Friday, May 18, 2012

Formspring Friday: Turn-ons

Q. What one thing turns you on the most in a partner?
Physically? Hands. Its the first thing I notice in a male partner (I'll get to you ladies in a second.) I love a set of strong male hands. Masculine fingers, shorter, well-maintained (read: trimmed and clean) fingernails. I don't like skinny or girly hands on men - its very unattractive. I have a coworker who has very girly hands and I can't look at them without a little bit of "ew." Not all hands are manly to me - I'm not really sure how to describe it in words, so a pic to hopefully illustrate my ideal:
These are the first hands I ever noticed. HOT.
Now for women, the first thing I notice is your general body shape. I look at the curves... Are the hips wider or at least the same width as shoulders? Curves of the breasts from the front, from the side. Thighs to ass, ass to back. Pelvis to stomach and legs. Stomach to breasts. I look at all of it. There's not one shape or type I like - I'm pretty varied. All of the women I post on my tumblr are ones that I find attractive in some way.
Yes, curves like this. Beautiful.

Now, if we're not talking physical attraction, then I'd say confidence. Nothing is sexier than a man or woman who knows who they are and isn't afraid to hide it. Since I've only had relationships with men, I can tell you that they have all been extremely confident. I love it when a man knows he is the best and shows it. It's sexy.

My BF's answer to this is probably: feet. (I asked, he couldn't decide... after some talking and reflection we settled on feet). He is the only man I know who looks at the shoes of everyone we pass... he always knows what shoes people are wearing before I've even registered the color of their shirt. And, come to think of it, my feet were the first picture I sent to him by request.

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  1. Very interesting. We loved the way you describe a woman's curves. It's a real process, isn't it? We both definitely agree that confidence is hugely important; while I've occasionally found myself wondering about a shy or unconfident woman if there's a demonstrative (sexual) side beneath the surface, in the end confidence is a big part of what does it for me. Also, your boyfriend's proclivity toward feet, specifically the fact that "he always knows what shoes people are wearing before I've even registered the color of their shirt", was amusing.

    And you can't go wrong with Luke Skywalker!