Monday, November 19, 2012

He got off to my laugh

It was late. I was tired. He wanted to get off and I wanted to help without reciprocity.

He laid back on his pillow, completely bare. Just the light of bedside lamp shown over his naked body. I looked over his naked body. His right hand moved toward his limp cock, and his fingers curled around it. He started to jack it off, slowly, watching me. I was sitting naked beside him near his waist, looking down at him.

His eyes moved up and down my body, spending extra time looking at my nipples. I shifted my legs and placed a bare foot on his face, heel resting on his chest. His free hand immediately moved up to gently hold my foot against him. His head moved to cuddle his cheek against the sole of my foot. His lips lightly kissed the arch of my foot.

 I leaned back and watched. Watched him love my foot, my dirty foot. The foot I'd worn in shoes and socks all day and not showered before I'd gotten into bed. My smelly, dirty foot. He sniffed it, and moaned. His cock stiffened with each kiss and sniff.

Tentatively, he licked me. First a light lick, then a full lick up my arch to my toes. I giggled.

His eyes opened and he looked at me. He licked me lightly and watched as I struggled and giggled. "Yes, laugh, laugh for me," he begged. "I want to hear you laugh."

Now I knew he loved to hear my laugh, but.... laugh while he's jerking off? I consented to let him tickle me.

He gently swept his tongue across the ball of my foot and a giggle escaped my mouth. He audibly moaned when he heard it. He licked some more and I let the giggles escape unrestrained. A few teeth scraped against my sensitive skin and I barely managed to keep my leg from kicking him, but my reaction was more laugh than giggle. "More, laugh more!" he ordered me.

"I can't just laugh on command...!"

His hand stopped caressing the top of my foot and instead tickled the bottom of my foot. Now I laughed louder and it turned him on. Each laugh made him moan.  Occasionally he would bite his lip and arch his body. He became more aggressive and tickled more of my foot, giving me fewer rests. My laughs became raucous and I fell backward on the bed, letting my body just react with laughter at his fingers playing on my foot.

He ran fingers up and down my foot, fingernails lightly touching me. It felt so good to laugh, just relax and laugh unrestrained, but what I loved more was hearing him get excited over the sound of my laughter. His moans and sighs were so constant and tied to my laughs. Each laugh and burst of sound aroused him more.

His tongue tickled me in between my toes while his fingers ticked my arch. I was out of breath from laughing when he came, hard. He tickled me through his orgasm, taking final licks and sniffs of my foot, holding it to his face with the firmest grip.

I panted, laying against the side of his body. We shared a smile, and I wondered at what just happened. I'm not sure I ever felt so valued and sexy -- I knew he loved my body and my mind. Both have made him get off, but my laugh? I had no idea that turned him on like that.

And once again, another first for our relationship, and another reason why he makes me feel like the luckiest woman in the world.


  1. Cool to be so uninhibited. Lovely to be valued, if not worshipped.

    Me? I hate to be tickled. It is like torture to me, very cruel thing to do. Perhaps an experience like this could change that around for me.

    1. I can completely relate to not enjoying tickling, but when love and sex is part of the equation, being able to trust and let go does change it.

  2. Being in love is awesome. :) I am still fascinated at the way being in love makes the strangest, weirdest, kinkiest things feel perfectly natural and how they manage to make warm fuzzy feelings out of things like wielding floggers and sniffing feet. :)

    Yay for love! :)

    1. So true. I never knew I was capable of half the crazy shit I've done, until I was happily married.

  3. I think you two have the best kind of kinky love on the 'net, and I love you all the more for it. Thank you for sharing and being uninhibited with us as well as with each other. You're amazing.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. So very sweet :) We do have quite a bit of love and kink between us.