Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How many orgasms can I take? his fantasy

The other night we were cuddling in bed just chatting. I can't remember if it was pre- or post- sex. He mentioned that one of our next toy purchases needed to be a secure tie-down system. Now we have three pairs of handcuffs - one metal, two cloth with velcro straps. The problem with the cloth is that the velcro can be ripped if you pull strong enough (and we both have) and the chain in between the cuffs is obviously very weak. The metal ones come open too easily as well.

So we can use the cuffs, but the one being cuffed or immobilized can break free. I can play within the rules, but he will not. He wants to make sure I can't escape without his help. He wants me to try to squirm, but be completely unable to. He wants complete control.

He wants to make me cum. A lot. He's made me cum almost 20 times in a short time of about an hour, I think. (You can read about that here). His "record" is when he made an ex cum 30-some times over the course of a couple hours. He (and I) would love to surpass this... but at some point I can barely take anymore sensation.  For him, this becomes a delicious challenge.  His vision:

Strap me down, hands above my head. Legs wide and straight. A strap across my stomach. All this to ensure that when I cum, I can twist, jump, and flail my legs, completely out of control. My back arches so high that I'm end up standing on one shoulder and my feet. I've never been immobilized when coming. I can't imagine what that would be like.

And he wants to watch it happen. He wants to use me with his dick and hands and mouth, make me cum over and over. I'll beg for him to stop, and he won't. He'll keep going. I'll cum more and more. I'll beg for relief, and he'll keep going. My pussy is his, its under his control. And I can't move. I am completely his. And his sole purpose is to pleasure me beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Whenever this strap, tie-down system is acquired, you will know. But I may need 24 hours to recover from it first. What I love about this fantasy is that it is entirely focused on MY pleasure. Not once did the topic of him cumming ever cum up. That's not the point. Although, I'll be curious to know how many times he does cum whenever this is experienced.

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