to find that out and talk about it. Obviously you're still going to want, and she's still not going to like it, and that's up to you two to solve.

So what if she does like to give head and she just finds it really difficult? Well, here are my cock-sucking tips for the women and men who love to suck cock, but find it difficult:

1. Stamina. Sucking cock takes stamina. It's not easy to keep your mouth open, tongue moving, sucking action going, and gag reflex in check for a sustained amount of time. (If you've never sucked cock yourself - suck a dildo for 5 minutes straight to get a feel for it). So sucking cock does take some stamina. I deal with this in a couple of ways. First, I chew a lot of gum - not to keep up my stamina, but because I like to chew gum. But all that chewing (3-4 hours at a stretch) does build some jaw strength. Then, I practice. I suck cock about once a week, sometimes more. I notice that if I go more than two weeks without sucking cock, it gets harder to do. So part of sucking cock is doing it somewhat often. The timing will depend on both of you... but trust me, the more you suck, the better at it you become. You learn more what to do, how to please, what he likes, how to get him off. Its not a race to make it the quickest orgasm ever, more that practice makes perfect. And practice builds stamina.  If the jaw is hurting, it could be because your cock is really big for her mouth and she'll need to focus more on the head and less on the whole cock. This is best done by sucking on the head and letting your hands work the rest of the cock.

2. Pace yourself.  Really this makes a HUGE difference. Start off slow, not fast and furious. Think of a BJ as stages of pleasure. Starting off should be working him up, getting him hard, focus on letting his cock just fill your mouth. Make him wet, let your saliva cover every inch of his cock. Then start kissing, licking, sucking and getting the excitement level to build. Play with the balls and every different part of his cock. Vary your rhythm. Get him very excited. When you're ready for him to cum, start building that orgasm with concentrated focus on his most sensitive parts - the head, and just under the head. Deep throat him, suck him, keep your mouth stationary and have your tongue run circles around the head. Listen to his breathing and his moans as clues as to where you are. Feel his body move to know what is working and what isn't.

3. Use your assets. Giving a BJ does not mean that you have to only suck cock. Maybe this is obvious, maybe its not. Sucking cock you should also use your hands and the rest of your body. Even your eyes can play a role! I  suck cock naked so he can watch my body move. I'll change my hair depending on the day - up away from the face, framing my face, or in pigtails. I usually kneel in between his legs while he's on his back - and my boobs hang down and cuddle against his balls depending on my angle. Sometimes to give my mouth a break I'll titty-fuck him for a bit. I'll handle his balls with one or both hands. I'll finger his asshole or even pull out a prostate massager and let that help me build up the orgasm a lot faster. Even jacking him off with your hand for a bit is a great break for your mouth - and your saliva can serve as the lube. If you need a longer break, climb on board and ride that cock. You may decide to end the BJ there and just continue with sex - or you can swap back and forth. It doesn't always have to be the same. If you feel that you're getting tired, change it up so you can take a mini-break and get back to sucking in a little bit.

My last tips are for you and all the other men out there.

1. Help us cock-sucking lovers out - don't make it hard for you to cum. Don't masturbate or cum too soon before the BJ starts. I can almost always make my BF cum from a BJ, but sometimes I can't. And I know about how long things should go until he should be experiencing an incredible orgasm. But if things are going, and going, and going, and I'm struggling to keep it up, I start getting resentful. It pisses me off asking for a BJ when the guy has (unintentionally) made it difficult to cum. Giving yourself that extra lasting power is great for you - but I can only give so much.

2. If you are blessed with long stamina and it takes a lot for you to cum - good for you. However, keep in mind that she may not be able to make you cum by BJ alone. Sucking for more than 5 minutes is good, more than 10 is pretty much superhuman. I've never timed how long I can last, but I know that 5 minutes sucking cock can feel like a lot longer if I'm giving him a good hard suck.

3. Final note guys: let her know its appreciated! Nothing says "thank you" for a BJ other than eating pussy. Or however else she loves to cum. And sometimes, make it all about her. Don't keep this kind of special pleasure reserved for "I'll eat you if you eat me." Sometimes its about her, sometimes its about you.

Bottom line: don't pressure too much and definitely let your partner know how good it feels and how you appreciate what he or she has done for you.

Readers - I'd love hear your input on this question!

Formspring Friday: Intimacy, lick or suck, and feet

Q. What is more intimate: blowjob or intercourse?
To me, intimacy is about togetherness in complete vulnerability. Intimacy takes place both in and outside of sex, but I think you're just asking about sex. For me, intercourse is much more intimate than giving a blow job. When I'm going down on my BF, my whole world is about him. I don't focus on anything but giving him pleasure. When we're having intercourse, the moment is about us. We focus on each other - we're kissing, looking to each others' eyes, expressing our love and pleasure for each other, telling each other how attractive we are, how much we want to be together. The moment is about us together, our pleasure together. The BF likes to make sure I have at least 1 orgasm before he cums. In the rare chance I don't, he automatically starts fingering me or going down on me to make sure I do. I love to give him blow jobs, to focus on his pleasure and give him complete, focused pleasure. And I love it when he does the same for me. But its always better when its us together enjoying each other.

Q. Licking or sucking?
Li-li-li-li-lick it like a lollipop! I love it when the BF licks me. When he licks my neck it makes me go wild - I almost came once from him licking that special spot on my neck. One time during sex he started licking from between my breasts up my chest to my neck then just below my ear. Feeling his hot tongue on me was so fucking hot. When he's going down on me, I love his tongue licking any part of my pussy. He can suck on it too, but licking is SO MUCH BETTER. As far as what I want to do to him? Well, I'd rather suck on a cock any day over licking it.

Q. Pepsi or coke? Beer or wine?
I'm not a cola drinker, so I'll pass on both the pepsi or cola. I'll take a 7UP instead. As for beer or wine, I really don't like either. I'm not a big drinker by any means, but if I do imbibe then give me some rum, vodka, or gin.

Q. Footjobs - fair or foul?
Foul? No way! I love giving a foot job to my BF. As long as I haven't been running around barefoot where my feet are really dirty, he wants my feet on him. He gets so incredibly turned on by my feet. Just rubbing my toes against his foot will turn him on and make him hard... when I put some lube on my feet and rub his cock, I love to watch his face and body. He melts into the moment, torn between just enjoying the feeling and watching it. Both turn him on so much. So yes, a foot job. Almost any time.

Want to ask me a question? Just head to and ask anything you want. Really. Anything. Try me. I'll answer the following Sunday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Review: Vibrating Clit Pump

The Toy

A couple of weeks ago Good Vibrations had a sale on a Vibrating Pleasure Pump. The BF and I had been discussing different pumps we wanted to try - penis, nipple, and clit. When the sale came up for this clit pump, we decided to give it a try.  We ordered the purple one - the grey just seemed to dismal of a color for a sex toy.

The vibe arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. It has two heads that are easily changed. One is like a large suction cup, the other has feelers/ticklers but is otherwise the same. The purple color is just like it is shown on the website.

To prepare, I washed the heads with soap and water and assembled according to the directions. We decided to use the feelers for our first try.  We inserted the two AAA batteries and tested the vibration settings. There are three settings that vary by pushing one button to turn on level 1, switch to level 2, switch to level 3, then turn off. The only way to turn off is to go through all 3 levels. I was impressed with the vibration strength. Level 3 reminded me of the medium-high on my bullet vibe.

The sucking action is accomplished by squeezing the hand pump until the desired suction is reached. Suction is released by pressing a button - very much like a blood pressure cuff. We tried the suction on our hands with some success, but it didn't work on my nipples very well while standing up as getting the seal was difficult. I managed to suction it to my chest pretty well - if left on, I would have had a little hickie spot.

The Sex

We started with me on my back, legs spread wide. The BF pulled apart my pussy lips and placed the head on me, surrounding my clit. He started pumping it, and I could immediately feel the suction on my clit. It was noticeable and consistent, but not too strong. After about five pumps the handle wouldn't re-inflate all of the way, so he couldn't get a lot more suction out of it. He turned on the vibration and it felt very, very good.  It vibrated all around my clit, surrounding me with excellent stimulation. I couldn't tell if the feelers were doing anything as most of the sensation was around my clit, not on my clit.

The vibrations felt pretty good, but it was just "fine." BF then turned on level 2, which increased the pleasure quite a bit. He wiggled the handle, and it sent some waves of pleasure across my clit. However, since the vibes were around my clit and not directly on my clit, it was just pleasure and building to an orgasm just wasn't going to happen.

After a bit, we escalated to level three. The vibrations were definitely very strong... It was making me gasp and moan, especially when he wiggled the handle again. However, the vibes just weren't in the right spot, so it wasn't going to cum. After a few minutes, I told him to turn it off.  I was incredibly turned on, but it just wasn't enough.

After pulling it off, he went down on me and started licking my pussy. My clit was super sensitive, almost too sensitive. I tried to move away, especially when he started fingering it. I was so turned on that a lot of wetness was pooling in the entrance of my vagina. He licked it and lapped it up onto my clit. The wetness of my pussy plus his mouth on my super sensitive clit soon set me off on several very good orgasms.

The Judgement
Overall, I'd give this toy a 2/5. The suction wasn't as strong as I would like and it seemed to weaken after very little. The vibrations were the only redeeming quality of this toy and really saved it from bombing. This toy made my clit very sensitive and helped me orgasm very quickly after using it. I'd like to try it out while getting penetrated to see how that goes.

Monday, March 5, 2012

The best little sex-toy invention

If you've been following my tweets for a while, you know that I love my bullet vibe. Seriously, I love this thing. It is my most favorite, treasured toy. I bought my first one  years ago at Babeland in one of their NYC stores. It was my very first toy purchase.

Unfortunately, it received very little use in the following few years. My partner at the time was scared of toys (I practically had to drag him kicking and screaming into the store - how in the world did I think it would improve from there?).  In fact, the sex pretty much sucked all around... it didn't last.

I used the toy for masturbation play. Normally, I'm fine with my fingers, but this toy is perfect for giving me orgasms on another level.  Another fucking level of orgasm, people!  Since the BF and I started our sexual relationship last summer, the bullet vibe has made regular appearances in our sex life. In the nights where normal sex does not occur (aka, penis-in-vagina), the bullet vibe is there about 40-50% of the time. Why? Because I fucking love it so much.

My favorite way to play with this toy is where I control the bullet placement, and he controls the scale of vibration. Its like a sexy tug of war - if I think I'm getting to close and I don't want to cum, I pull the vibe away from my clit and place it elsewhere, but if he doesn't want me to cum yet, he keeps teasing me with that vibration level, making the pattern change and bringing me to the edge without really bringing me to orgasm.

This toy doesn't just stay on my clit, although its certainly my favorite spot to keep it. I start with it on the top of my clit, all the way up at the base where it starts to rise out of my body. I let the vibrations move through my clit, feeling how it changes based on where the vibe is placed. I like to hold the bullet so its rounded tip (where the vibrations are focused) is on my clit. I like to move it down to my vaginal entrance, slipping it just slightly inside and letting the vibrations thrill me. Running it up from clit to vagina is heaven. My favorite spot to place this when I'm ready to cum is just after my clit, so its vibrating my clit in the most sensitive spot and the U-spot. I just hold it there, not moving, letting the vibrations torture and tease me. This is normally the position where it sends me over the edge to an incredible, fantastic orgasm.

I usually rate my orgasms as good - great - awesome. This vibe is guaranteed to hit the awesome level and beyond every single time. Awesome means the build-up is long, titillating, and worth the journey in itself (almost). But when that orgasm hits, my eyes are shut, my fists are clenched, my toes are curled, and my body acts completely independent of my mind. I'm almost sitting up and then arching my back and forcing hips into the air. My legs are struggling to stay open, fighting with my mind to stay open for more orgasms. The screamer in me is silenced, as all sound and thinking is blocked for the 5-10 seconds while I'm lost to the world. The whole house could crash around me and I wouldn't notice it at all.

Then all of a sudden the world clicks back into view, but my body is still jolting, crashing, thrashing, and every other violent motion that happens when your mind is blown and you're lost to the moment. The screamer in me is released and I'm screaming, screaming as loud as I need to. I don't hold back. The screaming usually lasts another 5-10 seconds, starting out at my loudest volume then falling slowly. At the end I'd say I'm no longer screaming, just moaning incredibly loudly.

Normally about the time my screaming is falling from the peak, the BF is taking control of the vibe and forcing it on my incredibly sensitive clit, bring more orgasms, and my screams start rising again and again.

Another way we've used this toy is slipping it inside me while the BF and I have sex. His penis pushes it far in, pushing it up near my cervix. He gets the benefit of having the vibe on the head of his penis and I can feel it on my G-spot and throughout my vagina, especially on high.

We've also used this for cowgirl position, where I grind away on it and he feels it at the base of his penis. He always handles the vibration controls, and I handle the placement. I can come again and again this way.

I've also given the BF a handjob with this toy, holding it in my hand as I stroke his cock. The sensation of the hard metal against his cock, along with the different levels of vibrations brought something new to the table. As the giver, its certainly not the easiest to do, but for variety and playing, its fun... oh, and his orgasm was incredibly after a lot of teasing with the vibration sensations.

So my dear pervy geeky readers, what do you take away from all of this? Simple: A bullet vibe is a cheap (read: inexpensive) sex toy with guaranteed pleasures. Its also what I would recommend as an excellent first sex toy. It has a lot of uses, isn't hard to use or handle, and it allows for a lot of exploration and discovery, whether alone or on your own.