Friday, March 2, 2012

Weekday morning sex

I was working from home, which means I could sleep in a bit - and wake up the BF for some morning sex. He complained about being woken up, but I cuddled him, both of us on our stomachs, my arm over his back, our legs intertwined. After a while I turned on my side and cuddled my butt up against him. I got the response I was expecting - he turned to spoon me, wrapping is arm around me, clutching a breast to my chest.

His dick was hard against my ass as I cozied into him. He ran his hand down to my ass, giving it a couple of squeezes. He kissed my neck, my shoulder my back. His hand wandered back up my body, tweaking my nipples against his hands. I stretched against him. He reached down again and pulled my leg up slightly. I lifted it higher, and he started rubbing the head of his dick in between my legs, getting the tip wet.

"Oooh you're so wet already! Why are you so wet?" he asked, pushing it deeper, just outside the entrance. He pulled my feet to nest between his, trapping my ankles in his legs.

"Don't you remember that orgasm you gave me last night?" I asked. I sighed at the memory of the longest, most pleasurable orgasm I'd ever experienced.

He gave me a "mmmm" in agreement as he pushed his dick in me about halfway. I sighed happily. "Ohhhhh," he whispered, like it was the loudest noise he could make. "You're so wet...." he slid in more, pushing his dick in all the way. His groan of satisfaction was intoxicating. He kissed my shoulder again and shift his hips lower to get a better angle.

He slid it in a out, just playing with the entrance, his head barely entering me. It felt wonderful and I was just enjoying the sensation of his dick gliding so smoothly. "You like my wetness don't you?" I asked.

He moaned a yes as he stuck his dick in me all the way, and held it there. I pushed back against him, wiggling my bum. He groaned with pleasure from my body moving around him. I grinded against him moving my hips slowly up and down. He relaxed, his dick falling out slightly, and kissed my back. He started fucking me again. He pulled back a bit to really fuck me, and you could hear my wetness sloshing around his dick and our bodies made an awesome slapping sound as he pounded away at me.

He pulled my leg up and over his again. I tiled towards him as his hand ran down from my breast to my pussy, but he didn't go for my clit. His hand wandered back up where he tweaked my nipples again. He was moving his hips still fucking me but not by much. Finally his hand moved down and he reached for my clit. He wasn't gentle, but I didn't need him to be. With his cock in me, fucking me, I don't need a lot of build-up to cum. He used all four fingers and just attacked it. Instantly I was crying out, and very soon, I was orgasming. He pulled his hand away, pushed my leg back, and then really fucked me. My orgasm kept going, and I ground back against him.

He started playing with the entrance again, just barely sliding into me. "Ohhhh Mrs. ____" he cried softly into my ear, hands cupping my breast, his other hand holding mine.

"You're naughty!" I said back, trying not to break the rule myself. He kissed my back and shoulder in a flurry of kisses.

"I don't care, " he said. "I love you so much. Oh ______" he called out my name. Then he pushed slightly and we rolled over onto our stomachs, his dick never leaving me and he adjusted slightly on top of me. I flexed my hips up, pushing into him. His cheek was against mine, I could see his eyes shut, mouth open as he moved in and out. His moans were getting louder.

Then suddenly his hand was in my hair, pulling it and jerking my neck back, pinning it down. I moaned, I love it when he does that. Its so passionate, so in the moment. He kissed my cheek, my neck. He told me he loved me again and again. He was slowing down, making each stroke in and out last longer than normal. I could tell he was getting closer to coming, and the closer he was, the slower he went, just making it last and last for both of us. He called out my name more and told me he loved me and he called me his wife. I ignored the rule breaking, what did it matter? I pushed up against him told him I wanted to cum with my clit while he was in me.

He pulled out and sat up so I could flip around on my back. He came down and kissed me while I reached down my hand to my clit. He was moving slowly in and out and I told him to just hold it in me, not moving. He did, kissing me over and over again. I kissed as much as I could between my growing cries of pleasure. I could feel my orgasm building up in me. When I could tell it was close, I started saying, "Fuck me, oh fuck me," over and over. He did. And I spread my legs as far as I could. "Oh fuck me my husband," I cried out, eyes shut from pleasure.

"Oh my wife, my lovely wife!" and he was kissing me hard and passionately. His orgasm came and he pushed his dick in as it pumped cum. He pushed it in and my orgasm hit strong and hard and I was pulling myself up on his body while he pulled me up, kissing the back of my neck while I cried out into his. My hips moved, uncontrolled, and his body shuddered from the sensations I was giving his dick as I came and came on it.

We stilled, and kissed and looked into each other's eyes for a moment, just looking. He pulled out but rested on top of me, head on my breast and I wrapped my arms around him. I could feel cum dripping out of my pussy, dripping onto my thighs and down my ass and onto the bed.