Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The first night Pt1

Was I nervous? Not really. We had skyped - and by skyped I mean masturbated to each other, gotten each other off, seen each other naked... heck I even let him watch me shower a couple of times. So what was left? Touching each other, and that did not make me nervous. I was so excited.

He was nervous. He didn't tell me then, but he told me months down the road he was very, very nervous. He took a bus to come see me, and it was a 12 hour bus ride before I met him. I got the bus station early and his bus was late. The parking lot was scary and I'm pretty sure I witnessed either a drug deal or a car get stolen. I tried not to look because I didn't want to get shot. (Hey, it could happen).

So we texted, trying to get some sense of where he was. I told him I was nervous waiting alone, I wanted him there with me. But I was almost giddy excited, too. He replied back I would be fine, and that I better be horny too. I couldn't help but laugh. Silly boy - I hadn't touched myself in 3 or 4 days and I was on a sugar high waiting for him. Horny was not a concern in any means.

Nature called, so I moved from the parking lot to the bus station to wait. For being almost midnight people were everywhere. Finally he said they were pulling in, and I started looking among the sea of people streaming in through doors. And then I saw him. It doesn't matter how many hours we spent on skype, he looked different in 3D. Suddenly I got very shy... me in my new summer dress, showing more skin than I normally do.

I waved, and he found me in the crowd and walked up to me. We both gave a look at the floor, and I asked if he had everything (he did) and we started toward the parking lot. We walked outside, looking away from each other. What was I supposed to do? I hadn't been on a "first date" in... well, never. No, I've never had an official first date (that's another story).  Suddenly I was a little panicked. I had no idea how to act or what to say... and then he grabbed for my hand. It was warm, and strong, and held mine so tightly and securely. I turned and looked at him, and he was smiling at me.

Suddenly I was warm but it wasn't from his hand. I knew we would be OK. We had made no official plans for what the night would bring, we would just let things happen. The walk to the car ended, and soon we were sitting in the front seat, and I reached for his hand again. It felt good to have him there. I turned the car on, chilled from the cool evening. When I turned to look at him, his free hand was on my face, pulling me by the base of my neck in for our first kiss. There was no shyness here, his mouth overwhelmed me. Everything was bigger and stronger than what I had experienced - his tongue was everywhere, and our lips fought for control. When we pulled away, I smiled shyly and he gave me a grin.

We had a several hour drive ahead of us, but it felt like thirty minutes. There was some talking, some periods of shyness, but eventually his hands wandered to my bare legs, pushing up my dress, and then they were on my shoulders, my neck, in my hair, my arms, fingers sliding down the front of my dress, tweaking a nipple, cupping my breasts. I had to tell him to stop, it was too distracting.

We made it to my apartment, it was sometime after 3a, but I wasn't tired at all. Inside, bag and purse were dropped and we were kissing again. It was new, yet completely familiar, completely normal. Like I'd gone a long time without water, but was remembering how good it tasted again. I pulled him toward the bathroom, turned on the shower, and pulled off my dress. Off came his shirt, my bra, his pants, my underwear, his underwear. More kissing.

We moved into the shower, washing away the travel of the day. We couldn't keep our mouths or hands off each other. Hands wandered, and I touched his cock for the first time. It felt incredibly good in my hand. He ran two hands down my body, from my breasts to my pussy. His fingers ran past my clit straight to my vagina. Two fingers slipped in, no problem (which for me was another first). He finger fucked me, and I braced myself against the wall of the shower as his vigorous strokes made me gasp for air.

I pulled his hand out, knelt in front of him, and sucked his cock into his mouth. I knew this was something he wanted. None of his exes had ever liked giving head, some had flat-out refused.  I love sucking cock... but that's another entry for another day. The hot water was running down his back, and I could feel it running down his legs as I ran my hands up and down his legs and butt. I sucked him hard and deep. I gagged myself on his cock over and over... and then I threw up on his feet. (True story). I wiped my mouth off, and went back to sucking him off...  His cock was so much longer than I was used to, I didn't know how to handle it. I ended up vomiting two more times, but I didn't stop, and he didn't stop me. The shower kept running... and soon the water was not hot but warm, and I sucked and licked away. His legs trembled, and the water ran cool. I sucked as hard as I could, when the water finally became cold we turned off the water.

He hadn't cum yet. I wasn't sure what was missing, that was the longest BJ I'd ever given. not two seconds after the water was off, he pulled me up, kissed my cheek, and told me not to feel bad - he had never cum from a BJ before. (Challenge: accepted). I rinsed my mouth, and we barely dried off, and ran to the bedroom.

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  1. Having never dated in the age of the interwebs, this is such a cool story to read. I feel like a time traveler :).