Wednesday, April 18, 2012

He held my feet to his face

Morning is one of the best times to have sex... everything is waking up in your body with the best sensations you can feel. Its the best way to say good morning to your lover.

This morning we woke up with a hand gentle on my back and "Mmmm.... morning love." I stirred. I had been awake off and on too early, and I didn't want to wake up yet. But then he kissed my cheek, and when my eyes peaked open he was right there, smiling at me. I cuddled into him a bit. I told him I was still so sleepy, and he let me rest. I started running my hands up and down his back, from the top of his butt, up to his sides, and then to shoulders and neck and down.  After a few passes he opened his eyes wide and said that if I didn't stop I was going to make him horny?

"Oh, as if you're not already?"

He paused. "Yeah, I am," he laughed. "Well, then you better get this dick hard if you want it."

I reached down and started playing with him. After a few seconds, he asked, "Well, are you ready for me? I bet you are." He reached down and I opened my legs for him. His finger touched my clit and I could feel it was slightly wet. Then he moved down to my vagina and I could feel my slick wetness as he started to finger me.

His dick was hard in my hands, I was giving it soft, light, teasing touches. "You're so wet for me already," he said. "Why is that? Hmm?"

"What do you think?" I played coy.

"I dunno, why are you so wet so early?"

"Oh... cause you always make me set. You know that."

"Oh I do, hmm?" And he starts playing with my clit again, making me moan and gasp. I let go of his cock, and relax. I'm enjoying the moment as he plays with me. He does for a few minutes, then he tells me he needs my hand on him.

I reach down, and continue to jack him off. He's gone a bit soft on me, so start toying and teasing him again. He rolls over on to me and starts to kiss my face.He slides his dick in and I feel it fill me up. We start to have a slow, nice fuck.

I tell him that I'm so tired I may not cum... He goes to stop, and I tell him not to. Just because I won't cum doesn't mean I want to stop. I tell him to enjoy me as he wants. He grins, and starts fucking for himself. Its not focused on making me cum and delaying his own, its on making it good for him. He starts fucking me faster, running his hands down my body and gripping at the outside of my thighs. "Your body is so sexy!" he tells me, and we kiss.

"You're so beautiful," he tells me. "Let me see your smile. I love your smile, its beautiful."

I smile a little, and he asks again. Now I'm really smiling, and he's gripping my hips. He shifts up on my pelvis, and his dick is hitting me in just the right spot. I tell him I'm going to cum, so he keeps going, and I cum. Hard. Grabbing at his back. He holds my hips down as I arch my back into him. He slows for a little, then fucks more with a vengeance. He calls me his good girl for cumming so good and hard on his dick. That's what good girls do.

He pushes up so his arms are straight and fucks into me. I adjust my hips up so he can get in deeper - which he does. He starts to get lost in the pleasure of my wetness surrounding his dick. He loves how wet I get for him, and when I cum its all warm and hot around his penis.

He sat up, pushing my legs back and wide. I told him to use his slut like he liked, I would always spread my legs wide for him. He watched his dick slide in and out. He fingered my clit and I came again on his dick while he fucked me.

After my legs stopped quivering he pulled my feet up to his face. He put both of my feet on his face, and smelled them. I told him to sniff them more, and he did. He wrapped his arms around my legs, pinning them together and straight up against him. He continued to sniff my feet and I moaned so loudly. He begged me to wiggle my toes, wiggle them against his face. I did, and he moaned into my feet, hands now holding them to his face. He kissed them, fucking me harder.

I was so turned on by the way he smelled and held my feet. They turned him on so much, and seeing him worship them like this made me feel so incredibly sexy. Suddenly I was coming again and with my feet on my face, I lifted my hips up, moving his dick with me. My toes were scrunched against his face and he thrusted into me deep as he came in me, kisses covering the bottom of my feet. He held my feet through his orgasm.

I held him on my chest as we relaxed and cuddled together.


  1. We loved reading this! Last night I had my first ever orgasm from toe-sucking (and licking) alone. It was amazing, and I want to try it again!


    1. Wow, toe-sucking alone? That does sound amazing! I've never done that... I always have dick in me and that makes it pretty darn amazing!