Saturday, February 25, 2012

The firsts we've shared... so far

What makes our sex life so great? Variety! There's so much sex and kink in our lives, sometimes we're not sure what to do... some things are more favorite than others, but we do like to play. A lot.

Here are some firsts we've enjoyed:

1. Multiple orgasms. Believe it or not, before the BF I never enjoyed the awesomeness of cumming again and again. Before, I was only able to cum once at a time, and normally my clit would get so sensitive I couldn't come again for at least 24 hours. The first time I was able to multiple orgasm was having phone sex with the BF. Then we moved to skype where he would encourage me to keep going and how to keep going with my fingers/dildo/vibrator -- and I would cum 6-8 times each skype call. Hello new world!

2. Strap-on/Pegging. Before we met in person, we talked about what we liked and wanted to do. Top of the BF's list was being fucked with a dildo... so when we made plans to meet in person, we purchased a dildo and harness to use. We were both so excited - I've always wanted to fuck a guy and he's always wanted to be pegged. The dildo we got was HUGE -- but we used a lot of lube, talked, and yes I fucked him about a week after we met in person. Since that time, we've used that dildo in a variety of ways and I've been able to fuck him so good - he's cum just from me hitting that p-spot with no hands on his dick. I've never seen him cum so hard...

3. Rimming. Two firsts for me here - I've licked his asshole and I've had mine licked. I like to lick his while he's on his back so I can look him in the eyes while I'm doing it.

4. Anal sex. First for me... the first time we went to fast and it hurt quite a bit. I really didn't enjoy it. We talked and I researched and we tried again, and yes, it gets better!

5. Double Penetration (DP). Now I've not had 2 cocks in me, but I've had a slim dildo in my ass and him in my vagina... I was on my stomach and he fucked me with the dildo while fucking me. WOW.

6. Feet.  This is a first for me... as you know the BF has a very strong foot fetish. (He notices feet before anything else on a person.)  The first picture he wanted of me (after knowing what I looked like) was of my feet. When we have sex he loves to fuck hard while sucking my toes... it turns us both on so very much. He licks and sucks my toes and feet and the more it happens, the harder he fucks. I've also given him foot jobs - hard work ladies! But he can come just from my feet rubbing him lightly.

7. Watersports. This was a first for both of us. I've always wanted to pee on someone... and when the BF brought up me peeing on him, I was so delighted. By now we've both peed on each other. I really prefer peeing on him... though I'll let him pee on him as I know it turns him on.  Someday soon, I'm gonna pee in his mouth - by his request. And I find that hot.

8. Cumming from oral sex. A first for both of us not in the same way. For me, my ex would never give oral sex, so I never had a chance. The BF loves to eat pussy - and he is pretty damn good at it. Now for my bragging point -- the BF has had a lot more sex in his life prior to me, but he has never cum from a blow job prior to being with me. The first night I tried sucking him off, but couldn't get him to cum. The second try? Yeah, he fucking came. And now he cums every time I suck him off.

9.  Reverse cowgirl. Yeah, never done that before him.

10. Vaginal orgasms. I had never cum from sex prior to the BF... and now he makes me cum all the time from sex... so fucking awesome.

11. Stomach sex. Nope, never tried that either before the BF.

12. Shower sex. Never been able to try that before the BF. First night together he fingered me in the shower and I blew him in there (until the water ran out). Now when we have shower sex its always with me bent over, bracing against the tub edge and wall as he fucks me hard from behind.

13. Sissifying. The BF likes to wear panties and some girls clothing... and he's asked me to paint his finger nails pink. He's shaved his whole body... and you know what? I love it. I love how he can be authentically him. Maybe he's queer, I don't care. Sometimes I call him my slut, my girl, my bad little girl, and it turns him on.

14. Fisting. We celebrated the first "International Fisting Day" by trying fisting for the first time. We didn't quite get a whole fist, but four fingers and part of his thumb. We'll definitely be doing that again sometime soon! I think next time we need more lube and better communication.

There we are... 14 new things we've tried and shared... and there's so much more to do.

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