Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why you should follow me on twitter

If you follow me on twitter, you get extra details on sex, like the list of tweets below from yesterday morning. 

Between last nights orgasms and this morning, I'm spoiled. 

Also, when I finally got up this morning I said, "That was pleasant" and BF almost fell over laughing at me. 

O counts: after work masturbation: 1, before bed via oral: 2, this morning via PIV sex: 4. 

My last orgasm this morning was the best vaginal orgasm I've ever had... EVER. 

Oh and last night I didn't make him beg to cum as much as I just ate his asshole with complete lust. 

And then I totally broke safe sex rules and switched from eating ass to sucking cock. Both were fresh from shower but got carried away

Not often I just lose myself in the moment but I couldn't stop doing one or the other and he didn't complain at all. 

In the end he came growling my name pushing my head down on his cock with such force I gagged on his cock with cum pouring down my throat 

Last night he made me cum by sticking his tongue up my vagina and thrusting his face into me. Then holding my body to him. so HOT. 

I don't think I've ever struggled so much to get him away from my pussy, but he glued his mouth to me. Most of the time tongue on clit 

Finally I had to push his head away as even after my orgasm he wouldn't stop and I was just screaming until my mouth and throat were dry 

Later I stopped my asshole eating/cock sucking to make him tongue fuck me again by sitting on his face. I kept calling him "good boy" 

This morning started with me bending over the bed and him fucking me until I squirted... and then he really started fucking me. 

I love the feeling of my squirt dripping down my legs... and he stopped to make sure I covered his dick in it before resuming the fucking 

Something about the angle was making me queef but we didn't care - he just fucked harder. Pushing in all the way, then slowly rotating hips 

I swear at some point I could distinguish the thick vein in his cock rubbing up against my vagina. I begged for more. 

Eventually he had me flip over and the look of his eyes shutting in pleasure when he slid into me..... mmmmm. Beautiful and sexy. 

He ended up laying his head on my breast and kissing me while just slowly thrusting. So soft compared to earlier, but so hot. 

I came twice on him and he moaned as we both felt my pussy squeezing on his cock in me. My body trembled beneath him. 

And then the big orgasm of the morning: fast and deep thrusts spaced far apart. I felt it build in me before releasing and squeezing him 

Screaming, arms around him, he started to cum and I ended up biting and kissing his lips as my orgasm pulsed through me 

and then hours later:
BF: I'm gonna give you a punch card for sex. Me: What do I get when I fill it up? A bonus for free? BF: I dunno, like a roofie? Me: LOL


  1. Already do follow you and I am always amused by random tweets like that. :)

  2. Thank you for compiling all the tweets in one handy location. While I enjoyed reading them on Twitter, I imagine I'll want to re-read them frequently and now you've made it easy to do so.


  3. Ahhhhhh, yes. Good times, good times. As for reading the recaps, that was pleasant as well. ;-)

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP