Thursday, June 7, 2012

I restrained him and teased him

Oh new restraints. I don't remember how we decided who would be tied up first, but it was him. So yes, this actually takes place the night before I was tied up and sweetly tortured.

I tied him up, making sure his arms and legs were secured to the four corners of the bed and unable to move.... much. A little struggle is OK. He promised not to struggle too much. Despite the fact the bed is made of metal and has yet to be bent or broken in our many sexual activities, he swears he would break if he could struggle. This is why he wants a strong, huge wooden bed - to struggle. And, to make me struggle.... hmm.

I tied him up and blind folded him, but he could see under the blindfold. I made a minor adjustment by switching it with a silk scarf. Better. He was blind and trapped.

I ever so lightly brushed my fingertips along his chest. Just a quick touch, then gone. Then his arm. Then stomach. Thigh. Nipple. Neck. Knee. Hip. Chest. Arm. Penis. He gave soft moans as I surprised him with my random touching. So gentle, sometimes I even missed his skin. Sometimes I just brushed his hair. I made sure to make him wait for a touch near his penis. Or go just around his penis and never touch it. I wanted him to crave it.

Then I chose another silk scarf and lightly ran it across his body. He arched into it a little. I let it weave around his penis. Slowly. I wrapped it around and pulled it back and forth, letting his penis be constantly touched by silk. More soft moans.

Random kisses placed along his body. Sometimes a lick. I tried to keep it random, and keep my touching to a minimum. Just lips or tongue, no hands or feet or even breasts from leaning over. He needed to be unsure of where I would go next.

I told him he was lucky I respected his boundary of no ice. (Prior to this moment, he has told me that ice was a non-negotiable; if I did it the sex would end in a bad argument. He's tried it before and hated it. So never any ice.) He doesn't understand my meaning, so I clarify. He only replies, "Well, I'm tied up, so I guess I don't have a choice in what you do."

I need to be very clear about this. "So... if I use ice, you won't get very mad at me?" I love ice, please say yes!

"I guess I can't be since you're in charge." That's a yes.... I'm too excited to wait, I rush off to the kitchen to retrieve some ice and pour a little water over it to help chill it even more. I jiggle the cup back in the room so he can hear I have several pieces with me; he'll have no idea how many.  "Guess you couldn't resist," he comments. I can't tell if he's please or not.

"Nope, too bad for you!" I take a large piece and put it in my mouth, focusing on making my tongue very cold. I make sure he doesn't hear that I have a piece. I go back to lightly touching him, teasing his body. His dick is only semi-hard and I'm in no rush. I let him wait. And wait. My tongue is very cold now, the ice is half gone from melting in my mouth. I bend down to kiss him, and he can feel the cold on my lips. I kiss a few times, then lick is nipple.

A huge intake of breath. He gasps and tries to move away, but my tongue is on his stomach, his hip, his thigh, and moving back up his body. The small chunk of ice is toward the back of my mouth and I let the cold water drip toward his body, kissing him. My lips are warming and the ice disappears quickly. He is glad it's over.

It's not. Another large piece, and this time while I still use it to chill my tongue, I allow it to also graze his body as I lick and touch him. I very slowly lick his cock. His body tenses in response. I let the ice cub touch the head of his penis while I start to suck him. I made long and slow sucks on his dick until the ice was gone.

I picked up a smaller piece of ice to hold it in my hand. I let it drip ice cold water droplets on his body, randomly again, as it melted in my hand. Drip. Waiting. Drip. Waiting. Waiting. Drip. As it got smaller, I let the drops get closer to his penis until the last fragment melted away on his penis head. The drops made him flinch more.

I pulled out our riding crop and gave him soft, random spanks across his body. I spanked his balls, too. I interrupted the the light slaps with some more kisses. Down his legs, around his nipples, on his neck.

But I could not ignore the hard penis that was the center of my focus; the center of his body. I took him into my mouth, hungry for his cock. I wasn't sure if I would suck him to orgasm or give him a handjob. The more I sucked, the more it turned me on and I couldn't stop. I gagged on it a few times and refocused on relaxing my throat as I took him in.

More ice in my mouth and I sucked him, letting the cold water swirl around him. I kept the ice off of him, mostly. Occasionally I would let it graze some part of his cock to feel his body tense and flex under me. I sucked, and shifted my weight to take him fully into my mouth... I heard the cup of ice fall over and wet, cold water and ice fell into his hip and under his ass.

I apologized and pulled the ice off the bed and away from his skin. He was biting his lip and scolding me, yet his smile betrayed his delight. I made it up to him by sucking him off with the most suction I could give him. I filled my mouth with him and sucked hard, every so slowly pulling up so the suction lasted as long as I could. Repeat. Repeat. His moans told me he was clearly enjoying it.

My mouth started to tire, so I went back to sucking him and licking his cock while it was in my mouth. I sucked him until he came, pumping warm cum into my mouth which I happily swallowed. I hadn't noticed how tense his body was, I could see it relax after his orgasm ended. It was a good night.


  1. When I read the first paragraph and saw that this was actually a prequel to Monday's post, I was a little worried. Prequels often suck. But I'm glad I stuck it out because this was a really hot read. I shouldn't have doubted you.

    We'd do a lot more tying-up stuff back if we actually had a headboard. And things like ice and silk scarves were a lot easier before we had a child who was constantly underfoot. Which is not to say that we miss them all that much; as a regular reader of our blog you're undoubtedly aware that that sort of thing was never our forte, exactly.

    The last paragraph of this post is one of the hottest things I've ever read. Very evocative, and unbelievably erotic.


  2. I giggled when you spilled the cup of ice water. ;)