Wednesday, August 22, 2012

e-lust #39

Photo courtesy of Ava Grace

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The Quarry - We agreed to meet up on the weekend and go out to the quarry. It was an old, flooded quarry. I didn’t know it, but the queers had taken it over.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Pleasure and Pain

Note: This week's questions were written and submitted by me!

1. Which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure?
My answer: I enjoy pleasure, both giving and receiving. I actually like some pain in/on/around my pussy more than anywhere else. I also love to bite and spank hard.

2. Do you like being tickled during sex? Where?
My answer: Kind of. Having my feet tickled with a dick in me is... incredible. It's like the sensation of the tickle goes straight to my cunt. It drives me wild in an almost too much to handle kind of way. I don't like being tickled anywhere else during sex.

3. Have you ever used feathers during sex?
My answer: No, I haven't. They don't provide enough sensation for me. I've often heard the phrase "Erotic is using a feather, kinky uses the whole chicken." Well, I didn't care for feathers and the first thought I had about this saying was that the chicken was actually a rubber chicken. And yes, I can think of ways to use that in sex. Just like I could when I was 14 and first heard that saying.

4. Do you like to be blindfolded during sex? Why?
My answer: YES. We should really do this more often, really. I love not knowing what's going to happen next, being left to wonder. I'm always so analytical I like to anticipate what's coming next and wait for it. With a blindfold I'm just left in the moment.

5. Have you ever used cold or heat as part of your sex play? What provided the cold or heat?
I haven't used heat yet, although perhaps one day I'll try hot wax. We have used ice cubes on each other before (like me using them on him here and him returning the favor here).

6. Do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both?
My answer: I have this love/hate relationship with being spanked. I hate it and yet I want more of it. I want to be spanked to the point of loud protestations and tears, but I'm terrified of it. One day he's just gonna have to tie me down and do it to me.

As for giving, well, I have NO problems there and love to push his limits.

7. Do you have a safeword? Have you ever used it?
We don't have a set safe word. If we enter a play session where we think it may be necessary, we'll discuss it and decide on one before the play. So far neither of us has had to use it.

Bonus: Tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you have had.
 I think the most painful experience has, oddly, been one of the most pleasurable. Before we met in person we skyped (almost) every night and masturbated together. One night he told me to go grab and ice cube, suck on it for a moment, then stick it in my vagina. And hold it there. I was so obedient and he loved watching the expression on my face turn from surprise, wonder, shock, terror, and outright pain as I held it in my vagina and let it melt completely. I almost couldn't take it - it was so painful. But when it melted away... wow, what pleasure! He really needs to force me to do that again... because it was his observance and telling me to keep it there that kept me from removing it almost immediately. I came so good right after that.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Saturday morning pussy

Morning. I woke up when he wrapped his arm around me and tucked his body next to mine and sighed contentedly next to my head. I responded by wiggling back slightly into him, making sure as much of our bodies could touch as possible. We laid there for a few minutes, before I rolled over onto my back and he wrapped me in both arms, one under my neck supporting me and the other gently rolling my left breast.

I turned to look at him and his eyes were open looking at me. "Good morning, beautiful," he said quietly. I smiled and closed my eyes, head tilting toward him. I wasn't quite awake enough to talk yet.

"My nakey woman, you so nakey," he said playfully, hugging me close and running his free hand down my stomach and back up to my shoulder. I giggled at him.

"I can't be more 'nakey,'" I said. "Or should I put something on?"

"No! Silly woman!" and he hugged me again adding a kiss to my cheek at the end.

He rolled over on top of me, spreading my legs apart. "Your pussy is so wet this morning. I can tell without even touching it."

"Oh really?"

"Mmhmm." He starts kissing me, then wandering down my neck to my breasts and across my chest, then back up to my lips again. He reached down to start jacking himself off and resumed kissing down my body again. This time he didn't stop at my breasts but kissed down my stomach and hips. Then he paused and took a finger and ran it lightly across my slit.

My body flinched and a slight moan escaped my lips. He didn't press in to touch my clit or my wetness. I arched into him, pushing for it. He pulled his finger back, not giving in to what I wanted. Soft strokes up and down my lips, tickling and teasing me.

I moaned as he slid one finger in to my wet. I could instantly feel how wet I was. "You've been having sex dreams, haven't you?" he accused.

"No, I don't remember what I dreamed."

"No? Well I'm pretty sure you came at least once last night..."

I hadn't. But as I thought about when the last time I had orgasmed, I realized it had been at least two days. I was pure lust.

He pulled his finger out and went back to kissing me. For a moment I was afraid he would skip all further foreplay, which I didn't want. I needed to take my time, savor the touching.

He kissed further down until his mouth was just over my pussy lips. My body was a mix of tension and surrender, just waiting for him to spoil me with his mouth. And then he did something I don't ever remember him doing before. Normally when he eats pussy, he uses his fingers to spread my big lips wide to find my clit.

This time, no fingers. Just a tongue sliding up my slit and dragging along wetness to my already wet clit. My whole body reacted with my feet bracing against his legs, my hands clawing at his holding my hips. Small, short licks up and down my cunt teasing my clit. Just brushing against it. Just touching it. Making more wet pool in my pussy as he so slowly made longer and deeper strokes.

Ecstasy. I remember clawing my hands at him as he drove me wild, making my hips roll. I remember a little sucking on my clit, but not much. Just tongue everywhere, especially short strong licks at my clit where he was getting that spot that made me want to explode in a clitgasm, but he would pull away so I wouldn't. Wonderful, incredibly torture.

Face buried, lips around my clit, my mind is trying to catch up with my movements and I can hear myself just crying out. I wonder if I should try to control my hip movements to make it easier for him, but I dismiss the thought almost immediately and just let the pleasure wash over me.

Then he stopped. He stopped and crawled up to me and kissed me. His face was... soaked. Coated. Dripping. Not just his lips, but his chin, cheeks, and nose. I could see wet almost to his eyebrows. He hadn't just eaten pussy. He had devoured it. I tasted myself through his kisses, felt my own pussy juice cover my face as the kissing became passionate and deep.

And then his hard dick slid into my pussy and he collapsed onto my breasts, sighing into me with moans that told me he was already trying not to cum in me. Then the dirty talk started.

"Naughty girl, you shouldn't let Daddy fuck you like this."

I squeezed my pussy around him in response and whispered back, "Oh Daddy, feel how wet you made me!"  He moaned, kissing my nipple as he slid in and out. My clit was begging for stimulation, direct touch, orgasm. He fucked me too slowly for me to come... but it felt so good, I really didn't care.

"Fuck me Daddy, just fuck me!"

He responded by fucking me harder at an angle that always sends me over the edge. I could feel it building, building, oh.... I came and pulled his body against mine as he fucked me through my orgasm. "That's a good girl, good girl come for Daddy... oh yes my pretty girl!"

He slowed down and we started kissing again. His face was slightly sticky from the drying pussy juice. I squeezed him with my vagina as he thrusted slowly in and out. He was pulling all the way out just so the head of his penis was barely out of me before plunging back in. It made me feel slightly sore, but it was a pleasurable sore feeling.

I focused on the sounds of his moans as he slid in and out of me. I ran my hands up and down his shoulders. He pushed up, arms straight, and I curved my pelvis up so he was fucking deep into me. We looked into each other's eyes and I started to feel another orgasm build. I begged for it. I begged to cum again.

He started fucking harder and I pulled him down onto me again. My eyes shut in anticipation of the orgasm coming, and when it hit my body arched into him. My hands gripped in, one on his upper back, the other on his head. I pulled his hair and cried out. His started to cum, pumping into me filling my pussy with cum.

When our bodies relaxed again he laid on my breast and our soft moans and murmurs of love felt like the best stress relief I'd had all week.

A few minutes passed and I told him my clit was still aching for orgasm. The bullet vibe on my clit and his fingers in my vagina made me explode into another orgasm after a few minutes of him torturing me with the vibrations. He loves to see my body twitch and react to the pulsing of the vibrations.

Saturday morning sex. Perfect.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why you should follow me on twitter

If you follow me on twitter, you get extra details on sex, like the list of tweets below from yesterday morning. 

Between last nights orgasms and this morning, I'm spoiled. 

Also, when I finally got up this morning I said, "That was pleasant" and BF almost fell over laughing at me. 

O counts: after work masturbation: 1, before bed via oral: 2, this morning via PIV sex: 4. 

My last orgasm this morning was the best vaginal orgasm I've ever had... EVER. 

Oh and last night I didn't make him beg to cum as much as I just ate his asshole with complete lust. 

And then I totally broke safe sex rules and switched from eating ass to sucking cock. Both were fresh from shower but got carried away

Not often I just lose myself in the moment but I couldn't stop doing one or the other and he didn't complain at all. 

In the end he came growling my name pushing my head down on his cock with such force I gagged on his cock with cum pouring down my throat 

Last night he made me cum by sticking his tongue up my vagina and thrusting his face into me. Then holding my body to him. so HOT. 

I don't think I've ever struggled so much to get him away from my pussy, but he glued his mouth to me. Most of the time tongue on clit 

Finally I had to push his head away as even after my orgasm he wouldn't stop and I was just screaming until my mouth and throat were dry 

Later I stopped my asshole eating/cock sucking to make him tongue fuck me again by sitting on his face. I kept calling him "good boy" 

This morning started with me bending over the bed and him fucking me until I squirted... and then he really started fucking me. 

I love the feeling of my squirt dripping down my legs... and he stopped to make sure I covered his dick in it before resuming the fucking 

Something about the angle was making me queef but we didn't care - he just fucked harder. Pushing in all the way, then slowly rotating hips 

I swear at some point I could distinguish the thick vein in his cock rubbing up against my vagina. I begged for more. 

Eventually he had me flip over and the look of his eyes shutting in pleasure when he slid into me..... mmmmm. Beautiful and sexy. 

He ended up laying his head on my breast and kissing me while just slowly thrusting. So soft compared to earlier, but so hot. 

I came twice on him and he moaned as we both felt my pussy squeezing on his cock in me. My body trembled beneath him. 

And then the big orgasm of the morning: fast and deep thrusts spaced far apart. I felt it build in me before releasing and squeezing him 

Screaming, arms around him, he started to cum and I ended up biting and kissing his lips as my orgasm pulsed through me 

and then hours later:
BF: I'm gonna give you a punch card for sex. Me: What do I get when I fill it up? A bonus for free? BF: I dunno, like a roofie? Me: LOL

Monday, August 13, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Any Regrets?

Looking back on our lives, we can have a mix of reactions to the things we’ve done. When it comes to sex, our memories can color us with pride, fondness, nostalgia, indifference, or all too often, regret.

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions delve into things that people typically regret later in life. How much do you regret, if at all, any of the following?

1. Do you regret how you “lost” your virginity? If yes, why and to whom would you have preferred to have lost it?

My answer:  Yes, I do regret it. I lost my virginity on my wedding night to my ex-husband. We were both virgins (yes believe it or not) and when it was over about 30 seconds later we both looked at each other and said, “That was it?” It hurt quite a bit but that didn’t stop me from doing it twice more that night, hoping it would be better. It hurt less and he did get me to orgasm with his fingers all three times, but I was so disappointed. There was no physical chemistry or passion between us, we just kind of existed alongside each other for the next week of our honeymoon. I think we had sex twice more the entire week.

I really wish I had lost it to my first boyfriend in high school during the few weeks we dated in person (we were long-distance most of the time). We had a lot of chemistry and I think my experience would have been entirely different. (It would have also helped me see what I was missing when the ex came along!)

BF answer: Sure. I would have preferred it not to be with a HUGE fat chick. Would have been better with just about anyone not as fat. (My note: She was more than 3x his weight…)

2. Have you ever lived a moment in your life where you said, “Yeah, I’m not going to ever tell anyone about that.” Describe that moment or incident.

My answer: The time I realized that my sister was more important than my husband and while I would have been sad if something happened to him, I knew I would be happier in the long-term to be without him… then realizing that thought was awful and I didn’t have the guts just to walk away right then and there. So I stayed almost two more years.

BF answer: Nope. Not your business.

3. Do you regret having acted on a sexual impulse? If yes, please describe.

My answer: Again, yes. I used to get so horny I would ask for sex just to get relief. It would happen once or twice a month and I would use him to get off, fantasizing about other men/women just to get off. I don’t like using someone but I did.

BF answer:  See answer to number 1.

4. Do you regret not having had sex with someone who you could have had sex? If yes, would you do it over and have sex?

My answer: Aside from NOT hooking up with my first boyfriend, no. I have no idea who would have been open to the idea anyway.

BF answer: No, never had that problem.

5. Do you regret not having asked out or tried to hook up with someone you really liked out of fear of rejection only to later learn that person wanted you, too? If yes, please describe.

My answer: Heh, my first boyfriend and I were attracted to each other in 10th grade, but it wasn’t until our senior year we admitted it to each other. That honesty was the start of my very first relationship and love.

BF answer: Not that I can think of.

6. Do you regret having done a particular sex act? If yes, please describe.

My answer: No, I’ve never done any sexual acts that I regret. I regret using someone, but what we did was always interesting.

BF answer: Never. I regret nothing.

Bonus: Do you regret not having told someone you love them? (Romantic love only).

My answer: No, I’ve always shared my feelings.

BF answer: No, never.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Waving the white flag

Here I am, signalling a defeat of sorts. The last month has been hard on the blog. My number of posts has slipped from at least 20 a month to a pitiful 14 last month. That's not too bad as its still a post every other day on average.

But I want more. And I can't get more.

Buying a house took a much larger toll on my writing than I expected. Then came writer's block.

And then work started to hammer on me and my normal work days started moving from 8 hour days to 9 hour days and now I'm working at least 10 hours a day - plus my hour commute and then life stuff.

When I get home and start to relax, writing is the last thing on my mind. I watch an hour of TV, get a massage from the BF, and try to get some sleep before the alarm goes off the next day.

I hate not being able to write as much as I want. I hate not sharing.

There is some great sex happening still. Trust me, that has not been lost.

I just don't have time to tell you about it.

This "busy time" will probably go one for another month or so before I can even think about getting back to a normal routine.

I miss you. I miss writing for you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

TMI Tuesday: What's the Question?

Directions: We have provided the answer, now you provide the question. 

1. Answer: My butt.  
My Question: Where do I want the BF to lick me right now?

BF Question: What can you kiss? (said to me as I bugged him for questions)

2. Answer: stiletto black leather pumps
My Question: What shoes do I have that the BF loves to lick my toes in?

BF Question: What can go IN the answer to #1? (yes, he actually said that).

3. Answer: hard and stiff
My Question: How do I like my alcohol? (Like my cocks....)

BF Question: What is my cock?

4. Answer: “By George I think he’s got it!”
My Question: "So, as a bisexual, you are attracted to and interested in women the same way as men?" (This was asked by a friend of mine when I came out as bisexual. Guess he didn't think it actually existed in someone?)

BF: Question: What do you say to a dumbass?

5. Answer: socks
My Question: BF wants a frilly pair of _______ to wear when he's a sissy.
He would LOVE these.
BF Question: What sexy item makes your feet smelly?

6. Answer: hole in the wall
My Question: Where would my BF like to stick his cock?

BF Question: ..... (he could not come up with an answer, and then we went and masturbated together)

Answer: I hid them there so you wouldn’t find them.
My Question: Why do you have an entire cabinet dedicated to sex toys?

BF Question: Why are my beads in your ass?

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we’ll all know where to read your responses. Please don’t forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Monday, August 6, 2012

My favorite parts of the weekend

So many fun, sexy, and loving happy things happened this weekend that I wanted to share all of them. So here is a quick look at just what has made me smile over the past 48 or so hours:

Friday night: Being greeted as soon as I'm home from work and cooking dinner together. We chat about my day and share kisses and gropes while we cook. I make taco meat while he preps the veggies. I talk about my frustrations about work, and he supports me and encourages me.

As we're eating, he reminds me that I'm intelligent and beautiful, and there are many reasons that he loves me besides these two.

Many times while playing video games that night he tells me he loves me.

He begs me to get off the computer after too long at the computer. I complain that I'm having fun video gaming, and he tells me that he wants more time one-on-one with me. It's been a long week and he wants lots of cuddles on the couch tonight. The way he asks is not demanding or expecting of me; its a simple request. The look in his eyes and the touch of his hand in my hair when he asks is so sincere, I melt. We sit on the couch to watch some TV and cuddle. We give each other back massages. I end up falling asleep and he wakes me up to go to bed as soon as he notices.

I'm so tired when we go to bed, but he is horny. He holds me on his chest as he jacks himself off. I play with his balls and his whole body responds to my ball massage. He grips me to his chest and I fall asleep hearing him moan my name.

Saturday morning, I wake up from being too hot from cuddling. I think we cuddled almost all night. He wakes up with my stirring and gives me a good morning hand job that ends in him eating me out until his face has disappeared in my cunt.

We realize we woke up much earlier than normal, and end up taking a nap only a few hours later. Our nap is followed by some TV time on the couch. At some point he can't take any more of me being naked reaching over to paly with his dick and he ends up fucking me on the couch in 3 different positions for about 15 straight minutes. I cum several times, but my clit is feeling the need to orgasm, so I retreat to the bedroom to masturbate. He wanders in finding me almost asleep again and tells me to enjoy my day off.

Later he tells me we need to go out to dinner, he knows I need some relaxing time out. He drives me to our favorite restaurant and we share the same sweat in the booth, often with me resting my head on his shoulder and his arm around me. Sometimes we sit in silence, just enjoying each other.

Later that night, when he's grabbing dessert in the kitchen, he turns to me and says, "You know, I've never been happier in my life."  My heart swells in happiness. He's not big on romantic statements, so this one comment is rare and very treasured by me.

Again I fall asleep on the couch during our cuddle time. Again he holds me on his chest while he masturbates. This time I tug and pull on his balls and he tells me how good I am at it. I murmur "It's like I was made to tug on them" and he tells me I most certainly was.

We fall asleep cuddling again. We are awoken few hours later by a very strong storm that causes us to get up, check the weather, and unplug our important electronics. There's no real danger, so we head back to bed, holding each other. A bolt of lightening makes me hump together, arms around each other.

Sunday we sleep in way too late and decide to have a nice day out. Lunch, shopping, movies. As we're getting ready, he calls me Mrs. (his last night). I call him naughty and tell him that he, Mr. (my last name) shouldn't say such things. He actually grins and almost blushes at my comment. He admits to liking my last name as his...

He helps me pick out shoes and we go clothes shopping. I could use a couple more dresses for work. I try on two in the dressing room. One is a steal on clearance that I like and it fits well. The other is only on sale, but I love it. I go to check the price again, unsure of whether to get it. As I'm trying to decide he asks, "Do you love it?" When I say I do, he says, "Then get it. You deserve it." He squeezes my shoulder with his arm around me and looks me in the eye: "Get it."

Funny how someone giving you permission to do what I want makes such a difference. I buy both dresses, and get him a couple of hot thongs on clearance as well. (They are super hot).

At the movies we spend a good forty or so minutes of him with his arm around me and me with my head on his shoulder. The rest of the movie he holds my hand which he occasionally kisses throughout the movie.

Onto grocery shopping, where we are so happy we can't not put our arms around each other as we shop. We plan our meals for the week and he starts buying food for a "surprise meal" that will be made later in the week. I'm excited and curious.

We unpack the car and groceries together. The sink is full of dirty dishes; I really want to sit down and relax for a couple of hours, and he tells me I should. He'll do the dishes tomorrow. They can wait one day as he wants me to relax.

At home later we are playing video games -  my final hurrah before the week starts again. Suddenly he starts humming a song - and I realize what it is. "Why are you singing that?"

"What?" he keeps humming.

"You can't hum that!"

"Why not? One day you'll be my bride, all dressed in white..."

"Naughty!" but when he turns to look at me, I'm beet red from blushing and he gets up and comes over to hug and kiss me, even though I try to hide my bashful face.

"You are so beautiful when you blush! Why are you blushing so much! One day you'll be my bride, you know... awww, look at you smile!"

And as I'm writing this, he's on the couch just a few feet away, waiting for me to cuddle and spend some quality time together.

He is exactly what I needed.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Snapshot: BBC

Right now, my time is limited for writing due to real life, but I wanted to share a conversation and idea that surfaced this evening.

Occasionally (read: all the time) while I work from home I browse tumblr.

Tonight I came across this:


I showed it to the boyfriend, because the girth of this cock and the view of her pussy being stretched so far was... distracting.

I tilted my screen for him to see (we sit beside each other) and he got up to take a closer look. Our conversation:

Him: Wow, look at that...
Me: You see how thick that is?
Him: Oh I do.
Me: I mean, look at what it's doing to her pussy!
Him: I want that cock in your pussy.
Me (in shock): What!? (He's smiling.) You want something that big in me?
Him: Yes I do. I want him to fuck you.
Me (in disbelief): A big black cock? Like THAT size of cock?
Him: Yeah, I do. I want him to stretch you out.
Me: And what will you be doing when this is happening? Watching the expression on my face?
Him: I'll be in the corner watching, as you make fun of my cock and how it can't satisfy you like that.
Me: Just in the corner? Touching yourself?
Him: Yeah.

(I look down, he's jacking off a full boner right next to me.)

Me: So you really want to be cucked like that one day, huh?

Him: Maaayyybe...
Me: You know I'll make you clean it up... you'll have to lick it clean.
Him: That's OK. (He shrugs it off as no big deal.)
 (I take over jacking off his cock for a few moments.)
Me: You're so naughty! Wanting me to have a Big Black Cock to stretch me out like that.

He only grins in response.

When I think about this picture, I get curious what it would feel like. I wonder what his face would look like as he saw me struggle with the size. What would he feel as he watched me slip from uncertainty to pleasure?

One day, we might find out.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Frustration and release

It's summer. There's a heatwave. Do we need any more reasons to be naked? Well, that's how I go very often in the evening. Naked everywhere. The layout of my home is such that I can move about the entire home without being visible from the front or side windows where possible neighbors could spy on me. (Honestly, I could care less of they did anyway).

Last night I was naked, writing for my blog and watching TV. Early in the evening we moved to the couch to watch the Olympics. Our couch is actually a couch with an extra cushion that pulls out and up so its the size of a double bed. We keep it in this shape so we can sit and lay down or have full leg/foot rests at our leisure. It's pretty comfortable.

We take our normal spots - me on the left, sitting up with my legs stretched out. He is laying down, head right hear my feet so his hands can cuddle my feet and legs. My feet wander around his hands or my legs split and my right leg wanders down his body.

This leaves my pussy wide open. Occasionally he reaches over and ever so gently he runs one finger up and down my my pussy lips, just touching my slit. He doesn't press, he doesn't move any closer. I can just feel his skin. It tickles and makes me quiver. I part my legs in a natural urge to get his finger into my lips toward my clit. He moves slowly up and down until I'm moaning, then stops.


This happens again and again. For hours. If I start to play with myself, he covers my pussy with his hand and won't touch me. I have a clit boner, I can feel it. But he won't fucking touch it.

About hour 3, he presses on my lips just north of my clit. It's enough sensation to make me forget the TV, shut my eyes, and cry out for release.

"Maybe I won't even let you cum tonight. Maybe you just have to wait until tomorrow night."

I can't help but bite my lip. I love the idea; it would make me so wet being forced to wait. I would wake up with wet thighs and my panties would be soaked from a full day at work just imagining what I will feel when my time comes.

But then I tell him how much I want to come tonight. Please. He moves his finger toward my vagina and wiggles just that little bit to make me think he's going to finger me.

And then his finger's gone.



The Olympics are over for the night. We get ready for bed and I see him selecting a vibrator from our toy closet. Oooh, so I am getting something....

We lay in bed and I assume an open legged position on my back next to him. He turns on the vibrator and skips my clit to insert it just a bit into my vagina. Then he turns it on and toys with the vibration level. He ignores my clit completely. I wait, trying to be patient. And then I'm tired of waiting. I tell him I can't come from just this vibe. He tells me, "That's OK" and keeps going.

My clit is aching for touch and orgasm. I see no other toys in sight and I have no idea where this is going. I give a slight whimper.

"When I'm ready."

I try to be patient. I just close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of the vibrator in my vagina. I feel his weight shift, and the Hitachi is in his hands. He hasn't removed the vibrator from me.

He pulls back my pussy lips and places the Hitachi on my clit, on low, pressing harder than I would normally. Pleasure floods my clit and pussy and he laughs as my body arches up. He holds it still for a few moments then starts to wiggle it. My hips start rocking up and down, legs slightly closing. He presses harder but I beg for less pressure. It's too hard.

Instead of lifting up a bit, he pulls the whole thing off me, turns it on high, pulls the other vibe out, and presses the hitatchi hard onto my clit and down toward my vagina.

My reaction is instant loud screaming. He laughs at my almost inability to handle the pleasure and moves it up and down my cunt slightly.

"I can see you pushing out that cream from your pussy!" For a moment, I think he might take a lick, but instead he just presses the Hitachi into me.

I was already really aroused, but now my orgasm is building so fast my mind can't keep up. I come screaming and I catch a glimpse of the grin on his face as I almost sit up in my orgasm whirl of movement. He continues to press the Hitachi into me as I fall back into my mattress then squeeze my legs shut, trapping the Hitachi more. Now I am screaming my loudest, screaming where my throat hurts. I can't stop screaming, I can't do anything but scream. It's entirely in his control. My body moves into this rhythm of movement as three more orgasms hit me in quick succession.

He finally removes the toy from my body. It takes me several minutes to quiet down and relax my legs and body.

He again laughs at my inability to quiet down. I can't feel anything but pleasure in my body.

I have to swallow several times to rehydrate my throat. "Wow... that was... *cough* some of the BEST orgasms I've had in a long, long time..." my eyes shut again.

"Oh really? Well, good."

"Mmhmm. I was screaming as hard as I could."

"I could tell... it's kinda scary."


"Yeah, it scares me when you scream that loud."


"Just does. I know you're not hurt, but it's really, really loud."