Sunday, April 22, 2012

And then a sweet ending of the night

Note: This is part 3 of a 3 part series of one night of sex together. Read parts one and two to find out the start of the story.

He moved between my legs, and slid his cock into me. It was rock hard, harder than it had been during the BJ I'd given him earlier.  My pussy is very warm with my cum, and his face reflects the pleasure of my pussy surrounding him. He feels huge in me, bigger than normal. I ask why, and all he does is kiss my lips. We look into each other's eyes and share the look. Its intense, and my emotions are still running high.

He fucks me slowly, his hands cradling my head as he often does. He calls me his beautiful. His hands wander down to my ass and thighs and he calls me beautiful. All I can do is smile, and hold myself to him. I feel years of pain healing in me. Balm of love spread over my pain. I kiss his neck and shoulder and then he kisses mine. He traces light soft kisses on my nipples and over my breasts. I run my fingers through his hair, watching him trace his love on me.

But his penis is filling me up, almost too much. I was a little sore from the very hard fuck he gave me that morning and the other one right when I was home from work. My pussy was sore and his rock hard dick was hurting and pleasing me at the same time. I lifted my legs back to let him in me more, holding my ankles in the air for him. He grinned as he saw my feet up in the air above his shoulders.

It was slow and sweet and all it took was some fast thrusting for me to cum again on him. He held onto my hips as I came shuddering.

He surprised me, and pulled out, climbing down and eating my pussy once again. Fingers in me, fingers on my clit, tongue on my clit, tongue wandering around me. I was calling his name and telling him I loved him over and over. I jerked his dick while I could think about it as he ate me out... he smelled me more and more. Then I would realize I had stopped for however long from the pleasure he was giving me. I came very hard again and he ended with a strong suck on my clit.

I laid still, my moans still coming for a few minutes after he finished me. I felt good everywhere.

I turned to look at him. He was laying on his back, hard straight dick waiting for me. He wanted to be jacked off, would I please do it? Of course... I wanted to do nothing more.

I grabbed the bottle of lube and laid my head on his chest, kissing him as I jacked him off. His dick was so hard and big I kept losing my grip - my fingers wouldn't fit all the way around the base like they normally do! I jacked him off then sat up and began working him with two hands. I massaged pumped his dick. I put pressure on his head as I massaged it, never removing my hand while the other jacked off the base. Then I used both hands to twist on his dick in opposite directions.

It was so hard my fingers started to hurt from squeezing him, but he wanted nothing more than a tight grip tonight. His eyes were shut so tight and his whole body was tensed. His pecs were defined, his arms tense. I looked at his legs and his calf muscles were evident from flexed legs. His pelvis was so far up he was hardly touching the bed with his butt.

And I jacked him off, told him I loved him, I loved his dick. I loved how hard it got for me. He was barely making any noise. His breathing cut in and out he got closer to orgasm, and then I would pull away, prolonging his pleasure, making it last. I played and played with him and his body stayed tense.

I jacked him off by moving my hands in half circles in opposite directions while slightly moving up and down his long cock. Squeezed him hard and moved fast, jacking off his dick as hard as I could.

He came with a long, low, almost-growl. His pelvis shifted up and he did a half sit-up to watch his dick in orgasm. More cum than I expected spilled from his cock and drizzled down my fingers.

I washed the lube from my hands, and he held me as we drifted to sleep.


  1. Been following the story. Good stuff and so glad you two seem to have such amazing sex.

    1. Thank you, Vincent! It was quite a night.. a lot of our nights are amazing, but something like this you just need to share.

  2. I too have been following the story. You did such a great job describing it that I felt like I was there, watching the night unfold. What an intense and pleasure filled night it was!

  3. Excellent series of posts! Sorry I've been so behind on commenting--so busy the last week or so and I'm still trying to catch up!

  4. Excellent conclusion to a very exciting and passionate read! The closeness you share is very evident here.