Thursday, March 1, 2012

The first night Pt2

Kissing, hands everywhere. I wanted him on top first, so there he was. He was nervous about the size of his dick and my inexperience, I was confident. It was only going to get better. I was ready. Now I don't remember what he did or the exact details, but I do remember that I had my first vaginal orgasm - my first 8 vaginal orgasms, before he came.

We cuddled, holding each other, laying together. It was sometime near morning, the night was fading to day. I was about to drift asleep when he started kissing me again, and he told me it was my turn to get on top.

I hated cowgirl. It never felt very good, I couldn't cum during it, I didn't know how to move... I'd had terrible experiences. I fretted, and voiced my concerns. He was confident, he knew I could cum this way, he was shocked I never had before.  His confidence became mine... he used his hands to show me how to move, how to rock my hips, bounce my ass, play with his cock. It was long and if I sat all the way up it made me moan as it pushed against my cervix. It felt so, so good. Did I cum? Yes, a couple of times.

We cuddled some more, it was morning now. We teased and kissed, but didn't leave the bed. I think about an hour passed, and we had sex again. I came more and more. We learned about each other's bodies, what we liked. My whole world changed - sex was finally fun, exciting, extremely pleasurable.

I don't remember the rest of the details. I remember more cuddling, more sex, never sleeping. We drifted out of the room at about 5p for food - finally. We'd spent all day in bed, fucking, making out, cuddling, talking.

It was a good first night.

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