Monday, August 6, 2012

My favorite parts of the weekend

So many fun, sexy, and loving happy things happened this weekend that I wanted to share all of them. So here is a quick look at just what has made me smile over the past 48 or so hours:

Friday night: Being greeted as soon as I'm home from work and cooking dinner together. We chat about my day and share kisses and gropes while we cook. I make taco meat while he preps the veggies. I talk about my frustrations about work, and he supports me and encourages me.

As we're eating, he reminds me that I'm intelligent and beautiful, and there are many reasons that he loves me besides these two.

Many times while playing video games that night he tells me he loves me.

He begs me to get off the computer after too long at the computer. I complain that I'm having fun video gaming, and he tells me that he wants more time one-on-one with me. It's been a long week and he wants lots of cuddles on the couch tonight. The way he asks is not demanding or expecting of me; its a simple request. The look in his eyes and the touch of his hand in my hair when he asks is so sincere, I melt. We sit on the couch to watch some TV and cuddle. We give each other back massages. I end up falling asleep and he wakes me up to go to bed as soon as he notices.

I'm so tired when we go to bed, but he is horny. He holds me on his chest as he jacks himself off. I play with his balls and his whole body responds to my ball massage. He grips me to his chest and I fall asleep hearing him moan my name.

Saturday morning, I wake up from being too hot from cuddling. I think we cuddled almost all night. He wakes up with my stirring and gives me a good morning hand job that ends in him eating me out until his face has disappeared in my cunt.

We realize we woke up much earlier than normal, and end up taking a nap only a few hours later. Our nap is followed by some TV time on the couch. At some point he can't take any more of me being naked reaching over to paly with his dick and he ends up fucking me on the couch in 3 different positions for about 15 straight minutes. I cum several times, but my clit is feeling the need to orgasm, so I retreat to the bedroom to masturbate. He wanders in finding me almost asleep again and tells me to enjoy my day off.

Later he tells me we need to go out to dinner, he knows I need some relaxing time out. He drives me to our favorite restaurant and we share the same sweat in the booth, often with me resting my head on his shoulder and his arm around me. Sometimes we sit in silence, just enjoying each other.

Later that night, when he's grabbing dessert in the kitchen, he turns to me and says, "You know, I've never been happier in my life."  My heart swells in happiness. He's not big on romantic statements, so this one comment is rare and very treasured by me.

Again I fall asleep on the couch during our cuddle time. Again he holds me on his chest while he masturbates. This time I tug and pull on his balls and he tells me how good I am at it. I murmur "It's like I was made to tug on them" and he tells me I most certainly was.

We fall asleep cuddling again. We are awoken few hours later by a very strong storm that causes us to get up, check the weather, and unplug our important electronics. There's no real danger, so we head back to bed, holding each other. A bolt of lightening makes me hump together, arms around each other.

Sunday we sleep in way too late and decide to have a nice day out. Lunch, shopping, movies. As we're getting ready, he calls me Mrs. (his last night). I call him naughty and tell him that he, Mr. (my last name) shouldn't say such things. He actually grins and almost blushes at my comment. He admits to liking my last name as his...

He helps me pick out shoes and we go clothes shopping. I could use a couple more dresses for work. I try on two in the dressing room. One is a steal on clearance that I like and it fits well. The other is only on sale, but I love it. I go to check the price again, unsure of whether to get it. As I'm trying to decide he asks, "Do you love it?" When I say I do, he says, "Then get it. You deserve it." He squeezes my shoulder with his arm around me and looks me in the eye: "Get it."

Funny how someone giving you permission to do what I want makes such a difference. I buy both dresses, and get him a couple of hot thongs on clearance as well. (They are super hot).

At the movies we spend a good forty or so minutes of him with his arm around me and me with my head on his shoulder. The rest of the movie he holds my hand which he occasionally kisses throughout the movie.

Onto grocery shopping, where we are so happy we can't not put our arms around each other as we shop. We plan our meals for the week and he starts buying food for a "surprise meal" that will be made later in the week. I'm excited and curious.

We unpack the car and groceries together. The sink is full of dirty dishes; I really want to sit down and relax for a couple of hours, and he tells me I should. He'll do the dishes tomorrow. They can wait one day as he wants me to relax.

At home later we are playing video games -  my final hurrah before the week starts again. Suddenly he starts humming a song - and I realize what it is. "Why are you singing that?"

"What?" he keeps humming.

"You can't hum that!"

"Why not? One day you'll be my bride, all dressed in white..."

"Naughty!" but when he turns to look at me, I'm beet red from blushing and he gets up and comes over to hug and kiss me, even though I try to hide my bashful face.

"You are so beautiful when you blush! Why are you blushing so much! One day you'll be my bride, you know... awww, look at you smile!"

And as I'm writing this, he's on the couch just a few feet away, waiting for me to cuddle and spend some quality time together.

He is exactly what I needed.


  1. That sounds like such an awesome weekend. As I said in a previous comment, I love reading about the chemistry you two have. :)

  2. Yes! Yes to the blushing! Yes to making each other feel wonderful and amazing and fantastic and being everything you need for each other! I love it I love it I love it!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. All told, sounds like a glorious weekend! Very exciting! And hearing about the domestic bliss you two enjoy reminds us of our own. Your relationship is evidence that anyone can overcome any situation, no matter how adverse, and find happiness.

  4. Oh I love this so much. Happiness is amazing. :)

    Before we were married, I couldn't type the word "husband" without blushing. I'd pause and type "married...thingie."

    And he'd force me to say "husband."

    It was kind of awesome.