Monday, May 14, 2012

Naughty in the office

My first thought "Sex in the workplace"
We took a drive in the countryside. Although he's been with me nearly a year, we've barely explored the country around us. Today we wandered north toward my office. He's never been there. Before today.

We pulled up to the office and parked in the front. No other cars in the front, but I couldn't see the side parking lot fully. I let myself in - I'm lucky to have a 24/7 security badge - and walked to my cube.

It was dark. All of the lights were off except a few ceiling panels. I showed him my messy cubicle. There is a single light on above my cubicle; otherwise its dark all around us. I show him around the office a little bit, ending up back at my cube.

It's so quiet. He reaches down, lifts up my skirt, and rubs my pussy through my panties. "You're very wet," he tells me. I bite my lip. "Why?"

"From this morning." For a moment I think about the sex we had this morning. We started in scissors, them on my stomach, then side-by-side. Finally, he had made me cum with his finger in my asshole as he fucked me. Oh yes, I was quite wet from that still.

He looks at me as I lean back onto my desk. "I think we should fuck right here," he suggests.

My breath hitches and my eyes widen. "Here? Now?"

He grins. "Yes, I want to." He leans down and kisses me.

Then we hear a noise - a trash can is being emptied. Someone is here in the office with us. I take a brief walk. There are no lights on aside from the few ceiling panels. I don't hear anything else. It's completely silent again.

I go back to my cubicle, he's waiting for me. We begin whispering. I'm not sure what to do; I'm not sure who is here or where they are. How can we fuck with the danger of being caught like this? I'm nervous. He reaches around and grabs at my ass. "You know you want to," he whispers.

I'm nervous, almost giddy. "Ok, let's do it. Quickly." I start rubbing his cock through his jeans. In just a few moments its growing very hard. I love how fast he responds to my touch. Very soon, he's pulling his cock up as it's too restricting now in his pants.

He pushes me around, and I pull my pink panties down to my knees. He pulls my skirt up. I hear him unzip his pants. He rubs the head of his cock in my wetness, teasing my vagina. And then, he forces it in. All the way.

I gasp, and he shushes me immediately. "Quiet!" he whispers to me. I bite my lip and lean over my desk. I try to keep silent. His penis feels so big in me. I think about what we're doing -  having sex in my office with someone else around. I cum instantly. My legs shake and quiver. I try to stay quiet but a moan barely escapes my lips.

"Shhh!" he shushes me again. I stifle my gasps; I can barely handle it. I'm not used to being silent. I open my eyes and look down the hallway - what if someone comes down this way looking for the source of the slight noise we're making? And then I'm hit with another orgasm. I can barely stay standing.

I grip the edge of my desk. He's been thrusting shallow in me and pretty slowly. My thoughts are running away from me;  I'm so scared we're going to be caught. What will I say if someone finds me? What if its an exec? Fuck his dick feels so good in me... oh fuck!

"Quiet!" he shushes me a third time. I lower my head onto my purse and stare down the hallway. All I can feel is his dick in me and his hands on my hips, using me as leverage. He starts to fuck a bit harder and I am having a hard time staying quiet at all. It's only been a few minutes he's cumming in me. His knees start to give way, he's gripping me hard. I grind up against him and my legs tremble as well.

He pulls out and I can feel his cum spilling out of my pussy when he pulls out. I pull up my panties and smooth down my skirt. When I turn around, his cock is already hidden away in his pants. We smile and kiss. And then kiss some more.

"That was hot," I say in between kisses. He grins in agreement. We start to leave, and his knee buckles. His legs are a bit like jello. I give him a look.

"What?" he says a bit defensively. "I came so good, I can barely walk."
He fucked me...


  1. Like a Boss! So fucking hot you two! Now you have that sweet memory whenever you're at your desk

    1. Thank you! It's been a wonderful first day of looking back!

  2. Holy fuck, that is hot! I have been trying to get my bf to fuck me at either his office or mine for years now! My afternoon #workwank today is hereby dedicated to you!

    1. I'm so happy to have inspired (and have dedicated) your #workwank! It was my pleasure, truly.

  3. I did various office jobs for years, and often took great pleasure in having sex with various girlfriends (and casual dates) in my workplace. In fact, I had sex at my boss' desk in two different offices. I miss the various office shenanigans, though not sufficiently that I'd like to return to that line of work.


  4. I work from home now so sex at the office is no big deal, but Mia and I did some pretty risque things at my last places of employment. So much fun!