Monday, April 2, 2012

Bathtub roleplay

The day had been filled of sex, board games, TV, sex, napping, and us together some more.  We were having an all-night video game/together night. About 2a we decided to take a break from the computer and take a bath together. Our first candle-lit bath.

The candles are lit. Four of them around the tub, three others on the toilet and sink. The lights are off. The tub is full of warm water just the right temperature. We take a look at each other, he climbs in. I follow, sitting in the back, wrapping my legs around him. He leans back into me, and my arms slide down his chest, head bowed against his neck. My breasts press into his back.

Peace. Stillness. Quiet. Its just us, our bodies, together. I breathe for a few moments, eyes closed, holding him.

I run my hands up and down his chest and lean back as he leans into me. We commiserate over how our plan for bubbles has failed without a bubble in sight. Oh well. Another time we'll try.

His hands are wandering, and he lightly caresses my toes in the water near his leg. He tickles them so gently, we're barely touching. His other hand is lightly touching his dick, floating in the water yet pointing up at him. I reach down, and realize he's semi-hard.

He hears my gasp of surprise (made louder to make sure he heard, of course) and lays his head on one of my arms wrapped around him. The hand that was on his dick sinks lower into the water, and his arm starts making a movement... I catch the significance of the motion.

"Are you fingering yourself?"

He gives me a coy look with a mischievous grin. "Maybe."

"Naughty boy! You can't do that in here!" But he starts finger fucking himself as much as he can from this position. A few seconds and I reach down again - this time, his dick is hard.  "You naughty boy fingering yourself, now you're hard... you really want dick in that ass don't you?"

He moans, hand reaching up to start stroking his cock. "Yes I doooo," he moans to me gently. The sound of his jacking off semi-submerged in water is a new and beautiful sound. Its now visual and very audible - and I have a great view.

"It was that twitter conversation, wasn't it?" I ask. "You want someone to be your little dick slut, don't you?"

"Yes..." he breathes. "But I want his dick in my mouth. Ohhhh." His hand is jerking pretty strong, and its making little waves in the tub.  I start pinching his nipples.

"Oh, so you'd rather drink his cum?"

"Yes. I want his cum in my mouth, hot down my throat." He can hardly get the words out. I start pinching harder, pulling on them.

I whisper in his ear, "I'll watch you drink his cum, you cum slut. Watch you drink it and what you get fucked and be his little man bitch like I know you want." I start tugging to hurt his nipples, which only turns him on more.

"Ohhh yes... "

"I want to see that dick go in your mouth, want you to choke on it you dick slut. Take it in and suck it like. I'm going to tell you to suck it so I can see how much you enjoy it."

"Ohh give me your dick," he moans to the invisible man. I am now the third party, tugging at his nipples and egging him on. I'm OK with that, because one day, I'd like this fantasy to be reality. I look forward to it. I pinch his nipples, and wiggle them in tiny vibrations.

"Take his dick in your ass you dirty man bitch," I tell him. The sensations of my words and nipples make him moan, but he's talking to the invisible man.

"Oh I want your cum, please cum in my mouth... yes, please cum in my mouth. I want your hot cum in my mouth. Yes I'll swallow all of it... please, oh please, I need your dick in my mouth." His hand is making swift jerking movements and I can see his dick is huge and rock hard, yearning for that release of orgasm. I pull and pinch and tug on him.

"You can have his cum, but he still gets to fuck you," I whisper again. "Will you let him fuck you?"

"Oh yes, oh yes, I'll suck him off and then he can fuck me."

"Let him use your ass however he wants?"

"Oh yes... let him cum in my ass. Oh please cum in my ass! I want to feel you cum in me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me PLEASE FUCK ME." And he growls as he cums, his body trembling against me.

He cums on his hands, and he pauses a moment before licking it off. I hug him close and he collapses even more into my breasts.

One day....


  1. Water in general is sexy, but especially a shared bath where some wonderful naughtiness happens.

    1. Yes, this was our first bathtub naughtiness... we've done shower naughty, but bathtub naughty was fun.

  2. Sexy scenario! We love sex in the bathtub, and are pleased that our new place has a much larger tub in the master bathroom than the last one did.

    1. Have yet to try sex in it... it is big enough.