Thursday, May 17, 2012

To pimp out, or not to pimp out

As a sex blogger, you are sometimes offered opportunities to use your blog to advertise for other companies. I've done this a couple times with some sex toy reviews (with toys I purchased at full price and for no other reason than to share my experience, not for any kick-backs). I don't mind mentioning where I purchase an item from; I consider that part of the toy experience. There are some shops I prefer above others based on their offerings and their customer service.

But, what about accepting a toy for free in exchange for a review? Or writing a blog entry in exchange for free access or gift cards to their store? Now I am entering an agreement where, ultimately, without my blog I would never be in a position to get this product for free. So, am I pimping out my blog?

Is offering my blog up to the best free products or offers what I want to do with my blog?

I started writing this blog for two key reasons and those reasons still run strong. First, it was a way to explore my own budding sexuality within the best relationship I've ever experienced. What better way to reflect and learn than to write about it? Secondly, I wanted to show others who are in or were in my prior situation of sex-negativity that being sex-positive was possible.

You can come back from the negative.  You can find a partner who truly meets your wants, desires, and expectations. While I'm not guaranteeing everything will come out 100% (as in, I will never have the dick to be the she-male my BF would love to see on me, nor do I enjoy being peed on), there is always room for discussion and compromise (as in, occasionally I do let him pee on me).

So far, I feel very good about the direction of my blog.... now do I allow in some sponsors and freebies?

My initial reaction is: yes, if it matches or enhances the purpose of my blog.

But what about if its borderline? What if its something where I'm really do it for the freebie and it has less to do with the blog post? That is where the word "pimp" and terms like "whoring out" come to play.

I obviously have some thinking to do.

I've watched the blogs of my twitter/blog friends, and I do envy when they get freebies or perks I obviously do not have. I am not the wealthiest lover of kink on the planet; I'm relatively young and fairly early in my career. I have mounds of student loans from choosing a private college over public (mis-taaaaaaake!) and I'm trying to buy my first home.

My sex toy budget is tiny. I've pretty much blown it for the year already. And I am almost in desperate need of lube again.

So... do I do it in favor of continued sexual experiences? Pimping out to sustain the blog, as it were? Or do I keep out everyone and continue on my merry way? Somehow, I think I will toe a fine line of somewhere in-between pimp and pure sex blog.


  1. I have only been offered freebies twice. Once I initially accepted, then decided against it. The second time the products were cheesy. Part of me wants them, part of me doesn't. Although, I guess I get free books when I do book reviews, and I think that's pretty freaking fab.

  2. When I first started my blog, it's sole purpose was to get free "toys" in exchange for my reviews. However, after starting the blog and getting the blog accepted, I found out I needed to be 21 to get stuff from the store I wanted to review for. I used that time to develop my writing by talking about past experiences.

    As time before my 21st birthday went on, I discovered myself as a sexual being. I finally did get to review, but I eventually drifted off from reviewing. I like to just write for me now.

    I still plan on reviewing those items that I really want but can't afford unless its free for a review, but that's a big when.

    As far as advertising, I don't really see myself doing it through my blog (though it would be nice to gain revenue). Then again, no one has asked to advertise on my blog in the 3+ years I have been blogging.

  3. We suggest that you do it in favor of continued sexual experiences. As long as you maintain your integrity, are honest in your reviews, and stay true to the original intent of your blog, you should be fine.

  4. We do the EdenFantasys thing and we actually really like it. We're going to be writing a post anyways so why not get a little something extra for it in my opinion. Sometimes, it even helps us come up with an idea to write about. As so little of our posts are just recaps of fucking we did, we often struggle for ideas and doing EdenFantasys definitely helps.

  5. Ultimately YOU control what ends up published on your blog, so you can maintain the level of integrity you want to keep. We do the reviews/opinion articles for gift cards. It's nice because you can review what speaks to you, keep it along the lines of the theme of your blog, then, when you get enough gift cards, buy a toy, review it, get another gift card. It's a glorious, win-win cycle!