Friday, April 13, 2012

Morning sex after his dream

I decided to work from home - I needed the luxury of sleeping in and a slower day if I was going to kick whatever lame fatigue-inducing illness I was fighting. I forgot to turn off my alarm, so it went off at the normal time. I turned it out and the BF rolled over to hold me. We slept. Then I flipped around to hold him. Back and forth for two hours. The last hour of which his face was always touching me. He moved it up against my arm, my face, my breast, my shoulder, my back. It didn't matter how I laid or moved, his body would follow.

I was facing away from him when he stirred awake. I turned my head to see his eyes open for the first time, and smile at me. I snuggled back into him and he wrapped his arms around me. His legs intertwined with mine, and I felt a hard dick press into my leg. "Well, good morning!" I quipped at him. "Hard already for me?" Any morning I'm home when he wakes, I pretty much expect morning sex -- morning wood is a wonderful gift of nature.)

He tells me he had a dream about me - and his grin tells me it was an excellent dream. I press for details; they come slowly... He dreamed he tied me up, on my knees. He tied my wrists and ankles up. He tickled my feet until I peed myself, and he licked it up. Then he spanked my ass no matter how much I begged him to stop. He spanked my breasts and pinched my nipples. He made me spread my legs so he could tease my clit. He put his tongue on my clit and wouldn't move it. He wouldn't let me cum. He was going to rape the fuck out of me... but he woke up right as his dick entered me.

At each detail and new idea I'm shocked, surprised at the details his brain thought about, and then remembered. He tells the story with relish, delighting in my frightened yet delighted reactions to his details. He knows how each part would terrify and excite me.

As he's telling me, his hand is feeling my ass, giving it deep squeezes. He keeps interrupting himself to tell me how much he loves my ass, how awesome it feels in his hand. How much he wants to spank it. His story is barely over and he's on top of me, spreading my legs wide as I'm on my stomach. He rubs the head of his dick in my slick pussy, asking me if his story turned me on. Telling me I'm a little slut for being so wet for him all the time.

He enters me, and a few short thrusts he's all the way, pulling my legs shut and straddling my legs. He gives my back light, tender kisses. His dick feels so good in me. His arms reach above mine and he pulls himself up, pressing into my ass checks as his dick slides in and out. He makes me stick my butt up for him, but then he just presses in and stays there............

...........And stays............

It drives me crazy. He runs his hands down my body, lightly grazing my breasts as they slide down my sides to my thighs, which he grips in each hand. My hips start flexing involuntarily and I'm moaning for him to move in me. I'm fucking him, moving him in and out and my thrusting jerky movements are turning him on, making him want to fuck me again.

He finally does, with a vengeance. He reaches around and grabs me by the breasts, using my body as leverage to fuck harder into me. He's calling me his slut for liking his dick so much. He slows down, pulling all the way in and all the way out. I'm mesmerized by the feeling of it - its so slick, and I can feel my vagina being opened and then collapsed as he does this over and over. In gasps I tell him I love it. He does it more and more. And then stays in, not moving.

Fuuuuuuuck! My brain reacts. My body is twitching and moving, desperate for his dick to move in me... he tries to hold me still so I can't. I'm moaning loud, close to cumming. He starts fucking me hard again, and I start to cum. He shifts up again so his dick is pounding my pussy while I'm cumming and I grip the bars of our headboard, screaming as I cum. Of course, he doesn't let up. He never does. He fucks me in the way I can only ever describe as "Fuck! It's so big in me! OMG!!!" and soon I'm cumming again.

He whispers that I'm such a good slut, cumming for him. He grabs my ass in a giant pinch and tells me I'm a good girl. Then he pushes in, and holds it in me again. I try to not react, I try to stay still. But I can't.... I can't maintain control. My hips are starting to twitch and I'm moving his dick around as best I can, pinned under him as I am. His hands are holding mine above my head, fingers mixed up in mine.

He feels me fucking against him, and I'm flexing my ass to move his dick just barely in and out of me - but I can feel his head rubbing in the most pleasurable away in me. It feels wonderful - and it is, for both of us. It feels too good now to be torture, but I don't think he cares about that anymore. He's starts to fuck me, telling me, ordering me to cum for him. He starts to fuck harder and I urge him on with my "Yes! Oh yes!" as I tell him to keep doing it.

It doesn't take long, and I'm cumming again. He feels me cumming, squeezing on his dick and he tells me I'm so good. He relaxes, slowing down. I know he hasn't cum but I'm not sure what he's doing. He moves away a pillow and some blankets - we are sweating from the heat of our bodies and all the sex. He brushes my hair away from my face so he can see me. He kisses my cheek, my jaw, and neck. And then suddenly his hand is in my hair and he pulls, HARD, jerking my neck back.

Now he's fucking me hard again, and my body is trying to arch up as he's pulling on me. It hurts my scalp, but it feels good. I'm completely at his use as I want to be. He starts talking to me.. and I love to hear him say them to me:

"You're such a dirty slut spreading those legs for me!"

"Naughty slut you take my dick that's right you like it!"

If I moan in pleasure, "Yeah, slut, I'll fuck you just as you like it."

And then, as he came, "Ohhh! Ohh! Take my cum you dirty slut! Take it all!"

I do. My hips tremble as he pumps his dick and cum into me. He gives my back a few more kisses, and lays next to me. He runs his fingers ever so lightly through my hair, lightly against my scalp that he just pulled so hard on. My eyes are shut, enjoying it. His hands keep wandering, and he lay and cuddle and kiss and giggle for about thirty minutes.

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