Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on our "No sex pact"

As we've announced on twitter, we are closing on our first home this coming week. This has been in the works for several months and we could not be more excited that it's coming to an end.  We have been talking for a while about celebrating this awesome milestone, but how?

I know there are some things we've been waiting to experience together in the new home, like him dominating me or him tying me up and really letting me have it. He won't do either of those now because he needs me to be able to scream without alerting the neighbors. But those are thing that will not happen right away.

One day when we were talking about how my pussy has changed he joked about not having sex for a while to see if that made a difference. Of course when he says this we both end up laughing, there's no way we could just withhold sex for months... but what about weeks? I don't remember how the conversation went, but someone suggested not having sex until we were officially moved into the house, and the other agreed.

What we didn't consider was that moving day was 23 days away.

As of this post, we are on day 12. Twelve days without penis-in-vagina sex.

It's not a dry spell, as we are both horny and wanton. In fact, we are even more horny as a result. We are indulging in everything else. The past twelve days have included anal sex, handjobs, toys, and tons of oral.

In a way, our sex life has never been so hot.

We've never been so on fire for each other. When I get home from work we are immediately in the bedroom making out and sucking on each other. And then at bedtime we want more.

I've noticed a few things from this. First, he's become more generous in wanting me to not have just an orgasm or two, but 5, 8, 10, or more. He may give me a few, and when I'm doing satisfying him he wants to give more. And then I give more back.

We are more desperate to be with each other. We can't stand to be apart while I'm at work. During our couch cuddle time in the evening we are now naked and he is laying on my body, feeling me up a bit before bedtime.

We are fighting more. I think our passion for each other is closer to the surface, but that means it's easier to trigger some stupid argument. We fight passionately over stupid stuff, then all of a sudden it dissipates and we end up just holding each other.

So, is it worth it? So far, I think so. Call it an experiment in sex. An experiment in our relationship. Since we've been together, we've only abstained from PIV sex for three days. And it was a very long three days. When it ended, we had three very hot, explosive rounds of sex in a hotel room.  I can only imagine that, if three days resulted in that kind of reaction, what would three weeks do?

So we're looking forward to the date with a LOT of anticipation. It will be an awesome, amazing night. And in the meantime, we are rediscovering and just enjoying all the ways we give handjobs, oral sex, cuddling, and masturbation. Oh, lots of masturbation.

So here we are, on fire for each other, denying ourselves for a purpose. It's hot, driving us wild, and we are loving and hating every moment of it.

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  1. Wow! We admire your willpower. We have never willingly gone an extended period without penetrative sex; much of our relationship was spent living apart, so often we didn't have the choice. We can't wait to hear about what happens when you need deny yourselves no longer.