Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Love, Hate, and Guilty secrets

1. Food
     I love  garden-grown tomatoes
     I hate  avocados (I've tried, I really have. They're just not my thing)
     My guilty secret is  popcorn & raisinets, mixed, Air-popped pop corn is the best.
2. Apparel
     I love  shirts that are just safe of slutty when showing my boobs
     I hate  pajamas worn in public.
     My guilty secret is  corsets and lingerie. I spend too much on it.
3. Books
     I love  Douglas Adams. Everything he's written.
     I hate  Charles Dickens. Hate hate hate.
     My guilty secret is  scholarly/professional books about human sexuality.
4. Songs
     I love  "Dream About Me" by Moby.
     I hate  anything by Ke$ha.
     My guilty secret is  anything by Rihanna.
5. Movie
     I love  Pride and Prejudice - with Colin Firth. Yes, girly-girl here.
     I hate  Titantic. Have only seen clips, but it seems pointless.
     My guilty secret is  Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry reruns.
6. TV Show
     I love  Seinfeld, Mythbusters, and Friends.
     I hate  ... I don't know, I don't watch what I don't like?
     My guilty secret is  Vampire Diaries. Oh yes, I love it.
7. Celebrity Crush
     I love  James Franco. He's a smart hottie.
     I hate  Patrick Stewart. Yeah, I said it. (Braces for nerd-rage).
     My guilty secret is  Robert Pattinson. Yes, I do think he's dreamy.
8. Music Group
     I love  MUSE.
     I hate  country music. Blech.
     My guilty secret is  show tunes aka Andrew Lloyd Weber. 
9. Sports Team
     I love  Green Bay Packers
     I hate  Cowboys and Patriots.
     My guilty secret is  Roller Derby!
Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
     I love  tongue in my vagina.
     I hate  being rushed to orgasm.
     My guilty secret is  there are no secrets with me when it comes to sex.

And that's it, folks! My first TMI Tuesday post... want to join in? Check out the TMI Tuesday blog next week to see what the new topic is each week. 


  1. We're so glad you participated! We hope you'll be back!

    I'm not a fan of avocados. I'll eat them in guacamole, but the thought of avocado on a sandwich, or in a salad? Not my thing. I suspect it's the texture more than the taste.

    Titanic sucked. This answer more than anything guarantees that we'll follow you on your blog and on Twitter for as long as you're around. And old Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry cartoons rule.

    No nerd-rage here, but I'm curious as to the Patrick Stewart hatred. I'm no Trekker, but I thought he rocked as Professor X.


    1. You are officially the first person who agrees with me on the avocado thing.

      Patrick Stewart - He was good as Prof X, agreed. But as far as looks go? PASS.

  2. No avocados?! I love avocados! I like popcorn and love Raisinets, but have never tried them together. I'll have to get on that!
    We regularly quote Friends in this house. In fact, I believe I made a reference in one of my TMI Tuesday answers!
    I go back and forth on James Franco. He's cute, but sometimes he acts like a total pot head, which does nothing for me. No Patrick Stewart?! Captain Picard is my favorite!!
    Great answers!

    1. I can see what you mean about James Franco, I really just want him for his body but knowing he has an intelligent mind is just a super bonus.

  3. "I hate Patrick Stewart. Yeah, I said it. (Braces for nerd-rage)."

    Too funny.

    When I was little my big brother and I watched roller derby. I liked it.