Friday, April 13, 2012

Formspring Friday: Naked pictures of me

Q. Why haven't you posted any hot nude photos of yourself? We know you're gorgeous and we want to see!
Interesting question. Aside from my twitter profile picture, the only photos of me on this blog are, so far, my feet and a flash of my boobs. Despite posting about my change in self-confidence and being in a sex-positive relationship, I'll admit to be unhappy with the state of my body right now... to the point that I don't like showing it to anyone but the BF.


BF's reaction is kinda like this. Or it feels like this to me.
 The BF's reaction to my body is undeniable attraction. He can't keep his hands off me, and when I flash my body or dress scantily around the house, he loves it.  I can't get enough of his reactions to me. But does that mean I'm comfortable when I look in the mirror? No, not really. I can see beauty and even better, the potential of beauty. I take a picture I think will be sexy -- but I see a lot of flaws.

I told the BF about this question, and he wanted to also know my reason. Why hadn't I? As far as he's concerned, I can post everything except my face. He thinks I'm beautiful and sexy, what's not to like? When I told him it was because I didn't like the flaws, he didn't know what I meant. What flaws?  Well, the fat and the stretch marks I have. He said, "Honey, those aren't flaws... those are a beautiful parts of you."

Well, until I can see that or I'm more comfortable showing more parts of me, they will remain a mystery I think. I do like to play with the camera... a few weeks ago when I took the bathtub photos of my feet I took a bunch more of my body for the BF - lots of pussy shots just for him.  The other night I took out the camera while he and I were both in lingerie and we got some terrific shots of my boobs.

My boobs are about the only part of me I'm comfortable sharing right now - cause they are fantastic. Perhaps my pussy will one day make an appearance... I'm not sure why I'm stuck on this idea that it has to be "perfect" to post. In the pictures I have its unshaven about three weeks after my last Brazilian wax, so its kind of hairy. I'm not sure why it has to be either full bush or bare for me to think its share-worthy. Truth is, I love my pussy regardless of the amount of hair. And so does the BF. I'll have to think about that.

But for now, a boob pic for you to enjoy:

Yes, my boobs are filling the cup area and spilling out the top.

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  1. The Tex Avery cartoon wolf reference is perfect. That is how every man should make his significant other feel. I do my best to do the same for Jill, but there are times when she's just not feeling it. His assuredness of your beauty and your sexiness is exactly the reaction you want, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to show every inch (other than your face) on the internet - nor does it mean you ever will be. This readiness will come in time, if it ever does, and you must do what is right for your own needs, at a pace with which you're comfortable.

    I note your mention of needing your pussy to be "perfect" before you share a picture of it. While we are conditioned to strive for perfection, whether a widely-accepted standard of perfection or our own internal definition thereof, it's best to forget about "perfect". As in forever. What is perfect to you is likely not perfect to someone else, and by aiming for some intangible, possibly indefinable idea of perfection you risk never actually achieving it.

    The truth is - and we say this with the understanding and acceptance of the fact that you may never be sufficiently comfortable to share more than you already have - we, and we're certain the majority of your readership, found you beautiful and sexy long before we saw any pictures of your physical self. The way you write is appealing. The way you present your sexual self is appealing. That you enjoy The Empire Strikes Back is appealing.

    But for the record, this latest picture of you? Yum.

  2. Completely understandable. We have the same issues here in our household. I praise the hell out of Mia for how she looks because, frankly, she TOTALLY does it for me. But no matter how much I admire her looks and drool over her, she's never going to be completely comfortable with her body. And this is with a couple of my friends having crushes on her and a sexy, petite, young lady thinking she is so attractive that she got Mia to eventually have sex with her, something Mia was never interested in the past. So it isn't just me that wants her, but sometimes all that matters is how you feel about yourself. Nobody can convince you to love your own body. But every time you have negative thoughts, just try to keep those positive ones from your boyfriend in the back of your mind. He doesn't NEED to say them. He says them because he means them.

  3. Just beautiful. Love that color! And your skin is very soft looking :)

    I feel the same as you...every word... and it was REALLY difficult for me to post those pictures of myself today. I forced myself to get over it and hit post.

    Neo is my biggest fan and that always helps because like Vincent said I finally believe he means them. It's in the way he looks at know.
    You'll get nothing but positives from me, no matter what you choose. Count on it. :)

  4. I'm outing myself, this was my question. As you know, I haven't, and for now won't, post any naked pics either. I wouldn't say that it's because I'm uncomfortable with my body. In the last few months especially I've become very happy with how I look and have a lot more body confidence that I've had in the past. I am just so freaking scared of someone who "matters" figuring out my blog and outing me, and naked pics seem like they'd make it worse. As if. And as if I'm so special anyone would really care to out me. So I get some of the irrationality!

    All of that, and what I really want to say is gorgeous boob and lovely negligee!