Monday, March 5, 2012

The best little sex-toy invention

If you've been following my tweets for a while, you know that I love my bullet vibe. Seriously, I love this thing. It is my most favorite, treasured toy. I bought my first one  years ago at Babeland in one of their NYC stores. It was my very first toy purchase.

Unfortunately, it received very little use in the following few years. My partner at the time was scared of toys (I practically had to drag him kicking and screaming into the store - how in the world did I think it would improve from there?).  In fact, the sex pretty much sucked all around... it didn't last.

I used the toy for masturbation play. Normally, I'm fine with my fingers, but this toy is perfect for giving me orgasms on another level.  Another fucking level of orgasm, people!  Since the BF and I started our sexual relationship last summer, the bullet vibe has made regular appearances in our sex life. In the nights where normal sex does not occur (aka, penis-in-vagina), the bullet vibe is there about 40-50% of the time. Why? Because I fucking love it so much.

My favorite way to play with this toy is where I control the bullet placement, and he controls the scale of vibration. Its like a sexy tug of war - if I think I'm getting to close and I don't want to cum, I pull the vibe away from my clit and place it elsewhere, but if he doesn't want me to cum yet, he keeps teasing me with that vibration level, making the pattern change and bringing me to the edge without really bringing me to orgasm.

This toy doesn't just stay on my clit, although its certainly my favorite spot to keep it. I start with it on the top of my clit, all the way up at the base where it starts to rise out of my body. I let the vibrations move through my clit, feeling how it changes based on where the vibe is placed. I like to hold the bullet so its rounded tip (where the vibrations are focused) is on my clit. I like to move it down to my vaginal entrance, slipping it just slightly inside and letting the vibrations thrill me. Running it up from clit to vagina is heaven. My favorite spot to place this when I'm ready to cum is just after my clit, so its vibrating my clit in the most sensitive spot and the U-spot. I just hold it there, not moving, letting the vibrations torture and tease me. This is normally the position where it sends me over the edge to an incredible, fantastic orgasm.

I usually rate my orgasms as good - great - awesome. This vibe is guaranteed to hit the awesome level and beyond every single time. Awesome means the build-up is long, titillating, and worth the journey in itself (almost). But when that orgasm hits, my eyes are shut, my fists are clenched, my toes are curled, and my body acts completely independent of my mind. I'm almost sitting up and then arching my back and forcing hips into the air. My legs are struggling to stay open, fighting with my mind to stay open for more orgasms. The screamer in me is silenced, as all sound and thinking is blocked for the 5-10 seconds while I'm lost to the world. The whole house could crash around me and I wouldn't notice it at all.

Then all of a sudden the world clicks back into view, but my body is still jolting, crashing, thrashing, and every other violent motion that happens when your mind is blown and you're lost to the moment. The screamer in me is released and I'm screaming, screaming as loud as I need to. I don't hold back. The screaming usually lasts another 5-10 seconds, starting out at my loudest volume then falling slowly. At the end I'd say I'm no longer screaming, just moaning incredibly loudly.

Normally about the time my screaming is falling from the peak, the BF is taking control of the vibe and forcing it on my incredibly sensitive clit, bring more orgasms, and my screams start rising again and again.

Another way we've used this toy is slipping it inside me while the BF and I have sex. His penis pushes it far in, pushing it up near my cervix. He gets the benefit of having the vibe on the head of his penis and I can feel it on my G-spot and throughout my vagina, especially on high.

We've also used this for cowgirl position, where I grind away on it and he feels it at the base of his penis. He always handles the vibration controls, and I handle the placement. I can come again and again this way.

I've also given the BF a handjob with this toy, holding it in my hand as I stroke his cock. The sensation of the hard metal against his cock, along with the different levels of vibrations brought something new to the table. As the giver, its certainly not the easiest to do, but for variety and playing, its fun... oh, and his orgasm was incredibly after a lot of teasing with the vibration sensations.

So my dear pervy geeky readers, what do you take away from all of this? Simple: A bullet vibe is a cheap (read: inexpensive) sex toy with guaranteed pleasures. Its also what I would recommend as an excellent first sex toy. It has a lot of uses, isn't hard to use or handle, and it allows for a lot of exploration and discovery, whether alone or on your own.

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