Friday, April 27, 2012

Sometimes we masturbate together

Note: This masturbation takes place around 11pm, after a delicious round of 69 around 7p where I came four or five times and he came in me while I choked on his dick. I tweeted the details as I sometimes do... its the danger and delight of following me on twitter.

So I told you earlier today that I don't masturbate very often. But sometimes, its exactly what we want. Tonight was no exception - we were tired, and had satisfied each other from our oral sex and fucking earlier. Tonight, I wanted myself.

Normally, we lay down together, and I place my leg over his as we both spread wide. Our faces are about a foot apart, and we are looking at each other. My fingers are in my pussy, as I am turned on my eyes close briefly, I bite my lip. He does the same.

His hand starts moving on his limp dick, I watch it grow harder. My finger is moving on my clit, turning it in small circles, just like I like. My speed is slow, my touch is somewhat light. Every once in a while I open my eyes and watch his face. His eyes are closed, he's biting his lip. His dick is hard now in his hand as he jerks it off without lube. I love it when he goes raw.

I close my eyes, focus on the pleasure in my clit. He sucked on it so much earlier, its very sensitive. I have to be gentle. I can tell this is going to be a long, slow build for me. I focus on my pleasure, think about how he sucked on me, licked my pussy as I came on his tongue. I can hear his rhythmic jerking, I look at him and he's watching me again.

As I close my eyes, he asks me why I'm so quiet. I ask him what he means... he says I'm not being loud enough, he needs my moans to help him cum. Inside, I'm very pleased that my moans are a part of his masturbation and the build to his pleasure. I grin, and tell him that I probably need my bullet vibe... he tells me to grab it, he wants to listen to me cum.

Its on my nightstand, where I always have it within reach. I push it into my vagina and turn it on its lowest setting. I instantly moan and bit my lip. His eyes are now wide open, watching me. I tell him what I'm doing with it.

I tell him I want to have one bullet in me, the other on my clit. I want him to do this to me someday. He nods, and his hands continue jerking off his very hard dick. My eyes shut, focusing on this pleasure in my vagina, but my clit is begging for attention. No, not yet. I won't give in yet. I turn the vibration up higher, and it makes me ache for clit stimulation.

I pull the bullet out slowly and it feels like it is suddenly 5x longer than normal. I'm moaning - its so slow and as I pull it out it slowly slides up toward my clit.

I'm too sensitive for direct vibration. I place the tip of the bullet on the highest part of my clit - highest by going up toward my belly button right where my large pussy lips start. I put my vibe to the lowest setting, and its rumbley against me. The rumbles travel down my clit, I can feel it everywhere and in the parts of my clit inside of me. It's very intense. I am moaning. I can feel my orgasm building quickly.

I turn off the vibe, and wait for my body to relax. My hips relax, and I turn it back on. I don't know if he is watching me anymore, its too intense to open my eyes or even think of it. All that exists is this intense pleasure in the blackness of my mind. My legs are tense, my pelvis is up in the air, my ass is barely touching the sheets; I'm making high, whiny moans, almost like I'm crying for release from this torturous endurance.

I turn off the vibe again. Too close. I'm not ready to cum. I don't even hear the boyfriend jerking anymore... I'm lost in myself. Again I relax. I wait. I can feel my build receding and I turn it back on the lowest setting. My moans overtake me again and even I am surprised at how loud I am now.

I hear him cum, hear his groans of pleasure and how his hand slows as he watches the cum pour from his cock. I can't open my eyes, but I am imagining his cum, his hand slowing, his stiff cock in his hands. He is watching me, I'm sure. He sees how extreme my pleasure is, and the vibe is barely on.

I feel my orgasm building faster, and I consider letting it go. NO something inside me says. Let it build more... I turn it off. I whimper... he turns over toward me, he reaches out a hand and lightly runs it up and down my body. He runs it around my thighs, my breasts, my pussy. It tweaks a nipple and brushes my lips. I turn the vibe back on. My moans take no time in regaining their volume. I can barely hear him when he calls me "his beautiful" as I know I can no longer hold off my orgasm.

I can feel it building. His hands are still tracing around my body. I think about maybe getting myself off with multiple orgasms this time - I'm barely using the vibe... the thought is fleeting as the pleasure completely overtakes any thought from me. I have no idea if he kept touching me or not... I remember feeling it coming, inevitable.

Then it was here, and I'm surprised by the intensity. I almost sit up, my legs slam shut, pinning the bullet between my legs fully on my clit. I feel the control pulled from my fingers but that thought doesn't register as I'm trying to scream but no sound is heard from me... I try and try and finally I get some noise out. Its barely audible. And then he switches the vibe from very low to midway and my clit feels like its almost on fire with pleasure. And now I'm screaming loudly, no shrieking loudly, as I sit all the way up and tug it from between my legs.

I toss it aside, and my screaming turns to loud moans and my body lays down, trembling. My legs are still shut tight, I can't pull them apart... I can feel my clit being squeezed between them. It sends more tremblings and moans up and down my body. "Aftershocks" of the orgasm. He watches me go through them and teases me, asking me if it was really that good, as if he doesn't believe me.

After several very long minutes of trembling, I manage to open my eyes, uncross my legs, and turn off the light. I don't remember falling asleep.


  1. Beautiful . . . the pathway to orgasm is through the mind, and both of you know the way to the other's extremely well.

  2. That is very hot. I love masturbating with a partner. Thank you for sharing. :D

  3. Very intense, I'm going to rub on @nastassjaandneo now, thank you.

  4. Wonderful description. You two are great together :)

  5. Exciting post! We love to masturbate together, but we hardly ever do it anymore. When we have sufficient time we opt to actually fuck. But when we were on vacation without our daughter, Jill stood over me and masturbated while I lay on the hotel bed and did the same. We came almost at the same time. It was awesome.