Thursday, March 29, 2012

20 Things I love

Trending topic on Twitter: #20ThingsILove. I could have tweeted all of this -- but let's face it, I love to expound on a topic and give detail. So here we go. And no, these are in NO particular order. And its nowhere near comprehensive.

20. Sex: I'm not talking about orgasms - who doesn't love orgasms? But I'm really talking about sex. Just the act of touching each other, feeling each other. Fingers, mouths, dicks, dildos, vibrators, tongues. Anything where you touch and penetrate your partner - that is such a lovely and wonderful experience.

19. Chocolate: I love chocolate. No, not in the "All girls love chocolate" kind of way. No, I'm much more involved with chocolate. Yes, I indulge when stressed or hormonal. But, I feel that I need some form of chocolate every day. I prefer dark, European style chocolate. I'm only OK with milk if it's a high quality brand. Hershey's? Crap - don't even offer it as an option. Ghiradelli? Good. Dove? Better. Lindt? Best. I prefer a good 56-67% cocoa content in a truffle form.

18. Star Wars: You know the name of this blog is BiLikes SCI FI, right? Well, guess what my favorite movie is? Star Wars... specifically, Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. All time favorite movie. Read the books. Was an internet expert for a while. Have dressed up as a character. When I'm in a better shape, I will do the Princess Leia outfit for the BF. And I can't wait.

17. Water: It's my favorite beverage. And I'm a water snob... Evian is the best in the world.

16. Ice: As I mentioned in this post, I have a bit of an oral fetish, and sucking on and chewing ice is a great way to feed that need, all while hydrating myself. (I am wet all the time, I need to be rehydrated all the time!)

15. The Ocean: I love swimming in salt water. A freshwater beach/lake doesn't appeal to me at all. I love the feeling of the salt water. It feels so refreshing on my skin, no matter the temperature. I want to sink my toes into sand, and stay in the water for hours. The more naked, the better.

14. Traveling: I have the travel bug. I grew up traveling internationally. By the time I was 11, I had been to 5 continents and lived on 2. I was almost born on a third (for which I'll never forgive my parents). I spent a year in college living in Europe traveling. I cannot get enough! Give me 8-12 hour airplane rides, hotels, trains, a traveler guide book, figuring out the local currency and food. I'll take it all and love every minute of it.

13. Trashy TV: Somedays, there is nothing I like more than some trashy TV. Its what I want/need to decompress... by trashy TV, I mean daytime court TV, Jackass, The Soup, World's Dumbest, Operation Repo, Cops. Stupid crap that's filled with stupid people being stupid... and I looooove it.

12. Writing: I love to write! As you can tell from this blog or twitter, I love to tell a good story or provide a quippy remark.

11. Languages: I love languages! I am orally talented (snort) perhaps I should say linguistically talented. I speak French so well that the French think I'm French. I haven't had a chance to study any other language formally for a long period of time, but those that I do I pick up pretty quickly (although at the start they all come out in a French accent, which is hilarious and hard to correct!).

10. Goat cheese:  Goat cheese on pizza, in pasta, on garlic bread, warmed on toast.  Love it.

9. Mini Coopers: I had a Mini Cooper. Red. White Roof. Hot. Had to sell it -- and I miss it so much. My Focus is so freaking boring in comparison. I miss my little zoom zoom car.

8. Reading: I am a reading bug. I'm normally reading 2-3 books at a time on a variety of topics. At some point, I'll have to tell you about some of them, because I've got a nice little collection of books about sex, culture and history.

7. Gaming: I love to play games! Online, computer, or board game - I'm not very picky. I'm terrible at strategy, and I prefer games of chance or skill. My favorite games would be: LOTRO for online, Oregon Trail for computer, Careers, Monopoly, or Othello for board games.

6. Playing cards: I kept a separate entry for playing cards. As a kid I traveled a lot before the time of game boys and laptops. So we played cards. All the time. Small, portable, and take hours of time. Even with technology card games are some of the best fun you can have to pass an afternoon or evening with someone.

5. Art: Yes, I love art. I love going to art museums, looking at art, creating art, picking out art. In college I spent what little spending money I had on buying cheap artwork for my dorm room - I needed color and visually appealing walls. I studied a lot of art in high school and college, and have had the wonderful opportunity to see many of the world's masterpieces. I'm hooked.

4. Ikea: Love Ikea. Every piece of furniture in my apartment except my desk is Ikea. It's accumulated over the years, but I'm talented at buying stuff over years and having it all match, and I can fit flat packed material in a car or mini van like you would never believe.

3. My BF's dick: Yes, for obvious reasons.

2. My BF's tongue: Also for obvious reasons... but its so freaking big! Seriously. He has the longest, widest tongue I've ever seen... I'd have to compare him with Ozzy to see who has the longer tongue. I'm a freaking lucky lady!

1. Tomatoes: Despite my love of chocolate, a well-ripened tomato is my favorite food.


  1. We love spontaneous positivity in our blog roll! Thanks for posting this. It's pretty awesome to find out how much we have in common with our fellow bloggers.

    Empire rules!

    1. Spontaneous positivity? I'm totally stealing that...

  2. 20 - YES! The intimacy is awesome. I LOVE to be touched! In fact, if Vincent and I bet something, I always choose to be scratched if I win. Or if I go for a massage, they'll ask what area bothers me, and I'm like, "None! I'm just here because I like to be touched!"
    19 - I'm a milk chocolate girl, I can't get past the bitterness of dark chocolate.
    18 - Guess who's a HUGE Chewbacca fan?! One of these day I'll post a picture of my Chewie collection on Twitter.
    15 - I don't like to swim in the ocean - I've almost drowned twice. But the sound, the smell, the beauty - I'll take all of that any day. So good for my soul.
    13 - We LOVE The Soup! We DVR it so we don't miss it each week! Joel McHale is so funny!
    7&6 - I also love to play games!
    4 - We love IKEA too! Lots of our furniture is from there as well.

    I loved learning how much we have in common!

    1. Mia - love the details. I love the touching that happens in a massage. Its wonderful.

      I need to see this Chewbacca collection! I'm so intrigued now.

      I don't have cable right now and I miss seeing The Soup each week -- I can't believe they only have short 2 minute clips online and not full episodes.

  3. I actually enjoyed reading through your 20... Would hate to give up chocolate. And sex. And masturbation. And the ocean. Hmm.