Monday, December 10, 2012

Best Saturday of my life

If you haven't seen the big news that popped up over the weekend for us, here it is again:

We're engaged!

This wasn't planned, although if you're a reader of this blog, you can safely assume it hasn't been unexpected. We've always discussed marriage as a goal to this relationship: if we get there. Only 5 months into the relationship, he called me "Mrs ____" during sex, so we started the rule. As we approached our first year anniversary, we took another look at the rule and realized it was still relevant. Just a month or so ago, we realized the rule no longer existed, but things were just "waiting." 

Well, wait over!

We had talked rings and timing briefly -- As in, what I liked and wanted in a ring and if we were ready to really make this official. He's been ready for a while, but I really didn't want to become engaged until it had been a year and a half for us - so, in December or later seemed fine. 

Late last week, while texting me at work, he suggested we have a date night this weekend. We haven't had one in a while - months really - and I was so excited to do it. We planned a dinner and a movie: he could pick the movie and I would pick the restaurant. Now, we live together so we always eat and watch movies together. But we still make special times for dates out where we pay extra attention to what we wear, where we eat, and take a break from life.

Saturday was an excellent day. I woke up feeling very warm arms wrap themselves around me, and light kisses planted on my shoulder. My mind started to wake up and he said, "Morning my love. You are so beautiful, so sexy, so pretty, so smart, and so hardworking. I love you so much." I smiled and nestled back into him, feeling his soft dick fall in between my ass cheeks. He snuggled me and held me close.

We laid there quite a while, switching sides. At some point I flipped over and we shared some kisses before I nestled against his chest and let him kiss my forehead as he held me tight. His hands wandered up my body and I soon felt a hard cock against my thigh. I teased it slightly and started to tease him more. He begged for me to jack him off and I grabbed the lube to comply.

What followed was a hand CBT hand job. I didn't torture his cock unless you count a lot of edging and denying orgasm. My greatest torture was spanking his balls. Spanking, slight squeezing, and then some really hard spanking. It was the slowest motion I've made him cum with  my hand. I'll have to write up those details soon. It deserves its own post.

After his orgasm, I received several excellent orgasms via his fingers on my clit. My favorite part was feeling all of the fingers on his hand running through my very wet pussy. I love how he soaks his fingers in my juices. It's fucking hot to know he'll be smelling me on him all day.

We got up, got dressed, and spent our Saturday as we typically do: video gaming and flirting with each other. During the afternoon, I spent a couple of hours with some of my favorite twitter crushes PlumptiousPea and TisforTMI (both ladies have very hot blogs I recommend them both!) and the nasty men of the Wholesome Addiction podcast recording a special segment for an upcoming show. Two hours of flirting and laughing till my mouth was tired (unusual it gets so tired from laughing -wink wink-).

Needless to say, I was SO turned on from all this girl flirting (I went speechless many times through the recording) as was the BF my fiance (that will take some getting used to!) that we had to go fuck. Immediately. As soon as I stepped away from my mic, he looked at me and said, "Can we PLEASE go fuck now!?"

Off to the bedroom we went, kissing and grabbing at each other. I rode him cowgirl - furiously. Hard. Fast. Needy. He wanted me to make him orgasm and then keep fucking him. So I did. He kissed and sucked on my nipples as I rode him through both of our orgasms and watched his body tremble from pleasure under me. I felt him grow soft a little, so I climbed off and grabbed my Hitachi and masturbated with his hands wandering around my thighs, grabbing and gripping me, as I orgasmed. He was hard again, so I gave him a hand job with a blow job finish.

We still had two hours before our dinner reservation, so we napped holding each other for nearly an hour before getting up and eventually getting ready for our date. (My idea of getting ready was lounging around naked for 45 minutes). With 15 minutes until we had to leave, we both dressed. He dressed in khaki's and his best button down shirt and I dressed in black fishnets, hot pink skirt, and a chunky black sweater. I wore black leather ankle boots that he said were "fucking sexy" on me.

We made it to dinner on time - our first dinner at Benihana. It was my choice for a restaurant; neither of us had ever eaten there, but I knew it would be fun. We were seating with 2 other couples (leaving 2 seats free) so we had plenty of room. One couple kept to themselves, but we chatted somewhat with the other couple at the table.

Dinner was delicious. He kept rubbing my back with his arm. We were both just so fucking happy to have this evening out. It was a beautiful evening together. Dinner was fun and entertaining and we really enjoyed it. When it was over, we had nearly an hour until our movie started just across the street. We decided to drop off our leftovers at the car and then do some mall shopping. 

On our way to the car, he pulled my arm and said, "Hey, wait a moment." I turned, wondering what he could want. It was cold, chilly, and slightly raining. I turned to him and there he was, on one knee, holding up this beautiful ring. I think my mouth dropped open and he said, "Will you marry me?" And then I smothered him.

My ring - white topaz, not a diamond per my request

No really, I did. I grabbed his head and smothered him in my boobs and held him for dear life. At that point, he struggled to stand up and give me a proper hug. The ring was slipped on my finger, and I hugged and kissed him. I almost started crying, but seeing him struggle away from suffocating in my boobs made me laugh too much and too hard to let any tears fall. We spent the next twenty minutes just wandering the mall and decided the movie was not what we wanted tonight. We wanted to just spend time together interacting rather than sitting in a dark theater.

So we drove him, me deliriously happy and he just smiled. And then, true to our roots, we hopped online and told one of our closest gamer friends the good news. And then I started crying. Then I posted the news on facebook and texted my parents (I knew they would be surprised and would need time to digest the news vs a happy call from me). And then I announced the news on twitter. 

Then I took my fiance into the bedroom and said, "I need to attack you!" and I did.

The past 24 hours I've had nothing but congratulations, and kind, lovely words from everyone. It really was the best day.


  1. This really does sound like the best Saturday ever! And what a beautiful ring.

    We remember all too well the day we got engaged. It's a feeling unlike any other, having a fiancee (or fiance), and making excited plans for the big day, as well as the rest of your life together. It's not like when you were just dating, and it's not like when you're married. It's pretty special. At least, it was for us.

    Once again, congratulations!

  2. I said it then and I say it again now: I am deeply thrilled and excited for you both. I wish you the best in planing everything that stems from this momentous occasion.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  3. Let me add to the many congratulations! It's so wonderful when you find someone that you connect to on that deep of a level.

  4. Congratulations to both of you! Lovely ring, BTW!

  5. Simply, congratulations :-)

    On the orgasms and the upcoming nuptials.

    And, should you need an organist....

  6. I think the fact that I wrote a post on Friday about me proposing to my wife is no coincidence... kidding!

    Congratulations! What a great story, looking forward to reading more about you as a married couple.

  7. Excellent! And the ring is beautiful. I'm a fan of the non-traditional.