Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How we met

I've been asked several times on twitter how we met. Some have asked for advice on how to meet someone geeky, kinky, and open minded like we are. We're not sure we can give that much advice, as you'll see, this isn't something that you plan for.

Two years ago a friend talked me into trying an MMORPG that she really enjoyed - Lord of the Rings Online. (For the non-gamers out there, that means its an online role-playing game that has tons of people who play at the same time.) I do like to game, but hadn't tried anything new in a while. I tried it, and got hooked. A few months later, during the summer, I was invited to join a kinship (aka guild) by a random invite. I joined, needing some advice and help as I was really new to the MMORPG environment.

I kept kinda quiet the first couple of months, just watching the group and seeing how things went. After a while I identified one person who always made jokes, was super friendly, and fun to watch in group chat. He was a senior officer and, as silly as it sounds, I was a little intimidated to join in the chat. The officers were a very connected group of friends, I wasn't sure if I could just jump in.
Then in the fall, I started sending him private messages (PMs), inserting my dirty comments from group chat but I didn't want to offend anyone with my dirty thoughts... he PMed me back, loving my comments and continuing the conversation. The dirty PMs spilled over into group chat, and our banter was incredibly hilarious, sexy, and offensive to the less open-minded.  Soon we were almost exclusively playing together, creating characters to play together, help each other.

Sometime in the winter our flirting was uncontrolled. As soon as I got home from work I rushed to play the game, where I knew he'd be waiting for me. We reverted back to PMs as our conversations were now way to risque for others to see. At some point in winter we were joking and I made the comment, "You'll never have me." I don't remember saying this, but he clearly does. He said that was the comment that made him determined to date me, get with me.

What he didn't know was it was around this time I started facebook stalking him. I had figured out who he was - he was the kin leader's brother, and I was facebook friends with his brother. I knew what he looked like, but he had no clue who I was or what I looked like. I wasn't ready to share, I had pretty low self-esteem and wasn't sure he would like what he saw... and for all I knew, it was just harmless online flirting... except I was more emotionally involved than I realized.

Late winter, he talked me into joining voice chat... I'll never forget the feeling that flooded me when I heard his voice. It was beautiful. It was manly, yet soft, and sweet. It was just such a beautiful sound. Now, the reaction I got from voice chat was, well, what do you expect when you're the only girl in voice chat with 4 gamer guys? For several months, I was the butt of every single sexist joke conceivable with 4 adult gaming men... the BF joined in, but always took it further. We weren't dating or even talking about this point - just flirting. And I flirted with all of them a little bit, but none more than him.

We kept PMing in game, our talk getting dirtier. By the time spring came, we started talking about who we were, personally. Our past, our dating relationships, what we liked in life... Even in chatting, it was some of the easiest, happiest conversations I've ever had.

He asked me what my favorite movie was. When I told him Star Wars, his response was "Fuck yeah!!" He couldn't believe I was that into geek stuff. But I really, truly am. I am quite the Star Wars and general sci fi nerd.

I told him I was bi. He typed back, "I just creamed my pants." I sent him a smiley face, and asked him if he wanted to go clean that up... he said no, which I thought was odd. But I later found out that he loves to lick up his own cum half the time. I'm pretty sure that's what he did then... and then he PMed me back and told me he was bi... and I got so happy. I've never met a bisexual guy - I was used a self-proclaimed prude after all.

I remember when he told me how big his dick was - 8 inches. I  think my jaw literally dropped. I was used to about 5 inches... and I didn't have a dildo larger than that. So 8 inches of dick? Wow. Scary, yet exciting.

We basically laid all of our cards on the table. I knew he had been hurt, really hurt, in his past by several women. He knew I had been in a completely unsatisfying emotionally and sexually boring relationship that last years beyond what I wanted it to. We talked about everything - what we wanted in life, who we wanted to be, what we wanted in a relationship, the highs and lows in life we had experienced.

Finally, a little more than a year after I joined the game, we were almost a couple, but he still had no idea what I looked like. He bugged me and bugged me, so one night I got the courage and sent him a facebook message. I told him I was nervous - I didn't know what he liked in a woman. Somehow that topic had never come up. I went to bed, wondering what tomorrow would bring.

The next morning I woke up to a message telling me I had a sexy body, pretty blue eyes, and that he had dreamed we were cuddling watching TV together. The last line of his message told me he couldn't wait to hear my voice again that day, and that he was falling very hard for me.

Two days later, he told me he loved me for the first time.


  1. I have a tear in my eye...that's so sweet. You built your relationship the right way and it really shows. So happy you two found each other! I love how honesty and bravery prevails.

  2. Wow Bi, so glad it all worked out and what a build up of emotions that must have been. Very exciting!