Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TMI Tuesday: You say it's your birthday

1. What star sign are you?
I don't remember and I really don't care. See #2.

2. Do you believe in horoscopes?
Absolutely 100% not. Two key reasons: if you take away the sign and read the description, it can almost always apply 90% to you. There is NOTHING specific about being a sign that would make people say, "Wait, that's not me!" They are written to apply to anyone who reads them. Second reason, my cousin used to be a psychic on a psychic hotline. He made a lot of money telling people what they wanted to hear and, again, answering so it could apply to pretty much everyone. The rest is just listening to verbal cues and making it up on the fly.
Yup, about right.

Basically what was "old science" has somehow stuck around as superstitious mumbo jumbo in my opinion. It drives me crazy to see people tweet/post horoscopes for the day. Are you really that naive and stupid?

3. When is your birthday?
August 29. The year? Well... let's say I'm in my early-late 20's.

4. What is the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
You know, I can't remember a bad gift I've been given by a partner. They have all been very sweet and attentive to what I want.

5. Are you organised when it comes to other people's birthdays?
I try very hard to be. If you are immediate family, you will get a gift and a card from me 99% on time. If you are close family/friend, then you'll get a card and birthday wishes. Otherwise, you'll get a facebook post from me.

6. How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
Ugh. This is not such a happy topic with me. Be prepared to be bummed out. So, in my adult life for the past six years, I've tried to enjoy my birthday by bringing in dessert to the office to share with my friends. Each year, despite an email announcing the treats I had brought to my select group, NO ONE would partake in it because, magically, they were all dieting. And yet when other people brought in dessert they weren't always dieting... ugh. For my 25th birthday I tried to go out to celebrate and invited my closest work friends to go out dancing. One person showed up out of the 8 I invited. I gave up trying after that. Last year I took my birthday as a vacation day so I wouldn't have to deal with my work friends. That's the best decision I've made the past few years. So instead, I slept in and played video games. Very low key. Honestly it just continues a series of disappointing birthdays. Did I mention my 16th birthday was spent at my uncle's funeral? And that was pretty much my entire birthday?  Are you bummed out enough yet? I am.

7. If you could be one age again, what would it be? Why?
My favorite age was 18 when I lived in France. That was seriously the most fun year of my life. I would do it again in a heartbeat, but be single this time around instead.

View from my college dorm that year. Gorgeous!
8. What would be your ideal birthday treat?
Oh where do I begin? Breakfast in bed (NOT made of cereal), or freshly baked goods and my favorite Starbucks purchased right before I wake up, a massage, hot sex where I am the focus of pleasure frequently throughout the day, delicious dessert, taken away for a sexy weekend, having my hair washed and toes painted, having my body worshiped (especially my feet)... a day at the beach where I can be naked if I wish. Any/all of the above. Just spoil me!

Bonus: Tell us your best birthday memory?
On my 18th birthday I flew to France to live for a year. Best birthday ever.

Bonus, Bonus: May we see you in your birthday suit?
Erm, no. I think we need to get to know each other a little bit more first.

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  1. 3. "early-late 20s" spans nearly a whole decade! ;-)
    4. Likewise.
    6. It doesn't sound like your work "friends" are very good friends at all.
    7. I'd so love to travel to Europe...
    8. Sounds AMAZING! Where do I sign up?!

    1. I meant in the earlier part of my late 20's. :)

      No, I've given up calling them real friends. They're not at all. Sad.

  2. We're also not into horoscopes. We don't believe in subjugating our free will to some arbitrary piece of writing. It's the same reason I'm not religious.

    Jeez! What a bunch of killjoys you work with. I would certainly partake. And I'd probably come dancing, although since I probably wouldn't be part of the group you invited I'd just look like a stalker. But sleeping in and playing video games sounds really fun, and a good way to celebrate a birthday. You should definitely take your birthday off from now on.

    My first birthday weekend after Jill and I started dating was spent at a hotel, wearing no clothing and having lots of sex. That was awesome. We hope your ideal birthday treats materialize soon!

    We had no idea you'd lived in France! Jill visited - certainly never lived there - and loved it. And as for your Bonus, Bonus answer, we most certainly want to see you in your birthday suit. Let's all get to know each other better. ;)

    1. I think I will continue taking my birthday off - it avoids any unnecessary disappointments in the future!

      That sounds like an amazing birthday weekend together!

      I knew you would be after my birthday suit!