Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday morning ritual and a bit more Pt1

Part 1 
   This morning began as most Sunday mornings do for us. He kissed me awake before I wanted to be awake, but his hornyness and desire for sex NOW is pretty contagious. It also helps that after he kissed me awake and called me beautiful, he reached down and started running his fingers along my pussy lips. I spread my legs for him and his fingers started massaging my clit, which was still a little sensitive from yesterday's activities (and the day before, I think).  His fingers didn't stay long on my clit, but soon traveled down to my pussy and then my vagina entrance where he probed a fingertip or two and playfully teased me for being so wet. "What are you all wet for, slut?" I could only giggle at him. I'm always wet for him.

     He was hard and ready for him - this is why he woke me up in the first place - so he got on top and with one smooth movement pushed in. I sighed my contentment of feeling him in me for the first time today. "Ohh you like it when I slide right in like that don't you?" he teased me again. In response I kissed his lips and slightly nodded my head. He shifts his pelvis so its more on me than in-between me, and this is how he's pretty much guaranteed to make me cum... and only a few thrusts into it I feel an orgasm climbing in me so I'm voicing my encouragement. "Yes oh yes right there!" so he keeps at it so I can orgasm right on his dick and buck into his hips as I'm cumming.

     He barely slows down.  He reached down to grab my thigh, then his hand moved to my ass check. He loves to grab it and hold on while he's thrusting in me. This morning he couldn't stick to one side, but kept alternating. To make it easier to grab, I shift my pelvis up so my legs were straight up in the air. He decided to take advantage of the angle.

     He shifted up so he was kneeling in front of me, and reached for my left foot. He always goes left foot first when he's going to suck on my toes. He started kissing my toes and sucking on them, but then wait straight to the bottom of my heel and licked from heel to toe a couple of times. This turns him on so, so much that it turns me on - plus having your feet worshiped is pretty fucking sexy. This whole time he's been thrusting slower than he normally would since his attention is just focused on my feet.  With my right foot I rub his chest lightly, and this pulls him out of his focus on my left foot.

      He grabs both my feet, one in each hand, pushes my legs back, and starts thrusting like there's no tomorrow... his hands move down my legs to my thighs and I see him watching his dick pull in and out so rapidly out of my pussy. I'm jealous that I can't see what that looks like, but I can imagine how freaking hot it is. And then he starts going faster, and he's leaning back slightly so the sound of his body hitting mine is making this incredibly sexy slapping noise, STHLAP STHLAP STHALP. Normally we don't get this noise because he's leaning into me, but now we're both enjoying it and he adjusts to harder to make the noise louder - its the loudest thing in the room, even louder than my moans of enjoyment of him fucking me faster than he ever has in this position. And it keeps going, longer and more wonderful than I thought he could take.

      And then he stops. He slows down to almost no movement and lays down on me again, kissing my neck. I think he must be on the edge, I was sure he was about to cum. But he doesn't. He's going so slowly I'm wondering what the plan is here, because it feels pretty fucking fantastic and I can feel another orgasm building for me. He whispers in my ear, "I think its time for you to get on top." I look at him in surprise. "Yeah, and will you do it in reverse so I can watch your ass this time?" Of course I will - because he loves my ass. Touching, watching, feeling, all of it. But before he lets me up, he gives me a couple of very deep, very fast thrusts that make me almost lose my breath. "Fuck me good, baby." Oh, how can I not?

      So he lays down and I try to arrange myself for reverse cowgirl. I'm not sure what my issue is with this position, but I always start sitting up too high on him so I can't keep his dick in me well enough... so after 5 adjustments of scooting down, I'm finally positioned where I can ride his dick... and I start out by sitting straight up and grinding against his body. His hands are wandering all around my butt, feeling and exploring. After a while I shift down and start bouncing my ass just slightly on him. He loves to see my ass jiggle. And I can tell by his moan and the way he's grabbing at it. I start fucking him now and he reaches down for my foot and starts rubbing it, almost as if he's giving me a foot massage.

      But now he wants more, so he gets up and starts fucking me doggy style. He's doing a kneeling "Captain Morgan" pose while fucking me, and spreading my ass with one of his hands. His dick is filling me up and the thrusts are deep and constant. I point my toes up toward him so I'm on elbows and knees only. He sees my feet and lightly rubs then, then holds my left ankle with one hand and starts tickling my foot with his left.

      This is an entirely new experience for me. I've read about foot fetish including tickling during sex, but he's never done that before. I always thought it would be too distracting - I am a wiggler, after all. But no, somehow my brain made the tickling incredibly erotic and it made my pussy explode with pleasure. I started crying out from the pleasure, I was barely registering the tickling. When I did, I did wiggle but I wasn't in much of a position to get away - he had my foot, I'm balancing on my knees and elbows after all. He kept tickling and I kept moaning for more... and finally he came in a good, long orgasm where he dropped my feet and pulled himself over me to kiss my shoulder and push into me a few last times as far and deep as he could go.


  1. Great erotic writing, for a great Sunday morning.

    1. Thank you! Glad to hear you're enjoying it.