Tuesday, May 8, 2012

TMI Tuesday: M is for Masturbation

1. How often do you masturbate?  I masturbate maybe once a week, if that. It really depends on what's been going on. Past few weeks I've indulged 2-3 times in the week just because, well, I wanted to. My boyfriend's answer: "At least once a day, unless you're home... not gonna lie, I masturbated 3 times today." (My reaction: WHAT!? Three??? Is that why you were so happy when I got home today? His answer was yes...)  Although he does occasionally masturbate when I'm home, such as the time he sniffed my pussy to jack off.

2. What are you doing to celebrate Masturbation month?  I find its a good reason to masturbate and tell you about it. And get creative with masturbation. Such as the time I made him watch, or we masturbated together. If anything, there will be many more blog entries about masturbation this month from me.

3. Do you like to watch your partner masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. Not really, it's boring.
d. No, it's a turn off.
e. I've never experienced it but I'd like to.

My answer is definitely A. Him touching his dick is so incredibly sexy. It takes a lot for me not to be interested in him or sex or orgasm at all when he starts touching himself. It's so hot!

My BF's answer is A with the caveat that sometimes he's not interested in an orgasm, and watching me turns him on too much therefore he doesn't want to watch and listen. He can be too tired to want anything himself, so he'll try to ignore me and sleep... I'm pretty loud when I masturbate and he usually ends up with a boner anyway.

4. Do you let your partner watch you masturbate?
a. Yes, it turns me on to be watched.
b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused.
c. No, it's embarrassing.
d. I've never experienced it, but I'd like to.

My answer is B. I don't like to be watched all the time. For me masturbation can be very private; it was very hard for me to let him watch me. It takes me a lot longer to cum as I'm distracted by his presence and can't focus on my fantasy. Normally I end up cheating and asking him to touch me lightly or tease me by running his hands so gently on me that I become entranced at his touch.

My BF says A and B. He likes to be watched because he sees how it turns me on,  but it's not something he necessarily searches out (obviously since his masturbation is so frequent without me).

5. Mutual masturbation? Yay or Nay?  Definitely yes!!! We love to masturbate together. Often we'll spend the moments look at each other, or I'll lay on his shoulder with one of his arms around me so we're touching. It's very intimate.

6. If you had an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco to attend Masturbate-a-thon 2012 would you go and masturbate? Why or why not?  I would love to go, but I don't know if I would be able to masturbate in front of anyone myself... it would feel too public or exposed for me and I'm much more comfortable in my own head. I also don't like to masturbate unless I'm lying down, preferably in my bed. My BF says he would go, and he would masturbate. He would probably get off watching other people get off, but he is more excited about the free trip.

Bonus: Are you addicted to masturbating? Me: No, I'm not. BF: Maybe. Possibly. I don't want to say that I'm not, because I just might be. I could be, I guess...

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  1. Hot answers! We especially loved reading about your mutual masturbation scenario, as this is something we've definitely done. We're looking forward to more masturbation-related posts from you this month!

  2. nothing better than a loud-induced boner, huh? great post and thanks for visiting my blog place

    peace :)