Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The first night Pt1

Was I nervous? Not really. We had skyped - and by skyped I mean masturbated to each other, gotten each other off, seen each other naked... heck I even let him watch me shower a couple of times. So what was left? Touching each other, and that did not make me nervous. I was so excited.

He was nervous. He didn't tell me then, but he told me months down the road he was very, very nervous. He took a bus to come see me, and it was a 12 hour bus ride before I met him. I got the bus station early and his bus was late. The parking lot was scary and I'm pretty sure I witnessed either a drug deal or a car get stolen. I tried not to look because I didn't want to get shot. (Hey, it could happen).

So we texted, trying to get some sense of where he was. I told him I was nervous waiting alone, I wanted him there with me. But I was almost giddy excited, too. He replied back I would be fine, and that I better be horny too. I couldn't help but laugh. Silly boy - I hadn't touched myself in 3 or 4 days and I was on a sugar high waiting for him. Horny was not a concern in any means.

Nature called, so I moved from the parking lot to the bus station to wait. For being almost midnight people were everywhere. Finally he said they were pulling in, and I started looking among the sea of people streaming in through doors. And then I saw him. It doesn't matter how many hours we spent on skype, he looked different in 3D. Suddenly I got very shy... me in my new summer dress, showing more skin than I normally do.

I waved, and he found me in the crowd and walked up to me. We both gave a look at the floor, and I asked if he had everything (he did) and we started toward the parking lot. We walked outside, looking away from each other. What was I supposed to do? I hadn't been on a "first date" in... well, never. No, I've never had an official first date (that's another story).  Suddenly I was a little panicked. I had no idea how to act or what to say... and then he grabbed for my hand. It was warm, and strong, and held mine so tightly and securely. I turned and looked at him, and he was smiling at me.

Suddenly I was warm but it wasn't from his hand. I knew we would be OK. We had made no official plans for what the night would bring, we would just let things happen. The walk to the car ended, and soon we were sitting in the front seat, and I reached for his hand again. It felt good to have him there. I turned the car on, chilled from the cool evening. When I turned to look at him, his free hand was on my face, pulling me by the base of my neck in for our first kiss. There was no shyness here, his mouth overwhelmed me. Everything was bigger and stronger than what I had experienced - his tongue was everywhere, and our lips fought for control. When we pulled away, I smiled shyly and he gave me a grin.

We had a several hour drive ahead of us, but it felt like thirty minutes. There was some talking, some periods of shyness, but eventually his hands wandered to my bare legs, pushing up my dress, and then they were on my shoulders, my neck, in my hair, my arms, fingers sliding down the front of my dress, tweaking a nipple, cupping my breasts. I had to tell him to stop, it was too distracting.

We made it to my apartment, it was sometime after 3a, but I wasn't tired at all. Inside, bag and purse were dropped and we were kissing again. It was new, yet completely familiar, completely normal. Like I'd gone a long time without water, but was remembering how good it tasted again. I pulled him toward the bathroom, turned on the shower, and pulled off my dress. Off came his shirt, my bra, his pants, my underwear, his underwear. More kissing.

We moved into the shower, washing away the travel of the day. We couldn't keep our mouths or hands off each other. Hands wandered, and I touched his cock for the first time. It felt incredibly good in my hand. He ran two hands down my body, from my breasts to my pussy. His fingers ran past my clit straight to my vagina. Two fingers slipped in, no problem (which for me was another first). He finger fucked me, and I braced myself against the wall of the shower as his vigorous strokes made me gasp for air.

I pulled his hand out, knelt in front of him, and sucked his cock into his mouth. I knew this was something he wanted. None of his exes had ever liked giving head, some had flat-out refused.  I love sucking cock... but that's another entry for another day. The hot water was running down his back, and I could feel it running down his legs as I ran my hands up and down his legs and butt. I sucked him hard and deep. I gagged myself on his cock over and over... and then I threw up on his feet. (True story). I wiped my mouth off, and went back to sucking him off...  His cock was so much longer than I was used to, I didn't know how to handle it. I ended up vomiting two more times, but I didn't stop, and he didn't stop me. The shower kept running... and soon the water was not hot but warm, and I sucked and licked away. His legs trembled, and the water ran cool. I sucked as hard as I could, when the water finally became cold we turned off the water.

He hadn't cum yet. I wasn't sure what was missing, that was the longest BJ I'd ever given. not two seconds after the water was off, he pulled me up, kissed my cheek, and told me not to feel bad - he had never cum from a BJ before. (Challenge: accepted). I rinsed my mouth, and we barely dried off, and ran to the bedroom.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How we met

I've been asked several times on twitter how we met. Some have asked for advice on how to meet someone geeky, kinky, and open minded like we are. We're not sure we can give that much advice, as you'll see, this isn't something that you plan for.

Two years ago a friend talked me into trying an MMORPG that she really enjoyed - Lord of the Rings Online. (For the non-gamers out there, that means its an online role-playing game that has tons of people who play at the same time.) I do like to game, but hadn't tried anything new in a while. I tried it, and got hooked. A few months later, during the summer, I was invited to join a kinship (aka guild) by a random invite. I joined, needing some advice and help as I was really new to the MMORPG environment.

I kept kinda quiet the first couple of months, just watching the group and seeing how things went. After a while I identified one person who always made jokes, was super friendly, and fun to watch in group chat. He was a senior officer and, as silly as it sounds, I was a little intimidated to join in the chat. The officers were a very connected group of friends, I wasn't sure if I could just jump in.
Then in the fall, I started sending him private messages (PMs), inserting my dirty comments from group chat but I didn't want to offend anyone with my dirty thoughts... he PMed me back, loving my comments and continuing the conversation. The dirty PMs spilled over into group chat, and our banter was incredibly hilarious, sexy, and offensive to the less open-minded.  Soon we were almost exclusively playing together, creating characters to play together, help each other.

Sometime in the winter our flirting was uncontrolled. As soon as I got home from work I rushed to play the game, where I knew he'd be waiting for me. We reverted back to PMs as our conversations were now way to risque for others to see. At some point in winter we were joking and I made the comment, "You'll never have me." I don't remember saying this, but he clearly does. He said that was the comment that made him determined to date me, get with me.

What he didn't know was it was around this time I started facebook stalking him. I had figured out who he was - he was the kin leader's brother, and I was facebook friends with his brother. I knew what he looked like, but he had no clue who I was or what I looked like. I wasn't ready to share, I had pretty low self-esteem and wasn't sure he would like what he saw... and for all I knew, it was just harmless online flirting... except I was more emotionally involved than I realized.

Late winter, he talked me into joining voice chat... I'll never forget the feeling that flooded me when I heard his voice. It was beautiful. It was manly, yet soft, and sweet. It was just such a beautiful sound. Now, the reaction I got from voice chat was, well, what do you expect when you're the only girl in voice chat with 4 gamer guys? For several months, I was the butt of every single sexist joke conceivable with 4 adult gaming men... the BF joined in, but always took it further. We weren't dating or even talking about this point - just flirting. And I flirted with all of them a little bit, but none more than him.

We kept PMing in game, our talk getting dirtier. By the time spring came, we started talking about who we were, personally. Our past, our dating relationships, what we liked in life... Even in chatting, it was some of the easiest, happiest conversations I've ever had.

He asked me what my favorite movie was. When I told him Star Wars, his response was "Fuck yeah!!" He couldn't believe I was that into geek stuff. But I really, truly am. I am quite the Star Wars and general sci fi nerd.

I told him I was bi. He typed back, "I just creamed my pants." I sent him a smiley face, and asked him if he wanted to go clean that up... he said no, which I thought was odd. But I later found out that he loves to lick up his own cum half the time. I'm pretty sure that's what he did then... and then he PMed me back and told me he was bi... and I got so happy. I've never met a bisexual guy - I was used a self-proclaimed prude after all.

I remember when he told me how big his dick was - 8 inches. I  think my jaw literally dropped. I was used to about 5 inches... and I didn't have a dildo larger than that. So 8 inches of dick? Wow. Scary, yet exciting.

We basically laid all of our cards on the table. I knew he had been hurt, really hurt, in his past by several women. He knew I had been in a completely unsatisfying emotionally and sexually boring relationship that last years beyond what I wanted it to. We talked about everything - what we wanted in life, who we wanted to be, what we wanted in a relationship, the highs and lows in life we had experienced.

Finally, a little more than a year after I joined the game, we were almost a couple, but he still had no idea what I looked like. He bugged me and bugged me, so one night I got the courage and sent him a facebook message. I told him I was nervous - I didn't know what he liked in a woman. Somehow that topic had never come up. I went to bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

The next morning I woke up to a message telling me I had a sexy body, pretty blue eyes, and that he had dreamed we were cuddling watching TV together. The last line of his message told me he couldn't wait to hear my voice again that day, and that he was falling very hard for me.

Two days later, he told me he loved me for the first time.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The firsts we've shared... so far

What makes our sex life so great? Variety! There's so much sex and kink in our lives, sometimes we're not sure what to do... some things are more favorite than others, but we do like to play. A lot.

Here are some firsts we've enjoyed:

1. Multiple orgasms. Believe it or not, before the BF I never enjoyed the awesomeness of cumming again and again. Before, I was only able to cum once at a time, and normally my clit would get so sensitive I couldn't come again for at least 24 hours. The first time I was able to multiple orgasm was having phone sex with the BF. Then we moved to skype where he would encourage me to keep going and how to keep going with my fingers/dildo/vibrator -- and I would cum 6-8 times each skype call. Hello new world!

2. Strap-on/Pegging. Before we met in person, we talked about what we liked and wanted to do. Top of the BF's list was being fucked with a dildo... so when we made plans to meet in person, we purchased a dildo and harness to use. We were both so excited - I've always wanted to fuck a guy and he's always wanted to be pegged. The dildo we got was HUGE -- but we used a lot of lube, talked, and yes I fucked him about a week after we met in person. Since that time, we've used that dildo in a variety of ways and I've been able to fuck him so good - he's cum just from me hitting that p-spot with no hands on his dick. I've never seen him cum so hard...

3. Rimming. Two firsts for me here - I've licked his asshole and I've had mine licked. I like to lick his while he's on his back so I can look him in the eyes while I'm doing it.

4. Anal sex. First for me... the first time we went to fast and it hurt quite a bit. I really didn't enjoy it. We talked and I researched and we tried again, and yes, it gets better!

5. Double Penetration (DP). Now I've not had 2 cocks in me, but I've had a slim dildo in my ass and him in my vagina... I was on my stomach and he fucked me with the dildo while fucking me. WOW.

6. Feet.  This is a first for me... as you know the BF has a very strong foot fetish. (He notices feet before anything else on a person.)  The first picture he wanted of me (after knowing what I looked like) was of my feet. When we have sex he loves to fuck hard while sucking my toes... it turns us both on so very much. He licks and sucks my toes and feet and the more it happens, the harder he fucks. I've also given him foot jobs - hard work ladies! But he can come just from my feet rubbing him lightly.

7. Watersports. This was a first for both of us. I've always wanted to pee on someone... and when the BF brought up me peeing on him, I was so delighted. By now we've both peed on each other. I really prefer peeing on him... though I'll let him pee on him as I know it turns him on.  Someday soon, I'm gonna pee in his mouth - by his request. And I find that hot.

8. Cumming from oral sex. A first for both of us not in the same way. For me, my ex would never give oral sex, so I never had a chance. The BF loves to eat pussy - and he is pretty damn good at it. Now for my bragging point -- the BF has had a lot more sex in his life prior to me, but he has never cum from a blow job prior to being with me. The first night I tried sucking him off, but couldn't get him to cum. The second try? Yeah, he fucking came. And now he cums every time I suck him off.

9.  Reverse cowgirl. Yeah, never done that before him.

10. Vaginal orgasms. I had never cum from sex prior to the BF... and now he makes me cum all the time from sex... so fucking awesome.

11. Stomach sex. Nope, never tried that either before the BF.

12. Shower sex. Never been able to try that before the BF. First night together he fingered me in the shower and I blew him in there (until the water ran out). Now when we have shower sex its always with me bent over, bracing against the tub edge and wall as he fucks me hard from behind.

13. Sissifying. The BF likes to wear panties and some girls clothing... and he's asked me to paint his finger nails pink. He's shaved his whole body... and you know what? I love it. I love how he can be authentically him. Maybe he's queer, I don't care. Sometimes I call him my slut, my girl, my bad little girl, and it turns him on.

14. Fisting. We celebrated the first "International Fisting Day" by trying fisting for the first time. We didn't quite get a whole fist, but four fingers and part of his thumb. We'll definitely be doing that again sometime soon! I think next time we need more lube and better communication.

There we are... 14 new things we've tried and shared... and there's so much more to do.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Cock Tease Wednesday

So I'm a cock tease. I love to tease, torture, prolong, toy, and play with cock. I like to combine sensations: soft and slow, soft and fast, hard and slow, hard and fast, strong grip, light grip, fingertips only, fingers, one hand, two hands, knuckles, in between fingers, palms... there are so many ways to play with a cock and give a handjob. I love to explore, and I'm always watching his face to see which direction I need to go. My goal is to make it feel good, then drop sensation so the build-up to the orgasms drops, but pleasure stays high. Do it again, and again, so when the orgasm comes the build-up makes it fucking fantastic.

So Wednesday night, I wasn't sure what we were going to do before bed. I was horny and still a little bit on a high from the incredibly pussy eating he gave me earlier in the week (you can read it here). After I blogged about it I couldn't stop thinking about it and told him that... and he hinted that maybe he would give me more of that Wednesday night.  On the couch, while watching TV, I started playing with his cock, squeezing it hard in my hand, feeling how hard it was... then I started going down on him, sucking and taking him almost all the way in.

Sure enough, he pulled back the sheets and crawled down between my legs, pushing them wider open than I thought was necessary. I giggled, delighted he was going down on me there again. And then his started licking on my clit. What a rush of pleasure! I think its the sexual equivalent of going from 0-60 in 5 seconds. After only ten seconds or so, he looks up and me and asks, "Where's that clit boner?"

"Umm.... I don't know?" What am I supposed to say to that? He sucks on my little clit.

"I want a boner to suck on," he slaps my pussy lips. "Give me a clit boner to suck on." He slaps my pussy again, this time grazing my clit just slightly and my whole body jumps. So he does it again and again and soon he's spanking my pussy demanding a clit boner again and again. Every spank makes my hips thrust up toward him, and now he's pinching my clit between his fingers... and I can tell the clit boner isn't there yet.

He kisses my stomach and thighs and sticks his finger in my pussy... I'm wet with anticipation. Then he's sucking on me and my clit and pussy feels wet and warm. His tongue is flicking against me, wiggling back and forth moving my clit back and forth sideways making me gasp. He started sucking on my clit, giving it sucking kisses. I can feel it tugging on my whole clit, deep inside I can feel it. "You love my pussy don't you baby?" I ask.

"You know I do," he tells me. "It tastes so good I love to eat your pussy baby." I'm melting inside and I am getting wetter. Now he moves his tongue just below my clit to that super sensitive area  - basically the best spot ever for high pleasure sensation... and after sucking on my clit, I explode with an orgasm and can't control my hips from bucking.

But he doesn't stop. He keeps going, moving his head with me, now waving his head back and forth so quickly its like my whole pussy is in orgasm. When he starts lapping at my clit again, I have a second orgasm... then he does something so fucking hot, its something that I've only ever fantasized about. As I'm about to finish my orgasm, he moves his tongue down to start tongue-fucking me, and I can feel him pushing his face into me, and he's fucking his tongue so good I start cumming on it - and he's lapping up my cum, almost sucking it into his mouth.

When he moves up to kiss me, I'm ravenous for his kisses. His mouth tastes so incredibly good - he had a pool of my cum still on his tongue, and our tongues shared it during a kiss. I pushed him over, kissing him with more force than I think I ever have. He laughed in surprise, but I told him that eating my pussy like that and licking my cum out of me is the hottest thing I've ever experienced.

I wanted to make him cum and cum good. "What do you want?" I breathed. He wanted to know what I was offering. "Anything you want... just tell me and I'll do it." And I kissed him again. He gave me a mischievous grin. He wanted a hand job - and while that may strike some as an odd choice, I think he has his reasons. He says I play with his cock better than he does. He loves my hand jobs - I have given him some of his best orgasms that way. So, a hand job he wants, a hand job he'll get.

His cock was hard, but not that hard... I grabbed our bottle of lube and warmed it up in my hands and started rubbing his cock lightly. I ran my fingers from tip to balls, pulling on them slightly and stroking his cock. I spanked him with his cock, hitting it against his stomach. This makes his body jolt, and he smiles a grin while biting his upper lit - a clear sign he's turned on. "Can I stick the blue massager in you?" I ask. His eyes open a bit wider, so my grin grows wider and I lube it up and slowly and gently slide it into his but. He gasps and moans as I turn it on the first setting. Then I grab his cock again and he gasps really loudly.

I play with him, squeezing and stroking. I normally keep my hand jobs one handed, but this time I used two, using one as a ball massager/manual cock ring and the other to rub his cock. Every once in a while I switch the setting on the massager to make sure its never the same for too long. Eventually I have it on the fifth setting (out of seven) and I decide I don't want him to cum yet. So I tell him that he's going to eat me and make me cum before I'll let him cum. His eyes widen and I take this as permission - as if I were really giving it.

I let the vibrator keep going, and kneel with my knees over his shoulder so I'm sitting on his face... the first time I've ever sat on his face. Thank goodness I have a tall headboard I can grip, because he didn't just lick my pussy, he ate it like there wasn't any food left on earth. His mouth was everywhere, and I swear not a minute had passed before I came. Twice. I'm holding myself up on his face, so I fall backwards and sideways in a mini-collapse of post-orgasm relief. But his eyes are looking at me like I can't leave him there like that - cock hard, vibrator going, with no orgasm in sight. I add lube to my hands and start jacking him off and playing with his balls again. I restart the vibrator cycle back to 1, and play with him and play with him more. One hand is constantly gripping the base of his cock, pushing his balls up... he loves my grip on him, especially while the other hand is jacking him off.

After a while I can see he's getting nearer to orgasm, but I'm not ready to give him relief... so I stop and climb on his face again... and now his desperation to cum is so clear by the way he's eating me out... again, I cum so quickly on his face and this time I'm bucking my hips and fucking his face with my pussy as I cum... when I pull off I look at him and he has creamy cum on his beard on his chin, its thick and beautiful... I leave it there, and as I continue jacking him off, I can see it glistening in the light.

I turn the massager on its final and strongest setting, and start jacking off his cock really well... his neck and chin are up, his chest his up, and his eyes are shut tight... his body is tensed, and I'm slowly and steadily working him up to orgasm, but then I start going off faster and harder and it takes him a little by surprise. He cums with a strong orgasm and covers my fingers in his cum.

We leave my cum on his chin all night, a memento from the incredibly hot night.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oral fest

Before I tell you about this afternoon, there's some background about me you should know. My 9-year relationship with my ex was a disaster when it came to my pussy being eaten. The first time (my first time ever) it lasted all of 15 seconds before I got the "Honey, I can't do this... it tastes kinda gross. I can't stand it." That was on my 19th birthday... talk about disappointment and self-esteem crashing galore. For the next 6 years we were together (yes I know, I can't believe it lasted that long either) he would give it a try maybe once a year, and only if I showered right before and it would have to be the starting point and it would only last a minute before it got to "icky" for him to continue.  So yes, I've been horribly, emotionally scarred and for years was convinced my pussy and all its juices were a source of disgusting, smelly material that no one save myself would ever enjoy.

But then I met the BF... Oral sex is one of the best feelings on earth. Period! I've still had my share of doubts, wondering if he's just being nice, is he really OK with the taste, etc. But today all the doubt, secret fears and worries went away with an incredible symphony of orgasms. Enjoy.

Today I got home from work early to finish the afternoon at home. As normal, I checked into twitter and tumblr to see what was new. The BF always going through tumblr with me so we can see the sexy pictures and see what the other person likes. Its like a little bit of voyeuristic foreplay for us. We hadn't been through tumblr in a few days, and the several pages of images and GIFs got us going... big time.A girl licking another's pussy in a wet, frantic way.

That image, as I explained to the BF, is one of my favorite masturbation fantasies. I'm the girl on the bed... of course seeing this image and explaining it to him made me horny. And then I found another picture  - and my hornyness started to escalate. He suggested we take a "sex break" from work... how can I argue with that? So off to the bedroom we went.

So in bed the BF wanted me on my back, and started fingering my very smooth, very bare pussy. I had a Brazilian wax yesterday and all of my hair is gone. The BF loves the way this feels - of course! He started playing with my clit and said he was going to give me a hand job... pretty much one of my favorite things to have. He starts off slow, teasing, and gentle, then fingers my vagina with strong, swift strokes. We are kissing lightly, just lips on lips, or a light sweep of his tongue on my lips. Its soft and sensual and very sweet.

Having my clit played with is very intense - most of the time I can't keep my eyes open, just clenched tight. Every once in a while I forced myself to look him in the eyes. He loves to watch my face, my reactions to what he's doing. Our whole bodies are under the covers, so we both can feel but not see. When I look away and close my eyes, he asks me if I'm picture other women fingering me. No, I reply, I'm imagining his fingers and what it looks like - seeing it in my mind what I'm feeling is so incredibly sexy and such a turn on for me. When I tell him what I am thinking, he smiles at me, he likes my answer.

"Purr for me," he says. "Purr my little kitty." So I make my moans more audible for him. He plays with my clit, playing with it more. "Ohh that's good kitty," he tells me. "Oh you like that huh... oh your clit boner is getting bigger. Keep purring for me." My moans tell him where to go, what to do... its like a secret map he's following to find a trigger to make my pleasure even more. Then he places his finger tips around my clit and starts pulling his hand up - he's jacking me off.  "You like your clit being jacked off like a little dick, don't you?" I barely open my eyes, mouth open, and moan my agreement. "Oh I know you do... your clit boner is bigger."

And then he says something that gets me wild, "Beg me to eat your pussy... if you beg good enough, I might do it." And oooh he's teasing my clit and pussy so very much, and my moans are louder. I'm going wild with anticipation. I give up moaning, and start pleading with him. "Please, please, please eat my pussy... please baby please eat me..." and I'm begging more and more while he's jacking me off. I'm almost ready to cum from his fingers, I can't imagine how good it his mouth would feel right now.

He pulls the covers back, and climbs down to lay between my legs. He doesn't hesitate at all. His tongue is just suddenly on me, flicking across my clit, licking and lapping at it. It feels warm and soft, it feels so very good and my moans are echoing my pleasure. He pauses for a moment to readjust, pulls on one of my pussy lips to pull it up just a bit, and his mouth is back on me, eating away, making long strokes up and kissing my clit over and over. My legs are shaking from tension and my hips are flexing up slightly against him... he starts sucking on my clit, giving it sucking kisses. With a few more flicks of his tongue, I was cumming.

He didn't stop. He kept licking, sweeping his head back and forth very quickly to keep my orgasm going and going. I'm crying out so loudly. Then he pulled back, for a moment. I caught my breath and began to relax... and he went back to sucking on my clit. Another orgasm, and when he kept going and going, another orgasm. Now I'm bucking my hips and he's staying with me, flicking my clit and each stroke of his tongue makes me cry out.

He stops, and once again my legs and hips relax. He climbs up and kisses me, and I can taste myself on his lips and chin. I'm everywhere and I'm sweeping my tongue and lips around his face, savoring the taste. Its delicious. "It tastes so good, doesn't it?" he asks me. My heart thrills at these words. The head of his dick is on my clit, hard but not moving. Its teasing me. He can feel me pushing into it lightly, and he rocks his dick on it. I'm so close to cumming again. Then he slides his dick into me, and I'm flooded with pleasure. His eyes open in shock or surprise, I'm not sure. "Ooooh baby! Your pussy has never felt so good... oh fuck baby I can't believe how good it feels right now." And he pulls out only slightly, and when he just barely pushes back in, my orgasm explodes and I'm crying his name, grinding my hips. He stops moving until I begin to relax, and the repeats the same slow movements. Another orgasm. Then another. He's barely able to control not cumming himself, I can tell, but suddenly he pulls out and climbs back down to my pussy, and he's eating me out again.

I'm hit with orgasm after orgasm, crying out his name over and over. His lips and mouth and tongue are tweaking my clit and I can't keep still, I don't know what's going on, just that I'm cumming over and over again. I don't know how much I came, the orgasms melted into each other and he didn't stop. He pulls up to kiss me again, and again he's covered in my cum all over his face. I'm kissing and licking him clean, loving how he loves it so much.

He rolls over next to me, and asks if its his turn to cum  yet. I beg him for more - how can I stop when its this good? He can't believe I want more, but I only ask once and he climbs on top and sticks his dick in me.... again I explode into orgasm from hardly any movement. "So sensitive today" he whispers as he kisses my neck. "Such a sensitive pussy... oh fuck you're so wet," he says as I cum again. And again.

My whole body is bliss and he seems happy to keep me going - because he goes back down to my pussy and starts eating me out again. Now he's alternating between mouth and finger on my clit, toying with me. My legs and hips are tired, but I can't stop shaking, bucking, screaming, whipping my head back and forth as I grab pillows, his hands, his shoulders, his head, crying out his name. Its like one long orgasm that is neverending.

Finally, after what must have been 15-20 orgasms (that I can remember), he pulls away, kisses me again, and I almost savagely attack him with kisses, stopping only to say how much I love him. And he tells me he loves me so much, he thinks I'm delicious and he loves to eat me out.  I am flooded with the most incredible emotional bliss I could ever imagine.  I lay on his chest to catch my breath, let my brain try to figure out what just happened to me.

A few minutes pass, and I ask him how he'd like to cum... he asks for a foot job. Its been a long time since he's had one, and right now I'm just happy to be able to do make him cum that way. We grab the lube and I lather up my toes and soles of my feet and sit so I'm perpendicular to his body, ankles on his body. I've only given a few foot jobs to him, so I feel very inadequate with my skills. But he's moaning from my feeble strokes, rubbing the sole of one foot along his cock while the other cradles it. His cock is slippery and I can barely hold onto it with my feet. I manage to scrunch my toes on one foot, then slide his cock between my big toe and second toe stroking his head. He loves it. He's watching his cock slide between my feet. I jack him off with the soles of my feet, then alternate scrunching my toes around him and he tells me he loves it. He loves my beautiful feet and how good I make him feel. He's so turned on he can't look away. I stop only to reapply lube twice more, and he's begging to cum, especially when I hold his cock in between my toes. Finally I rapidly stroke him with one foot, pinning it against my other foot. He cums with a lot of force spilling cum on his stomach.

We wipe off the lube, pull up the covers, and fall asleep. An hour later, we're holding each other the same as when we fell asleep.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Rule

When the BF and I started dating (another story for another time), we agreed on "The Rule" of our relationship. The rule was simple: We had to date for 1 year before we could consider the next step.

Its a simple rule, right? Well, it seemed that way. 1 year to get to know each other, experience the other through thick and thin, the good and bad. It seemed smart and safe and pretty straightforward. What we have found is that it is the opposite.

I think we first muddied the waters by moving in together almost immediately. For him this was more along the "normal" of his relationships. For me, this was one of the greatest life-changing events I've done. I had never lived with anyone other than my ex, and we didn't live together until we had been married. But for us, it was an easy decision. He lived several states away and neither of us wanted anything long-distance. We'd done that enough with facebook, skype, chatting, and phone. We wanted to be together. So we took the leap and he moved in three weeks after our first in-person meeting. Three weeks was all I needed.

He first broke this rule last November. I was traveling for business and he came with me for the week. One day after work we had sex before going out to dinner. It was an incredibly hot session and he whispered in my ear, "I love you Mrs. _____" and I couldn't stop from saying back "I want to be your wife!" He came almost immediately upon my exclamation, and I definitely took notice of that. It was so fucking hot and sweet at the same time.  It was around this time that I started twittering our sex life.

Since then, we've both broken the rule upon occasion. I tend to break it after a very strong emotional event when I'm feeling incredibly vulnerable or incredibly close to him. He has started breaking it all the time.

Last night I was discussing his repeated breaking of the rule over the weekend, and he accidentally let it slip that when he masturbates he almost always thinks of me as his wife. How fucking hot and awesome is that? I don't consider myself a jaded individual by any means, but I do think its rare that a man wants marriage that badly. I'm so incredibly turned on by this.

I also found out last night that we have different understandings of the rule. For me, the "next step" is getting engaged. For him, its getting married. WOAH, what? I can't go from dating to married in a year!  I clarified my stance, and of course he likes his side better - but I feel pretty strongly about my stance.

For now, I'll do my best to be good and keep the rule in tact. And I'm sure he'll do his best to get me to do away with it.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday morning ritual and a bit more pt2

Part 2
If you haven't read part one, you can catch up here. 

    We are cuddling, laying facing the foot of the bed with our feet on the pillows, collapsed in a pile together from sex. I don't remember what we talked about. I know he wanted to get me out of bed to start the day, but I was feeling lazy. And still a little horny... I wanted to play with the bullet vibe on my clit. 
Pandora vibe - from Babeland
     So I flipped around and reached for my bullet vibe and handed him the control. I love to control the placement while he controls the vibrations. I never get off as good as when we pair up like that... I have only limited control -- he actually controls when I cum. And he loves to torture me until I'm crying for release.  But today was not meant to be. The vibe would not turn on. We fiddled with it, replaced the batteries, and nothing. To say I was frustrated is an understatement. I just received this vibe on Friday, two days ago, and had received the most incredible orgasm from it then. I don't have anything that comes remotely close to it. I laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, wondering what to do. He handed me something I wasn't expecting - his prostate massage vibe. I think he could see the disbelief on my face. "Just try it," he encouraged. Well, why not? I hadn't used it on myself. I knew it was completely sanitized from his last use of it - and it is made from silicone. So I turned it one and started using it.
     It doesn't replace the bullet vibe, but it was OK. If anything, the 7 different vibration options offered some good sensations. What was the hardest for me was trying to figure out what was comfortable - this toy has an odd shape to it (it wasn't made for a clit, after all!) but once I curved it around my clit, I found some very satisfying vibrations. The BF could tell it wasn't giving me quite the vibrations that I wanted, so he started running his hands up and down my body, from breasts or neck to hips, pussy, or thighs depending on his route of choice. Occasionally he would stop and brush my nipples or give them a tweak, but what really got me going (and does get me going every time) is his fingers brushing the outside of my pussy lips or my hand that is on my clit - its the biggest tease he can ever do and it drives me fucking wild with desire and pleasure. After driving me crazy for a bit, he ignored my pussy, making it worse for me. Now I needed his hand to tease me if I was going to get off, and he knew it. I waited and waited, cycling through the vibe cycles. Sometimes he would press down on the edge and wiggle it against my clit - boosting my pleasure and making me squeeze my eyes shut with pleasure, but he wouldn't touch me and that's what I really, deeply wanted.
     The vibe felt good, and as the BF started to play with my breasts, almost massaging them, I started getting flashes of sensual massage, where the masseuse covers you in oil and massages your whole body and ends up focusing on massaging your 'yoni' until you get off. But I wanted HIS fingers down there, playing with me. Fingers are so incredibly sexy and I get off just thinking about fingers on me, in me.  I started picture him massaging me that way, filling my pussy with two fingers while he massaged my clit with this vibe where it was just enough to keep me on edge without spilling over into orgasm.
     Suddenly, his fingers are in my entrance, rapidly moving back and forth and I can hear my lips and wetness moving so fast against his fingers. I explode in orgasm almost instantly, and keep riding the waves as pleasure as he keeps going, and I'm hit with orgasm number two almost as soon as the first is done. I remove the vibe, and the BF pulls away his fingers, and I rest my head against him.

     We cuddle some more. I like to hold/be held after a good clit orgasm, and he happily obliges me for a few minutes. Or twenty, I'm not sure. I do know almost an hour and a half has passed since we first woke up. He wants to start the day and after all this cuddling I'm ready. As I go to get out of bed, I am on my stomach and I push my ass up in the air to really make it big for him. His reaction was beyond perfect: "OOooooh! You can't do that!!!  You're so so naughty!" but as he says this, he's biting his lip and scooting over to my side of the bed. I play innocent.
     "Do what? This?" And I stick it back up for him.
     "No, you can't do that. You'll get me horny again."  This doesn't sound bad to me, and I have a feeling he's already there. He's now sitting cross-legged next to me, I sit up and look at him.
     "Now what?" I ask. I look at his dick which is sitting on his foot. Its not hard.
     "Now I'm horny again. You're too sexy." And he starts jacking off his dick. I lay back down on my stomach, and push my ass into the air for him again. He reaches out with his free hand and starts rubbing it, one cheek than the other. He's playing with that fleshy part where it meats my thighs and making it jiggle in his fingers. "Ohh baby I love your ass!" he semi-whispers to me. Now I'm flexing my butt up and down, then wiggling my butt, flexing it up and down as he's watching it move for him. I can hear his hand speeding along on his dick.
     I flex my legs and pull my feet up, soles near his face. He takes them and starts kissing them to his face. I start flexing and pointing them and he's gasping at the sight of them. He's running his fingers in the gaps when I flex and then kissing them scrunched together. I keep doing this, but then I start scrunching them fully on his face. I can't see what I'm doing, but it feels like I'm doing it on his mouth/chin area and then I feel his tongue darting in, licking at my toes so I know I've hit the spot. His groans are getting louder and there's nothing in the world but a mix of toes and lips and tongue for both of us. I hear him start to cum, the moans getting louder and longer with a final flurry of jacking off movements. I let my feet drop, sit up, and kiss him. We tell each other "I love you" and head off to face the day.

Sunday morning ritual and a bit more Pt1

Part 1 
   This morning began as most Sunday mornings do for us. He kissed me awake before I wanted to be awake, but his hornyness and desire for sex NOW is pretty contagious. It also helps that after he kissed me awake and called me beautiful, he reached down and started running his fingers along my pussy lips. I spread my legs for him and his fingers started massaging my clit, which was still a little sensitive from yesterday's activities (and the day before, I think).  His fingers didn't stay long on my clit, but soon traveled down to my pussy and then my vagina entrance where he probed a fingertip or two and playfully teased me for being so wet. "What are you all wet for, slut?" I could only giggle at him. I'm always wet for him.

     He was hard and ready for him - this is why he woke me up in the first place - so he got on top and with one smooth movement pushed in. I sighed my contentment of feeling him in me for the first time today. "Ohh you like it when I slide right in like that don't you?" he teased me again. In response I kissed his lips and slightly nodded my head. He shifts his pelvis so its more on me than in-between me, and this is how he's pretty much guaranteed to make me cum... and only a few thrusts into it I feel an orgasm climbing in me so I'm voicing my encouragement. "Yes oh yes right there!" so he keeps at it so I can orgasm right on his dick and buck into his hips as I'm cumming.

     He barely slows down.  He reached down to grab my thigh, then his hand moved to my ass check. He loves to grab it and hold on while he's thrusting in me. This morning he couldn't stick to one side, but kept alternating. To make it easier to grab, I shift my pelvis up so my legs were straight up in the air. He decided to take advantage of the angle.

     He shifted up so he was kneeling in front of me, and reached for my left foot. He always goes left foot first when he's going to suck on my toes. He started kissing my toes and sucking on them, but then wait straight to the bottom of my heel and licked from heel to toe a couple of times. This turns him on so, so much that it turns me on - plus having your feet worshiped is pretty fucking sexy. This whole time he's been thrusting slower than he normally would since his attention is just focused on my feet.  With my right foot I rub his chest lightly, and this pulls him out of his focus on my left foot.

      He grabs both my feet, one in each hand, pushes my legs back, and starts thrusting like there's no tomorrow... his hands move down my legs to my thighs and I see him watching his dick pull in and out so rapidly out of my pussy. I'm jealous that I can't see what that looks like, but I can imagine how freaking hot it is. And then he starts going faster, and he's leaning back slightly so the sound of his body hitting mine is making this incredibly sexy slapping noise, STHLAP STHLAP STHALP. Normally we don't get this noise because he's leaning into me, but now we're both enjoying it and he adjusts to harder to make the noise louder - its the loudest thing in the room, even louder than my moans of enjoyment of him fucking me faster than he ever has in this position. And it keeps going, longer and more wonderful than I thought he could take.

      And then he stops. He slows down to almost no movement and lays down on me again, kissing my neck. I think he must be on the edge, I was sure he was about to cum. But he doesn't. He's going so slowly I'm wondering what the plan is here, because it feels pretty fucking fantastic and I can feel another orgasm building for me. He whispers in my ear, "I think its time for you to get on top." I look at him in surprise. "Yeah, and will you do it in reverse so I can watch your ass this time?" Of course I will - because he loves my ass. Touching, watching, feeling, all of it. But before he lets me up, he gives me a couple of very deep, very fast thrusts that make me almost lose my breath. "Fuck me good, baby." Oh, how can I not?

      So he lays down and I try to arrange myself for reverse cowgirl. I'm not sure what my issue is with this position, but I always start sitting up too high on him so I can't keep his dick in me well enough... so after 5 adjustments of scooting down, I'm finally positioned where I can ride his dick... and I start out by sitting straight up and grinding against his body. His hands are wandering all around my butt, feeling and exploring. After a while I shift down and start bouncing my ass just slightly on him. He loves to see my ass jiggle. And I can tell by his moan and the way he's grabbing at it. I start fucking him now and he reaches down for my foot and starts rubbing it, almost as if he's giving me a foot massage.

      But now he wants more, so he gets up and starts fucking me doggy style. He's doing a kneeling "Captain Morgan" pose while fucking me, and spreading my ass with one of his hands. His dick is filling me up and the thrusts are deep and constant. I point my toes up toward him so I'm on elbows and knees only. He sees my feet and lightly rubs then, then holds my left ankle with one hand and starts tickling my foot with his left.

      This is an entirely new experience for me. I've read about foot fetish including tickling during sex, but he's never done that before. I always thought it would be too distracting - I am a wiggler, after all. But no, somehow my brain made the tickling incredibly erotic and it made my pussy explode with pleasure. I started crying out from the pleasure, I was barely registering the tickling. When I did, I did wiggle but I wasn't in much of a position to get away - he had my foot, I'm balancing on my knees and elbows after all. He kept tickling and I kept moaning for more... and finally he came in a good, long orgasm where he dropped my feet and pulled himself over me to kiss my shoulder and push into me a few last times as far and deep as he could go.

Sex on a Saturday afternoon pt2

     He woke me up with a kiss on my cheek. He was awake and ready to get up, but I hadn't slept nearly enough to recharge, especially after the sex we had earlier. (You can catch up on that story here). I moaned my disagreement to waking up and complained I hadn't slept enough. I expected him to get up and tell me to rest as much as I needed while he went back to the computer, but once again I was wrong. Instead he wrapped his arms around me, and just held me on his chest while I laid there, resting.

     I shut my eyes and ran my feet against his. "Don't do that!" he chastised me. "You'll make me horny again." I giggled, thinking about how I often do that during sex just to excite him more sometimes. But now I wasn't looking for sex, I was just needing rest.

    Somehow I had kinked my neck during the nap, so I rolled away from him to get more comfy. He turned towards me and started rubbing my neck and shoulder, trying to help me relax. It started to feel better, and his hands started to wander down to my butt. "Sexy woman," he said. "I love your sexy booty." I played innocent. "Everything about you is sexy. You are so beautiful." Now I'm waking up, because his sincerity is so apparent and I find it irresistible. I pushed my ass out toward him and he started feeling it up and down even more, rubbing his fingers on the outside of my crack. Then he ran his hands to my thighs. "I love your sexy thighs, they're perfect" he said as he grabbed one. He reached toward my pussy so I opened my legs slightly, and he started to finger me a little.

     "Fuck! you are so freaking wet!"  I was, how could I not be? I reminded him of what we had done earlier, and then what I had experienced during the nap. He had no conscious idea of holding me like he had, but he rarely does. I didn't like the angle he was fingering me at, so I tried to roll over, but he pushed me the other way, onto my stomach. "No, I think I'll just stick my dick in you, how's that?"

    I was so wet he slid right in, no problem. I love stomach sex. I love the full feeling I get in my pussy, I love fucking him back by pushing up against in, I love just taking it. I love how I can feel so many different things from this one position. And I love how he's normally kissing my back or shoulder and holding my hands or breasts the entire time, whispering in my ear.

     He slid in, and I went from sleepy to horny in the time it took for him to pull almost all the way out and push back in slowly. He groaned in that same way he had earlier, where it sounded like he was already close but he wasn't, he was emanating those emotions that made me think it was going to be a fantastic session yet again. So I started pushing back against his cock, positioning my butt up toward him. "Oh baby you're so sexy" he said again. Then he saw the smile that appeared on my face. He called me sexy and beautiful, then ran his hands down to my hips and up my sides, grazing the side of my boob.

     "Oooooh," I moaned... "you have no idea how incredibly hot that is." He did it again and I sighed deeply.

     "Tell me how sexy you are," he said.

     "I'm so sexy... and I'm beautiful," I managed to whisper back. I was pushing back into his cock and it was filling all of me up.

     "Ohh yes you are!" he agreed. He started thrusting faster, so I dropped my hips and just let him put it in and out, making me feel incredible. "You are so sexy and beautiful. You are perfect." And he placed his hands in front of me, so I grabbed them with my hands and held onto him.

     I'm not sure how much time passed, and I don't remember how we moved. I know I alternated in wiggling my hips, pushing back, and taking it while he responded to each move. At some point he placed his feet so they braced against mine, giving him leverage to do more than gently thrusts, but actually pound me a little bit.  This always makes me cry out a little bit, and this time, I felt the need to break "the rule." It had already been broken once today.

     "Mr. _____, I love you!" I breathed.

     "I love you," he replied, probably wondering if I was expecting to be called Mrs in return.

     "I love my husband!" I ended up crying out.

     He immediately picked up the pace, pounding me deep and fast. "I love my wife, Mrs _____" he whispered back into my ear. His pace was so fast and I tilted my hips up toward him.

     "I love you," I cried out once more before I started cumming.

     "Oh that's a good girl, my good wife," he said back to me.. slowing down a bit with my orgasm. "Ohhhh my good wife!" he said again as he picked up the pace.  I was crying out more, and he came with a few thrusts and a final one to push in as far as he could go. I had started to feel him cum and this triggered another orgasm for me, so his final thrust and mine our hips were grinding against each other, and I was shaking under him again, my hips bucking with no control... I think this kept him going longer than normal, because together we were pushing into each other with whatever part of our body we could move, moaning together.

     He laid on top of me for a while, our breathing fast together. Then he counted down "1... 2... 3...." and pulled me with him to roll onto our sides, his cock still in me, his arms and legs now around me. We laid there together, sleep forgotten, enjoying the moment. Eventually we untangled, and he went back to kissing my back and running his hands up and down my body telling me again and again how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was. It was by far the best Saturday afternoon I think I've ever experienced.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sex on a Saturday afternoon pt1

     So every Saturday afternoon, I take a nap. This has been my tradition for several years as a way to relax from the week and reboot my energy for the coming week. Lately, life has felt extra busy and stressful with work, grad school, job searching, and just LIFE happening in general. When I announced that it was time for my nap (despite being out of bed for only three hours), the BF was not surprised. We had been gaming together, and I assumed he would continue while I rested. I walked up behind his computer chair and wrapped my arms around his neck, kissed his cheek, and told him   I'd let him know when I was awake again so we could have sex.

     He laughed in surprise, but I'm not really sure why. One great thing about the Saturday nap is that I am pretty much guaranteed to wake up horny, so anticipating post-nap sex is something I'd consider a normal and predictable part of our lives by now. I guess waiting a couple of hours was too long, so he logged off the computer and pulled me to the bedroom to have sex right away.

     So there we were, naked, and holding each other, shivering together in our cold sheets. He had me in a bear hug, and I was nestled into his chest with his arms and legs wrapped around me. We both found the cold and the need for heat kind of funny, and we just giggled and ran our hands on each other's backs to warm up. After a few moments, he pulled back a bit and looked down at my chest and said, "Biiig boobies!" Yes, they are. They were squeezed together, nipples against his chest. "I love those big boobies" I mmhmmed my agreement. Yes, the BF is obsessed with my big boobs (and they are pretty fabulous). So I reached down and grabbed his soft dick. I started stroking it from base to tip with my fingers.

     "Get hard for me," I breathed at him.

     "Get me hard," he said back. So I started kissing him. I'm pretty sure kissing him is the fastest way to get him hard aside from putting his dick in my mouth. And lately, he has not been able to get enough of kissing me anywhere. On the lips, on the check, but especially on the neck. And sure enough, he rolled up on top of me and we started kissing more. We started fighting for dominance of the bottom lip - who could suck it more. And then our tongues started playing against each other and our lips and he started kissing up and down my neck.

     Then he reached down and started rubbing his dick in my pussy lips, up and down from entrance to clit, just faintly touching it. He stuck the head of his dick into the entrance, then leaned down to kiss me as he started to slide it in. I flexed my hips to help him slide it all the way in. He started moaning - and from his first moan, I could tell we were in for an extra special time together. I opened my eyes and I saw the look on his face - it was the look of when he's about to cum, but since we had just started, I could feel something else was going on.

     "Love my pussy?" I asked.

     "Oh baby I love your pussy. It's the best pussy in the world!" and he went back to sighing, eyes shut as he thrusted more. The thrusts were slow and gentle, savoring the moment. Then I started to melt into the moment, just letting time disappear into the strong emotions coming off of him. He reached up and put his hands under my neck, wrapping his fingers in my hair. His kisses and lips became urgent.

     I whispered his name in his ear. "What baby?" he asked. "Oh I love you so much!" I gasped. I called out his name again, and grabbed his back. Then he called out my name and hearing him say it like that, so full of desperation and love at the same time, I moaned and pulled him closer, running my hands up and down his back. Then he pulled out his hands and ran them from my thighs, up my sides, and onto my breasts, lightly fondling them all the while gently thrusting. It was the most sensual, erotic feeling. He could hear how turned on I was, and started doing quick thrusts that always hit my clit just right. I encouraged him with "yes, yes, yes" and grabbed his hips and I started cumming.

     He could feel me cumming under him, hips bucking, but he kept going, then slowed down a bit, then started going faster, and I started cumming again. He called out my name again and all I could do was respond with "I love you" before a third orgasm was hitting me.

     And then he broke "the rule," the only rule we have in our relationship, yet one each of us has broken when it just needed to be said. He called me his wife. Again... and again. I couldn't open my eyes, but I knew what it was doing to him. He had my head in his hands and he started thrusting deep and quick calling out "Oh my wife! My wife!" and I finally called back "Oh I love my husband!" I couldn't hold back any longer, a fourth orgasm hit me hard. He heard my cries in his ears, could feel my whole body convulsing and he gave one last, strong, full thrust as he came in me, head on my shoulder, lips on my neck.

     We laid very still, soft little moans to each other with no words. What kind of words can you say in a moment like this, the moment where you've just experienced some of the best sex of your life? Sex filled not just with love, but emotions of love beyond love, hope for the future you both want but can't have yet. Feelings of "This is it" and you love every part of it.

     I don't remember him pulling out or us falling asleep. I just remember drifting in and out of sleep, his arms wrapped so tightly around me, no matter what position I'm in. I remember roasting beneath the covers and not caring. I remember feeling sticky wetness on my pussy lips, ass, and the back of my legs as he held me against him. For two hours we laid there and cuddled. He slept soundly while I drifted in and out of consciousness. And then we woke up.  To be continued.