Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sex on a Saturday afternoon pt2

     He woke me up with a kiss on my cheek. He was awake and ready to get up, but I hadn't slept nearly enough to recharge, especially after the sex we had earlier. (You can catch up on that story here). I moaned my disagreement to waking up and complained I hadn't slept enough. I expected him to get up and tell me to rest as much as I needed while he went back to the computer, but once again I was wrong. Instead he wrapped his arms around me, and just held me on his chest while I laid there, resting.

     I shut my eyes and ran my feet against his. "Don't do that!" he chastised me. "You'll make me horny again." I giggled, thinking about how I often do that during sex just to excite him more sometimes. But now I wasn't looking for sex, I was just needing rest.

    Somehow I had kinked my neck during the nap, so I rolled away from him to get more comfy. He turned towards me and started rubbing my neck and shoulder, trying to help me relax. It started to feel better, and his hands started to wander down to my butt. "Sexy woman," he said. "I love your sexy booty." I played innocent. "Everything about you is sexy. You are so beautiful." Now I'm waking up, because his sincerity is so apparent and I find it irresistible. I pushed my ass out toward him and he started feeling it up and down even more, rubbing his fingers on the outside of my crack. Then he ran his hands to my thighs. "I love your sexy thighs, they're perfect" he said as he grabbed one. He reached toward my pussy so I opened my legs slightly, and he started to finger me a little.

     "Fuck! you are so freaking wet!"  I was, how could I not be? I reminded him of what we had done earlier, and then what I had experienced during the nap. He had no conscious idea of holding me like he had, but he rarely does. I didn't like the angle he was fingering me at, so I tried to roll over, but he pushed me the other way, onto my stomach. "No, I think I'll just stick my dick in you, how's that?"

    I was so wet he slid right in, no problem. I love stomach sex. I love the full feeling I get in my pussy, I love fucking him back by pushing up against in, I love just taking it. I love how I can feel so many different things from this one position. And I love how he's normally kissing my back or shoulder and holding my hands or breasts the entire time, whispering in my ear.

     He slid in, and I went from sleepy to horny in the time it took for him to pull almost all the way out and push back in slowly. He groaned in that same way he had earlier, where it sounded like he was already close but he wasn't, he was emanating those emotions that made me think it was going to be a fantastic session yet again. So I started pushing back against his cock, positioning my butt up toward him. "Oh baby you're so sexy" he said again. Then he saw the smile that appeared on my face. He called me sexy and beautiful, then ran his hands down to my hips and up my sides, grazing the side of my boob.

     "Oooooh," I moaned... "you have no idea how incredibly hot that is." He did it again and I sighed deeply.

     "Tell me how sexy you are," he said.

     "I'm so sexy... and I'm beautiful," I managed to whisper back. I was pushing back into his cock and it was filling all of me up.

     "Ohh yes you are!" he agreed. He started thrusting faster, so I dropped my hips and just let him put it in and out, making me feel incredible. "You are so sexy and beautiful. You are perfect." And he placed his hands in front of me, so I grabbed them with my hands and held onto him.

     I'm not sure how much time passed, and I don't remember how we moved. I know I alternated in wiggling my hips, pushing back, and taking it while he responded to each move. At some point he placed his feet so they braced against mine, giving him leverage to do more than gently thrusts, but actually pound me a little bit.  This always makes me cry out a little bit, and this time, I felt the need to break "the rule." It had already been broken once today.

     "Mr. _____, I love you!" I breathed.

     "I love you," he replied, probably wondering if I was expecting to be called Mrs in return.

     "I love my husband!" I ended up crying out.

     He immediately picked up the pace, pounding me deep and fast. "I love my wife, Mrs _____" he whispered back into my ear. His pace was so fast and I tilted my hips up toward him.

     "I love you," I cried out once more before I started cumming.

     "Oh that's a good girl, my good wife," he said back to me.. slowing down a bit with my orgasm. "Ohhhh my good wife!" he said again as he picked up the pace.  I was crying out more, and he came with a few thrusts and a final one to push in as far as he could go. I had started to feel him cum and this triggered another orgasm for me, so his final thrust and mine our hips were grinding against each other, and I was shaking under him again, my hips bucking with no control... I think this kept him going longer than normal, because together we were pushing into each other with whatever part of our body we could move, moaning together.

     He laid on top of me for a while, our breathing fast together. Then he counted down "1... 2... 3...." and pulled me with him to roll onto our sides, his cock still in me, his arms and legs now around me. We laid there together, sleep forgotten, enjoying the moment. Eventually we untangled, and he went back to kissing my back and running his hands up and down my body telling me again and again how much he loved me, and how beautiful I was. It was by far the best Saturday afternoon I think I've ever experienced.

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