Monday, June 4, 2012

He tied me up, and blindfolded me

I was nervous and excited. We had talked about tying me up. We'd bought the restraints more than a month ago during our date night. Only last night we had used them on him; now it was my turn.

He secured my wrists and then my feet. Then he took one of my silk scarves and blindfolded me with it. The room was cold. He went to make his preparations; selecting his toys, cleaning them, preparing them so I couldn't see what was in store for me. I asked for a blanket to keep warm while I waited. I was denied.

He left the room and I asked where he was going. He didn't answer, but I could hear the clink of ice into a glass. I started to fret nervously. It was too cold for ice. I asked him to reconsider the ice; save it for a warmer night. Again, I was denied.

He continued preparations. I squirmed. My wrist restraints felt tight. Too tight. Internally I started to panic. I have this "thing" about feeling trapped. It's why I can't fall asleep as the little spoon sometimes; I feel like I can't move. I start to panic. And last night, I started panicking. I tried to loosen the restrains, but how could I? I called out to him. It was too scary, I needed them looser. At first he said no, but the rising panic in my voice came through. He loosened them and I relaxed a bit more.

And then he started. Silk gloves touched my skin, lightly. His hands ran all over my body. The silk against my hard nipples felt so smooth, so soft. It was unlike anything that had softly grazed my nipple. His hands wandered down my body to my legs and feet. Occasionally he would brush up against my pelvic bush and my body would tense. It tickled yet was so pleasurable.

He told me to open my mouth. I did so obediently without hesitation. He lifted my head up slightly and put the head of his dick in my mouth. I start sucking it immediately, just focusing on his head while he called me a good girl for being such a cock sucker. I sucked until he let my head rest back onto the bed (only a minute or two) and then waited for more.

And then there was an ice cube on my nipple. So cold, and so wet! It made me gasp and try to move away, but I could not. Then it was on the other one, and I flinched the other direction. He chuckled at my struggle. It left my body, but the cold remained a bit. Then a light stroke of cold ice on my stomach. My breast. My leg. My hip. It would appear at random spots on my body; I did not know what to do!

He made me spread my legs as far as my restraints would allow. His fingers pulled apart my pussy lips and found my clit. The ice was so cold and dripping cold water droplets onto my pussy; but on my clit it was cold and hard. So hard that after the initial shock, it was incredibly arousing. But too soon he took it away. It glanced across my skin randomly before returning to my clit and melting there.

He got up from the bed and left me there, quivering with excitement and chill. When he came back, I heard lube being squeezed from a bottle. Then, a finger touching my asshole, and once locating it, our small pink dildo sliding smoothly in. It's been a long time since I've had anything in my ass... it felt full without being too full.  He fucked me with the dildo a few times. I gasped in pleasure.

He inspected my clit. It wasn't hard like it had been from the ice; so he pulled my pussy lips wide and spanked my clit. My whole body flinched! I tried to move away and to hide myself from him; I could not move away. He persisted in spanking me until I was hard enough for him. Then, cool glass entered my pussy. 

I definitely felt full. Slowly he started fucking me with it, then letting it rest in my vagina as he fucked my ass again. Then back to the glass. Then, my favorite bullet vibe lightly resting on my pussy lips just above my clit. He turned it on and let it sit there sending vibes through my pussy while he went back to fucking my ass again.

He rotated between moving or adjusting two of the three at each time while I reacted with flinching and moaning when I needed to. He started to focus on my clit with the vibe and the G-spot more. I told him to fuck me more with the dildo, yes right there, right there, harder, oh yes baby, oh yes, keep going, just like that, oh it's so good, I love it, please keep going, oh fuck don't stop. I had a G-spot orgasm. Then the intensity picked up and I felt that "Oh I have to pee!" like I had never felt before. I really thought I was close to squirting; I was certainly closer than I'd ever been before. I tried to pee, relax, let it go, but it didn't happen.

I did have another orgasm, this time a combo of G-spot and clit. he started playing with the rhythm on the bullet vibe. as I came he didn't stop playing with me. His tongue played with my clit for a bit; I moaned and screamed in pleasure. It was a complete surprise but another orgasm hit me.

More fucking with the glass dildo; he turned the vibrator up. He fucked me and kept the bullet on my clit so directly. He let the pullet rest on my clit while my pussy flexed against the dildo in me. It didn't take long for me to orgasm again.

All of a sudden, my blindfold was gone. He was kneeling over me leaning against the wall, staring down at me. His hand was jacking off his dick. But I couldn't focus on him. Instead, another orgasm was hitting me. My eyes shut in intense pleasure, when I opened he was intently staring, watching me writhe in pleasure. And another orgasm. They were growing more intense with each one. The bullet vibe remained, almost glued to my clit it seemed, while the glass dildo was unmoving in my pussy. My movements from orgasm only triggered more as my body moved the dildo slightly around my very sensitive vagina.

He watched me cum over and over, crying louder and louder. Really, truly struggling for relief. He jacked off over me, watching me unable to be still on the bed. Sweet torture. The orgasms wouldn't stop. I looked him in the eyes when I could open them, almost pleading for relief but the orgasms were too exquisite.

After something like 10 very hard orgasms in a row, he turned off the vibrator and pulled out the dildo - slowly. It took minutes for my body to calm down and stop twitching. He stood over me, jacking off and watching my face as the aftershocks waned. I whimpered my thanks and my helplessness. I was still bound and I wanted to be held by him. He wouldn't let me go until he had been satisfied.

I told him to jack off into my mouth so I could eat his cum. He knelt down and we shared minutes of looking in each other's eyes as he came closer to orgasm. When he came, I caught most of his load in my mouth and swallowed it happily.

He let me out of my restraints and it felt good to curl up into a ball on my side. He helped me up to get a drink and use the bathroom, and then held me in his arms as I fell almost instantly asleep.

He told me the next day the only reason he stopped the vibrator was my volume was beyond anything I'd screamed before and he was legitimately concerned the police would be called. If/when we get a house, I'm in major trouble.


  1. You write about sex with scorching heat, even when describing an ice cube trailing along your flesh. The dripping water on your pussy, the two-toy DP, the intense G-spot orgasm and the chain of smaller clitoral ones, and your BF jacking off into your mouth: These are visuals that will never leave our minds. Thank you for that.

    I'd say sorry that your G-spot orgasm didn't make you squirt - it certainly is our opinion that squirting is an incredibly exciting release - but we've learned that not everybody does, and in fact that it doesn't always come easy for those who do. So no "sorry" is necessary, as considering what a good time we had just reading this, you probably have no complaints having lived it. :)

    1. My writing has accomplished its purpose. :)

      I'm still working on the squirting. I'm confident it would come, just a little impatient.

  2. Hot damn, I love this! I'm going to have Neo read it and repeat! We have done a little altered version of this. I love being tied up this way.