Thursday, March 15, 2012

Midweek, post-nap sex

I awoke from my nap (see part 1 of this story), the breezing was blowing across my back sending shivers up my spine. I tried to reposition myself, but he pulled me closer, tighter to him in his sleep. I couldn't move, but I didn't want to wake him. I settled into his chest, and dozed. Some minutes passed, and I forced myself away and flipped to lay on my stomach. He awoke, and turned over to tuck himself into me and cuddle me. We murmured about our nap, the breeze, the day. Our joy.

His hands started wandering, and found their way to my ass. He wanted me again, and when I reached for his dick it was almost hard again. He started fondling my breast, tweaking at my nipple. He spooned me, kissing my back and neck. He pulled on my hips and I moved slightly so his dick could find my vagina. My wetness was pooled at the entrance, waiting. He slid in, moaning at it... and questioning how in the world I could be so incredibly wet. (As if he doesn't know the reason.)

We took turns, him thrusting into me, me grinding against him. Slow and sensuous. Minutes passed and we kept taking turns, sometimes fighting for who would control the direction. He told me he wanted me to cum. "Don't you have any cum for me, my love?" I did - grinding against him, feeling his dick slide in and out and all these angles I'm not used to, my orgasming had been building. His words set me over the edge, and I was bucking against him. He gave my back some kisses, and pushed me onto my stomach. My legs stayed almost on their side, but not straight. His dick never left my pussy.

I turned my head to look at him, and our eyes locked. We just looked at each other as I pushed my ass into him and he fucked me gently. His hands were resting above my head, and I reached up to grab them in my hands, holding him, bracing against him, He played with me, going fast and shallow or fast and deep, changing his pattern. We were fucking for pure enjoyment, no schedule, no deadlines. Just us.

I could feel my clit boner begging for attention, but I needed his dick. I told him I wanted to cum with my clit with him in me. He chuckled at my clit horniness, but pulled out and sat back so I could flip around. I reached down, and even I was astounded by how wet I was. I expressed my surprised, and he laughed with me at how incredible it was. I started fingering my clit, wiggling it back and forth, and he kissed me as his dick entered me again.

Only it didn't enter all the way. He just inserted barely past the head, and pulled out. It wasn't enough, I wanted more. He whispered in my ear, "No, my little dick is too small... it won't satisfy you." And I moaned from excruciating anticipation. No, I wanted full, deep dick... I would never get off without it. I wanted all of him. I moaned, complaining.

"No, I want all of you, I need your dick."

"My dick's too small, it barely goes in at all. I can't satisfy you."

My clit was feeling amazing, but I knew I wasn't going to get off this way. But what could I do? I played the game. "No, its too small. I'll go find a bigger dick to satisfy me."

His breathing picked up, but he kept teasing me. "You fucking tease!" I admitted. "I can't cum this way!"

He knew his plan was working. He kept teasing me. My orgasm was building, almost ready to go, but I had no dick in me. I couldn't cum.

I complained more, louder, I humiliated his small dick for not satisfying me, leaving me frustrated.

Finally, he pushed in all the way, out, then all in with more force... and he exploded into orgasm. His thrusting caught me off guard, I need more thrusts to orgasm. But he knew, he kept pushing, fast thrusting in me, until I was screaming, bucking against him, squeezing his dick. He was motionless but I was still riding his dick, cumming all over it. Finally, after I was satisfied, I relaxed and opened my eyes. He was watching me, smile on his face.


  1. Oh wow, I love this. Very sexy indeed... I can relate so much to your stories.


    1. Awesome! I love hearing about other bi-couples. Fascinating sex-lives!