Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I won a TMI Award

The TMI Blog Award honors those blogs that discuss everything in detail and do it well. These bloggers aren’t afraid to discuss their most awkward, embarrassing and intimate experiences with honesty, humor and little to no filter.

The rules are stated below.
*Thank the person who presented you with the award.
*Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
*Share an awkward, embarrassing and intimate story in 250 words or less.
*Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
*Present the TMI Blog Award to 5 – 10 deserving blogs.
*Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

 A few weeks ago, Mia and Vincent from 'Tales from Under Our Covers" gave me a TMI blog award! It was very unexpected and quite a lovely surprise! I did thank them via twitter, but I've since neglected to acknowledge it via my blog and actually say that I DO love having this award... Thank you so much!

I'm so happy to have this blog, where I can share intimate details of my life. I'm always honest, I don't like to filter, and when I say that I meant it. (On a related note, if you want to see just how much detail I'll give, you can always ask me a Formspring question!)

So here's my awkward and embarrassing story:

I grew up in an ultra-conservative religious household. My parents never said "sex" or intimate body parts in front of us. I never got "the talk." Well, one day I was talking to someone and they commented that I was "anal-retentive." For those of you who haven't studied Freud, that means I'm obsessed with detail to an extreme point - aka, anal. I'd never heard the full term, and at our family dinner table I made the mistake of telling my parents I was "anal receptive." I didn't catch my error, but my dad sure did. His fork clattered to the plate with a loud "WHAT?" I'm pretty sure the pause that followed was followed by crickets as I replayed what just happened, heard my mistake, and quickly (but not quick enough) corrected myself. Oops.

My parents would probably die today if they knew I really was anal receptive!

As far as my nominees go... here they are. (I know I'm not supposed to award those who have already received the award, but I'm too short on time (read: lazy) to do that, so I'm giving it to those I'm not sure about...)

1. Shelby Cross, who I found on twitter and was so intrigued by her D/s relationship with her husband that I went to her blog and found it even more tantalizing. Her writing is creative and a fantastic read.

2. N of My Dissolute Life. Also found on twitter, but his writing is prolific and detailed and always a good read! I still owe him like an entire day to read his blog at some point.

3. A Couple of Wankers who are a really adorable bisexual couple who are about to tie the knot. Their blog is full of excellent toy and book reviews and some beautiful shot at home photography. I have a slight crush on Lucy...

4. Dru of Sexxcited who I've just recently discovered. She writes from South Africa and I find her writing refreshing and very interesting.

5. Tonya of T is for TMI. She has some excellent stories that you need to read, specifically this post and its sequel.


  1. Congratulations on your award! It is very well-deserved! Your story made us laugh. I imagine that using the word "anal" would have been enough of an issue, but using it the way you did - wow.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I don't really want to relive that moment!

  2. Congrats on the award and thanks for nominating me. I am glad that you enjoy my blog. I absolutely love yours! Its very different and absolutely a delight to read. I am slowly trying to catch up with all your posts. My favourite post that I love for its honesty and ability to totally resonate with me is 'Being sex positive'. It reminds me of a previous sex negative relationship that really ruined me. I have thought about sharing my story but I'm still not too sure. I just might one day.

    I don't want to imagine what would happen if I mentioned the word anal, leave alone anal retention at the family table *cringes at the thought*. LOL

    1. Hi Dru! I'm so glad you've that my post on sex positivity can resonate - it means you've come out the other side! I hope you've found some healing from that - it can really take a toll. If you do choose to share I look forward to reading it. If not, I completely understand. It's very private and not pleasant to relive by any means.

  3. It was our pleasure to nominate you. We enjoy your blog and love our shared geekiness.

  4. Love the blog! Congrats on your award! :) From what I see you definitely deserve it! :)

  5. Ooh, thanks. I too love your blog, and am grateful for the award. And even more than that, for the really kind words you say. Thanks again!