Friday, April 20, 2012

Formspring Friday: Age limits in attraction

Q. When it comes to romantic involvement or sexual attraction/activity, do you have an upper or lower age limit?
Yes, I definitely do. I prefer an age range very close to my own. Younger I would only go a couple of years. Older I'd be OK up to 5. Any more than that and I feel that we're too far apart and your viewpoints in life. I've been in three "relationships" and my first two were with men who were about 2 years older than me. My BF is a year younger than me.

Age is generally a number to me. I've always been more mature than my age and ahead of my peers in life, so going younger was never an option before the BF. I've never wanted to go up too far in age. It seemed weird or uncomfortable. If you look like you could be the older sibling of my partner, I start to distance. It's just not for me.

Now, that is all addressed toward a relationship. If you're talking just romantic involvement, like a potential future girlfriend for me, then the age limits increase in both directions by a few years.

I posed the same question to my BF, and his answer was exactly what I expected. He said as long as they're 18 and legal or younger than 60, that's all that matters to him. His range of sexual attraction is quite wide and varied.

Q. Other than on the lips, what is your favorite place to be kissed?
For me, my second favorite place to be kissed is on the side of my neck. Or the bottom of my feet. Both places turn me on very much with very little touch. Both are very intimate touches. My neck can be kissed during a hug or during sex... my feet are normally kissed while we are cuddling on the couch or in bed or having sex.

My BF's answer is, simply, "on my penis." Yeah, I could have predicted that.


  1. I seem to have an older guy fetish. I matured rather early and have always been attracted to guys at least 10 years older than me. I am in no way attracted to guys my age, no matter how hot they are. Strange eh? LOL.

    My neck and bottom of my feet end up being ticklish rather than turning on when kissed. I break into fits of laughter and that can be a bit of a mood killer. My lower lips absolutely love being kissed and even lightly chewed on.

    1. Interesting that you have that spark toward the older men. But hey if you like it that's what matters!

      Sometimes the BF will tickle my feet to make me laugh/squirm... I enjoy it but only for so long.

  2. I've always found older women hot. Of course, I find women younger than me, and women the exact same age, hot as well. So I'm probably not the best person to talk about the merits of such an age difference as you describe.

    I've always been pretty mature, and found it difficult to date women who were significantly younger than I. Sleep with them? Of course. But have meaningful relationships? Not really. Of course, my experiences are in no way indicative of a general rule; I recognize that not every younger woman is going to be as immature as the ones who saw fit to date me. As you say, age is generally just a number.

    Your boyfriend's answer to the first question sounds much like my own would be.

    Jill is also very fond of kisses on her feet, though her toes themselves are also quite sensitive. Though I was aware of this, it was made very clear this week. I'm sure she'll blog about the experience.

    Unlike the last question, your boyfriend's answer is one to which I can't relate. If you're gonna put your mouth on my penis, don't bother kissing it. Give a lick or a suck. Hell, how about both? :)


    1. Good point about the penis... I usually end up with one closed mouth kiss, then French it, and then I'm sucking it without even realizing the change... somehow it just ends up in my mouth.