Tuesday, June 5, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Think kink!

If any TMI Tuesday post was catered to us, I think this is it... onto the questions!

1. What’s the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically? 
 It's definitely my brain. My brain loves to think up all sorts of ways to be kinky and use kink. I like to learn about kink and try new things. So yes, my brain is the access to all kinky things I do.

2. Do you have any fetishes? If so, what are they? 
Oh goodness! Do we ever...! Below, a list for each of us:
Me: Ass play, ball-busting, some light BDSM, blindfolding, body modification (I have a piercing, and I do like some piercings and tattoos), body worship, I like bois, some bondage (yes please!), I do like to be a brat, wear corsets, invoke some chastity play (it never lasts long), riding crop, I do like to see him cross-dress in lingerie, face-sitting, sissification, fisting, fucking machines (I want one!), giving golden showers, I like the idea of a grope box, handcuffs, milking prostate, being a mistress, objectification, some animal play, orgasm control (I love to deny), paddling, spanking, queening, rape play, squirting, some role playing, strap-on/pegging, latex... I think that covers it all. 

Him: Pretty much all of mine plus his foot fetish, edge play (he doesn't really believe in "limits"), bukkake, and possibly cuckolding (!). 

3. Have you ever been spanked? Did you enjoy it? Tell us more… 

 I have been spanked a little. I enjoy it with the riding crop, but I do not like it with a hand. That could be because my boyfriend does not believe in a "light" spanking and therefore from strike one it stings. There's talk of tying me up and spanking me until I literally cry. I want this, and yet I'm terrified.
His ass a few min after one of my lighter spankings. This was hand only.

It is no surprise that he enjoys spanking; he loves to be spanked with hand, crop, or a paddle.  More details on our new spanking paddle coming soon! I won't spoil the surprise here.

4. Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up? Did you use rope or  restraints? 
 We just tied each other up... yesterday I posted about my experience. Thursday, I'll try to post about his. We do not have any rope yet, although I would like to invest in some.

5. Would you classify yourself as more dominant, submissive, a switch or entirely vanilla
 We are both switches. We like to take turns being the more dominant and then more submissive.

6. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? 
 Oh dear, how do we even choose? Could it be me peeing in his mouth? Milking his prostate? Pegging him in cowgirl? No, I think the best answer is the time I jacked him off into my morning tea and didn't drink it until I was at work later that day. I could tell when I swallowed bits of his cum. Man, I need to do that again soon!

7. Have you been to a BDSM club? What was it like? If not, would you ever go to one? 
 No, we have not. And yes, I think we would go, out of curiosity. Maybe. I'm more outgoing for this kind of thing than he is. 

8. What’s your favourite fetish item or implement? 
 My favorite is probably a prostate massager that I use from time to time on him. Or my harness and siren dildo that I use to peg him. Too much kink to decide!

9. Favourite kinky clothing material? 
 Silk... silk is so wonderful! I have a pair of silk gloves that we love to use on each other. The feeling is so erotic to use on each other. I've made him cum only by stroking his cock lightly with them.

10. Thigh boots – love ‘em or hate ‘em? 
 I've never worn a pair, but the idea turns both of us on. A lot.

11. If you’re kinky, who knows about it? Do you tell people or is it a closely guarded secret? 
 I've told a friend of mine about my blog, so she knows. 

12. What are your personal limits? 
 I have issues with being trapped, and I am not comfortable at all with anything that limits my movements beyond some basic restraints. I don't like the idea of a ball gag, and when my air supply/breath is cut off I do panic very easily. I also have a limit in how much pleasure I can take... that is the only boundary we are interested in pushing, the boyfriend especially so.

13. What’s your safeword and why did you choose that one? 
 We don't have a safeword yet. But we certainly will need one. There is talk of pushing my limit in number 12 by making me orgasm until I literally cry and exhaust myself.  We're not going to do that without a safe word, because this is an area where he has a cruel streak.

14. Which fetishes do you just really not get?
 I don't get infant/adult baby play... really, an adult as a baby with diapers and everything? I don't get it at all. Infantalization is just a weird thing for someone to be into for me.

I don't get how suffocation/breath play is the point of excitement. I know it breathing can increase pleasure, but as for it being the source of pleasure? Don't get it.

I don't get blood play either. Is bleeding really that delightful?  I'm not sure I get why it's so much a turn-on.
Bonus:  Complete this sentence:  To me, Fetish, Kink and BDSM means… sex just got a lot more interesting!


  1. Whoa! What an awesome, in-depth list of kinks in #2 (as well as #6)! Thanks also for including your BF's answers. I'd love to indulge his possible cuckold fetish soetime. ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing your kinks, #6 was especially surprising! I'm glad I found your blog from Olivia and Jarrett's TMI Tuesday post :)

  3. Great post. Love the pics and list of kinks! ;-)