Friday, March 30, 2012

Formspring Friday: Sex in the workplace?

Q. What's the naughtiest sexual act that you've done or want to do at your place of work?
What I've done and what I'd like to do - very different answers. My workplace isn't really conducive to being naughty. I've never been able to participate in a #workwank as its commonly referred to on twitter. I work in a cubicle right outside of HR. The bathrooms are shared between my company and 2 others -- basically there are way too many people sharing these toilets. They are always in "truckstop" status it seems... I get in, do my business, and get out as soon as I can. No chance will I spend more time in there than necessary.

So what have I done? Well, I've put my hands down my shirt and tweaked my nipples, rubbed my breasts. I've put my hands under my desk, legs spread wide, and tickled at my pussy. I've done this with fingers, but my favorite item to use is my pen so I can then keep it near my face and smell it. When I wear a skirt I have slipped a finger into my underwear and fingered myself for a quick moment, then licked it off. If I'm horny enough, I can wiggle in my chair and move my clit boner and really feel good from it - not enough to get off, but enough to spike the hornyness.

Oh, and I've sexted the BF. A lot. To where I hurt from needing to cum so much.

Now what would I like to do? I'd like to have my BF fuck me up against the window in the president's office. Breasts on the cold window, being fucked from behind.

Want to ask me a question? Just head to and ask anything you want. Really. Anything. Try me. I'll answer the following Friday.


  1. We say that sexting at work counts as sex! By that definition, Jill's had sex at work - and believe us, she'd never do anything more overt than sexting from a public school.

    The mention of using your pen to touch yourself was really hot. The whole description of your sexy workplace antics was enticing, but that one detail really turned us on. So did your mention of being pressed up against the glass in the president's office while getting fucked from behind. We love this exact scenario. Jill's minor fear of heights means that orgasms she has while pressed up against hotel room windows are incredibly intense.

  2. Yeah, sounds like the place you work isn't conducive to a work wank. The thought of reaching under the skirt and touching yourself a little is hot though. I am surprised you don't get yourself worked up enough through sexting that it would only take a few touches to get you where you need to be.

  3. I don't work in a place conducive to work wanks either. So disappointing. Occasionally I'll send Vincent naughty pictures thought, which is lots of fun!