Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Pleasure and Pain

Note: This week's questions were written and submitted by me!

1. Which do you enjoy more in bed, pain or pleasure?
My answer: I enjoy pleasure, both giving and receiving. I actually like some pain in/on/around my pussy more than anywhere else. I also love to bite and spank hard.

2. Do you like being tickled during sex? Where?
My answer: Kind of. Having my feet tickled with a dick in me is... incredible. It's like the sensation of the tickle goes straight to my cunt. It drives me wild in an almost too much to handle kind of way. I don't like being tickled anywhere else during sex.

3. Have you ever used feathers during sex?
My answer: No, I haven't. They don't provide enough sensation for me. I've often heard the phrase "Erotic is using a feather, kinky uses the whole chicken." Well, I didn't care for feathers and the first thought I had about this saying was that the chicken was actually a rubber chicken. And yes, I can think of ways to use that in sex. Just like I could when I was 14 and first heard that saying.

4. Do you like to be blindfolded during sex? Why?
My answer: YES. We should really do this more often, really. I love not knowing what's going to happen next, being left to wonder. I'm always so analytical I like to anticipate what's coming next and wait for it. With a blindfold I'm just left in the moment.

5. Have you ever used cold or heat as part of your sex play? What provided the cold or heat?
I haven't used heat yet, although perhaps one day I'll try hot wax. We have used ice cubes on each other before (like me using them on him here and him returning the favor here).

6. Do you enjoy being spanked, giving spankings, or both?
My answer: I have this love/hate relationship with being spanked. I hate it and yet I want more of it. I want to be spanked to the point of loud protestations and tears, but I'm terrified of it. One day he's just gonna have to tie me down and do it to me.

As for giving, well, I have NO problems there and love to push his limits.

7. Do you have a safeword? Have you ever used it?
We don't have a set safe word. If we enter a play session where we think it may be necessary, we'll discuss it and decide on one before the play. So far neither of us has had to use it.

Bonus: Tell us in 3-4 sentences the most painful or pleasurable sexual experience you have had.
 I think the most painful experience has, oddly, been one of the most pleasurable. Before we met in person we skyped (almost) every night and masturbated together. One night he told me to go grab and ice cube, suck on it for a moment, then stick it in my vagina. And hold it there. I was so obedient and he loved watching the expression on my face turn from surprise, wonder, shock, terror, and outright pain as I held it in my vagina and let it melt completely. I almost couldn't take it - it was so painful. But when it melted away... wow, what pleasure! He really needs to force me to do that again... because it was his observance and telling me to keep it there that kept me from removing it almost immediately. I came so good right after that.

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  1. ackck no to the tickles, especially on my feet.. hate it. blindfolding yes one hundred times yes. Ice and heat both amazing when done right.. spankings yes please but not like beating me ones.. just enough to inflict minor pain..

  2. I could definitely see how the melting ice cube would be sexy even with the discomfort.

    Great questions and answers!

    Happy Tuesday!! :)

  3. Interesting answer to #2. Jill doesn't enjoy tickling, but she loves having her toes sucked while I'm inside her because the sensation is similar. Apparently while I'm doing this there's a thin line between tickling her and turning her on. The things one learns from TMI Tuesday. :)

    Blindfolding is fun. Jill loves it for the same reason that you do. The thrill of not knowing what is coming is a huge draw for her.

    Your bonus answer is really erotic; it musth have been a huge thrill for him to watch.

    We made the rubber chicken reference in our post!