Thursday, May 10, 2012

His first crop spanking

Note, this is part 2 of a 3 part story. Read part 1 here.

He flinched slightly at my little flicks with the crop against his butt. I gently ran my free hand over his cheeks, feeling him lightly. More little flicks. It felt like just the right weight in my hand - enough to get a good swoosh and land a slightly stinging hit, but not too heavy where the motion would feel too repetitive. Perfect.

I started spanking him more with it, alternating between cheeks. The head of the crop is a rectangle, about 3 inches long but only an inch wide. It gives a very direct hit which very quickly turns the skin a light blush red. I made sure both of his cheeks were turning a nice pink glow before I touched his cock for the first time.

I touch it, it was growing hard, but nowhere near hard yet. I was tempted to keep spanking him until he was hard, but it was nearly 2am and I did want to play with him a lot. My free hand reached around and started lightly running my fingers up and down his cock while my other hand was flicking his ass with the crop. I varied the strength of the hits - no need to make it repetitive quite yet. He flinched at the heavier blows, and relaxed with the lighter ones.

I paused to apply lube to his cock. We are running low on our good lube, so we bought some emergency back-up at the sex shop to make sure the good stuff lasted. It was runny and half dribbled onto the bed when I turned my hand over to apply to his cock. He tensed at its coolness. He had been growing harder still before I applied the lube, now he was almost rock hard with my hand gliding on him. He moaned into the bed, eyes closing.

I turned my attention back to his ass. I hit him with the crop, making random choices on which side and where to hit him, sometimes moving on, other times hitting him in the same spot over and over. It started to grow painful and he was flinching. With each flinch I watched his balls swing freely between his legs. I took the crop and gently, lovingly spanked him.

His eyes popped open in surprise. "Gentle!" he urged, almost panicked. I hit him again.

"Aren't I being gentle?"

"Well, yeah..." I hit his balls again and again. Then without warning, a hard SMACK to his ass. He moaned again. I dropped the crop and smacked him with my hand. I left an outline of my hand on one cheek, then the other. His ass was still pink from the crop, and now it was turning a brighter red. I hit him hard, making my hand sting. He moaned loud.

I stopped moving my hand on his cock, holding it still, and I spanked him with  my hand again. His body flinched forward with my blows, forcing his cock to move slightly in my hand. Each blow was a mix of pain and pleasure for him and his moans betrayed which side was winning.

"Are you a naughty boy?" I asked.

"Yes... oh yes I'm naughty!" was the eager reply.

I hit him hard again. Again. Again. "Why are you naughty? Tell me reasons."

He didn't say a word. I hit him hard, as hard as my hand could. His eyes pinched in pain. I ordered him to tell me why he was naughty. I removed my hand from his hard cock again. More smacks. "Tell me, or I'll just spank you and let your dick go limp." He whimpered. My hand was stinging.

"I like boys." He almost whispered.

I picked up the crop and hit him very hard with it. He cried out. "Naughty! You shouldn't like boys!" Again and again I landed stinging blows on him. "You're so naughty. I bet you wish I was a boy jerking you off." I grabbed his dick in my hand and started jacking him off again.

He moaned into his pillow. When he didn't answer I spanked his balls lightly again. "Answer me."

"Yes! Yes!" he conceded. I spanked him for his answer. Then I dropped his cock again and spread his ass cheeks apart.

"I bet you wish he would eat your asshole, too."

He moaned again, and I applied fresh lube to my hand and went back to jerking him off. I spanked him with my hand again, focusing on one cheek while I bit his other ass cheek. "Naughty" I said in between bites. I kissed him a couple of times, then bit again. I watched my hand land blows on his red cheek. His dick felt very hard in my hand.

His ass was high in the air, perfect for receiving that cock or tongue I knew he was thinking about. I took up the crop again, used my dick-hand to spread his cheeks again, and spanked his asshole with the crop. "Naughty, naughty, naughty boy thinking about other men!" He moaned into his pillow again. "I know you want them to lick you there!" And then I was smacking his cheeks again, hard and my hand was on his dick jerking rough and fast.

"I am... I do... I'm so naughty...." he breathed into his pillow with shut eyes.

More blows with the crop and all of his ass was a nice red hue. I dropped the crop and used my hand again. "You're a fag," I said harshly. His eyes opened in surprised - I've never used that term before, only he has. But I spanked and jerked him hard, he moaned into his pillow more. I could tell he was getting close to orgasm, so I held his dick, hand not moving again. I squeezed him gently.

"Thinking about those boys you like? I bet you wish they would do this," and I shoved my face into his ass, licking his asshole with fast rapid strokes. His whole body tensed and his moans became loud and high pitched. He begged me to not stop, keep going, lick that asshole...

I stopped. I spanked him for enjoying it too much. His moans became almost squeals of pleasure, I hit him with my hand as hard as I could. He twitched when his cock moved in my still hand. Yes, he was too close to orgasm still. I picked up the crop and made blows that I'm sure would sting. I had to make sure his ass stayed a bright red color.

Then I removed my hand from his very hard dick, and continued to lick his asshole again. I licked and tongued him, spreading his cheeks, forcing them apart. His squeals turned into the highest pitch sound he could make, disappearing into silence as I ate him out. I licked and kissed him as fast as I could. I attacked his asshole with my tongue.

Then I stopped again. More lube on my hands, then very strong jerking motions. His head rose off the pillow, eyes pinched shut. My other hand started smacking him very hard, pushing his body forward with the force of each blow. His cock was so hard in my hand it made my fingers hurt. I didn't relieve my grip, I jerked him faster. I spanked him with my flat palm pushing his body with each blow.

His head looked down towards his cock and I knew he was close. He always watches himself cum. I spanked as fast as I could without losing any strength in my blows to his very red cheek. "Don't you stop, don't you dare stop!" He started to yell at me.

I didn't stop. I hit him over and over, arm swinging back while my other one held onto him, leaning forward with the blows so he didn't wrench his cock from my grip. He yelled it more, his body now pushing forward and my blows kept pushing him. "Don't you DARE STOOOO....." and the word was lost in his growl. I didn't stop. I spanked and jerked him while his body tried to get away from me. I pursued him.

He trembled and lost his strength, collapsing onto the bed and rolling onto his side. I looked at him, smiling. He was curled into a ball, moaning slightly.

I got up and washed the lube off my hands and rinsed out my mouth. I returned to the bed and lightly kissed his face; he jumped awake. His eyes opened briefly to look at me. "I love you," I said.

"I love you," he was barely speaking. "Oh baby. Oh my goodness."

"Yeah?" I said, grinning. He hadn't moved again.

"You are perfect. Just... perfect."

"Oh I am?"

"Yes. So... perfect. Oh my goodness...."

I crawled next to him and cuddled him. A few minutes passed and I replayed his orgasm in my head while I spooned him.

"Honey..." it was said with a tone I knew. "I don't think I can eat you out tonight..."

"I know," I said. "Tomorrow."

"Ok... thank you." And then, after a pause, "Honey...." in the same tone.


"I hate to ask you... but I'm really hungry... could you get me something to eat?"


"I'm so hungry... please?"


"And something to drink, too?"

"Yes, dear."

I went to the kitchen. The clock read 2:58am. I had played with him for a lot longer than I realized. I made him a quesadilla, brought him a drink, and put on some cartoons as we cuddled in bed snacking. He ate leaning on his side; sitting up seemed like too much effort. He called me the best girlfriend and the perfect woman.

Finally, it was time for sleep. His cum spot which took up a good 3x6 inch square right in the middle of his normal sleeping spot. I moved him over closer to me, and held him as we went to sleep.

The next morning, he repaid the orgasm in some very excellent ways...

to be continued...


  1. I have the biggest grin on my face from reading this! I love it!!! I want a boy to spank and torture and call names!!! *pout*

    My guy never uses lube to jack off. He never has. And he never uses a rough or hard touch when he does it. It's just kind of a gentle stroke. It's so sexy to me. :) But he would never let me eat his ass or spank him. I probably wouldn't want to, he's REALLY hairy! hehe

    And you definitely ARE the best girlfriend!! :)

    1. :D Yay I made you smile! I love spanking and torturing him - and he LOVES it so much too!

      I cannot imagine a guy without lube in his life. Occasionally we do it 'raw' too but not frequently. My BF likes a variety of touches, include very rough and hard so lube is def our friend!

  2. I don't frequently use lube when I masturbate. Once in awhile I will when I want a different sensation, and I enjoy it; however, I find that overall I don't get nearly enough traction when I'm lubed up.

    Anyway, you guys are both so fucking hot. We'd love to be flies on your proverbial wall. Even though Jill's much more submissive and not particularly into impact play where she's the administrator (only the recipient), we love feeling like voyeurs, watching you both having fun. We can't wait to see where this goes from here!

    Your tweet earlier about making your boyfriend a snack after sex now makes perfect sense. You are the perfect girlfriend! :)

    1. I'm learning that lube isn't used by a lot of men. I guess to each is own!

      We love to have you as voyeurs on our blog :)

  3. Girl you are a goddess and that was so hot and sweet. Spanking licking and a snack,? I have heard this is the exact definition of a perfect woman.

  4. that was super hot. So naughty, and so much head fuckery. The best part is the after care, you really do care about him and it shows.

    1. Love the feedback MrM, thank you. It is so natural and easy to care for him; I guess it is a symbol of how much I do care for him.

  5. Thank you so much for this. I love it when you make scenes that don't appeal to me hot anyway!