Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Movember

Hello my fellow TMI Tuesday junkies. Movember is in full-swing. I can’t wait to see those Mo’s a little later in the month. In the meantime here is a set of VERY fine TMI Tuesday questions from longtime blogger and frequent TMI Tuesday question contributor virtualsin.wordpress.com
If you don’t know what Movember is all about see previous TMI Tuesday posts or click here.

Some men who have been treated for Prostate Cancer are unable to get an erection.
1. If they were treated with surgery, the usual reason is nerve damage. They may have success with a penis pump. Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used a pump? Did it work? Was it a turn-on or a turn-off? 
We have not used a penis pump, but it is probably #2 or #3 on our list of "next toys to buy." We've both been curious (BF more so, I think) on the fun we could have with it. He really wants to see his penis grow, become larger, and then probably fuck me with it and call me a slut. You know, the usual for our sex life. :) So, definitely a turn on. (Plus, have you seen some of the images of nipples and clits being pumped? HOT).

2. If they were treated with radiation, the usual reason is damage to blood vessels. They may have good luck with Viagra or or one of the other impotence meds. Question: Have you (or your partner) ever used Viagra, Cialis, or similar? Did it work? Any interesting side effects? Any 4-hour erections? Tell us how you made use of that ;-)
No, we haven't. Neither of us is a fan of using drugs outside of prescribed use, so we wouldn't just going using. the BF has NO problem getting erections now, so I'm sure we would end up in the ER asking for help when its still there hours and hour later and I'm begging for him to stop and let me be.

3. Some men may opt for a penile implant. See http://www.urologicalcare.com/advanced-ed-treatments/types-penile-implants/. Do you have experience with a penile implant (as owner or lover-of-owner)? Did it work for you?
No, no experience here... I'm not sure what I think of these. I'm not sure my BF would want one unless we had exhausted every other option out there. He's not a fan of the idea of surgery in or on his penis.

4. If they were treated with hormone therapy (e.g. Lupron Depot), they may also lose all libido. I can’t think of a good question, but if you have a story, please share.
 I have no story, but I have a comment. My boyfriend is always horny. Always. His day starts and ends with an orgasm and frequently includes one in between. I can't imagine him without libido and I think if he lost it, he would feel very lost and quite depressed about it. I think he would feel like he lost part of his masculinity with having so much desire to none. This is one of life's unpleasant hurdles that, as his life partner, I would hope I could support him through it and be the friend he needed without adding to any guilty, sad, or unhappy feelings.

5. Some men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer change their diet or avoid certain foods. Did you ever change your diet for health reasons? How did it work out? How long did you stay on the diet?
I have on several occasions. During my senior year of high school, I went vegetarian for a full year. It wasn't too difficult, until Thanksgiving came around. The turkey ruined me, I couldn't resist it. Since then, however, I've been pretty much unable to eat steak and sometimes even hamburger. Walking through the meat department occasionally makes me dry-heave because I can smell the blood and raw meat. I've also gone a full month without cheese and it was incredibly difficult. Cheese goes on everything and there just isn't a great substitute out there. I was so happy to let cheese back in my life.

On a side note, due to my personal religious convictions, I don't eat shellfish or pork. I've never had shrimp, crab, or lobster (nor have any interest in it - they smell awful) and I've had pork by mistake a couple of times. My boyfriend eats both, so occasionally we don't share dinners/dishes. I also eat tofu which he does not.

6. The prostate is a sexual organ, and treatment of the prostate changes the sexual experience. A man who has had his prostate removed does not ejaculate at orgasm. How would you react to a total lack of cum?
For me, its not a big deal. My big love of cum is that I love seeing a physical representation of orgasm -- aside from his body.  I can't always read his body correctly, so somethings I need or rely on that visual cue that he is/is not experiencing orgasm. For him, it would be terrible. The sight of cum pouring from a cock is one of the things he loves most about having a penis or watching a penis in porn.

7. Although removal of the prostate reduces the intensity of orgasm in the pelvic region, some men report orgasmic feelings in other parts of the body, some describing a “whole body orgasm.” How cool is that?
Very, very cool! I wonder if it allows sensations to be felt when otherwise they could not, or if the body changes its perception of orgasm? Either way, it sounds like a win for him.

8. Do you think a man treated for Prostate Cancer deserves a blow job? If yes, please email Virtual Sin aka SinnerMan…
Well, I don't know... does he take blow jobs from other men? Cause my boyfriend would love to be first in line for that...

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  1. Great candid answers.

    #8 - I love your answer to this question.

    Happy TMI Tuesday


  2. Your answer to #4 resonated with me. I hate to think that I am defined by one single aspect of my being, and in reality I don't define myself that way, really. But my sexuality and my sometimes overbearing libido are big parts of who I am. If I lost them, yeah, I'd probably get very depressed.