Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TMI Tuesday: Fantasy, Anyone?

1. Do you think that acting out a fantasy can sometimes cause damage to a relationship?
 Only if one partner feels coerced or forced to be a part/not a part of this fantasy. If both partners are willing, I'm not sure how it can be damaging.

2. Some couples role play their fantasies rather than introducing another person into the relationship to live out their fantasies. Do you think that this is an acceptable substitute?
Wait, people role play their fantasies without their regular partner? I'm confused... I thought role playing was about playing with your partner, not finding someone else. I've always wanted my partner to be a part of my fantasy in some way; at the very least, emotionally supportive. In my world, having your partner part of the fantasy is the point!

3. Is there a particular movie or TV series or character from a movie or TV series that you fantasise about?
No, I don't. The closest I've come is fantasizing about Clay Matthews. Can you blame me?

4. Apart from the obvious things like child abuse, are there some things that are ‘off limits’ for a fantasy e.g. incest fantasies, age play, rape fantasies. Why/ why not?
I think a fantasy is just that, a fantasy. I'm don't think fantasizing about anything is off limits. Would I act out everything? No, certainly not. But the BF and I have fantasized brother-sister scenes, Daddy-daughter, and rape. We've enjoyed all of it!

5. What is the most taboo thing you have ever fantasised about doing?
I'm going to plead the fifth. And for this blog, you know that's extreme....

6. Tell us about a fantasy that you have that you don’t ever see yourself actually acting out. Why do you think you will never act it out?
Well, there's the jungle gang-bang fantasy that is my oft-used masturbation fantasy.  I've been told it's pretty hot - and I'd recommend you go read it if you haven't yet. In reality, I don't want to stumble across a bunch of people and be forced to take cock after cock and be bukkaked regardless of what I say. There is no safety word or safe sex in my fantasy - and that's why it will remain a fantasy.

7. Have you ever pretended the person you were having sex with was someone else without telling them?
Yes. I felt terrible about it. But it's only happened with my ex.

8. Have you ever tried to make a fantasy a reality only to have it fail miserably? What happened?
No, not yet. But we haven't done a lot of role playing, either.

Bonus: Tell us about your most cherished fantasy. Did you ever live it out? Please give us all the juicy details because that is the kind of people we are.
I don't know if I have a most cherished fantasy. The past year and a half has been an incredible sexual experience. So many things I've wanted to do sexually (with a man) I have now done. I would say 90% of my fantasies include women now.

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  1. Regarding your answer to #6, the beauty of fantasy is that there is nothing compelling them to become reality. While some may seek to act out an extreme fantasy such as yours, it's perfectly acceptable, and in fact likely preferable, for them to be confined to your head (and your blog, obviously).

    Your answer to #2 is really sweet, and reveals all we need to know about your relationship with the BF.

    1. I should have said that my most cherished fantasy is about a gang bang of all of my favorite bloggers... ;)