Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday morning thighs

Oh Sunday morning, we always sleep in. I normally wake up first and wake him up with cuddling and kisses. This morning I trailed kisses from his shoulder to just behind his ear and back again while holding him as the little spoon. He woke up smiling and told me he loved morning kisses.

A few minutes later, he sat up in bed and said he was up, it was my turn. I cuddled into my blankets and said that I was horny. His glasses came off, and he teased me, asking what did I expect to happen, since he didn't know? I played innocent, turning the question back around.

He answered by pushing me onto my back, and kissing me as he laid in between my open legs. He was already hard... he skipped all foreplay, just sticking his dick in me a little. Short, shallow strokes. He said I wasn't nearly as wet as I normally am for being horny, I told him it obviously wasn't a problem because right after his complaint he slid it in the rest of the way, and I could feel my wetness surrounding his dick and wetting the entrance of my vagina.  He smiled, and kissed me again.

After some strokes, he sat up and leaned back, and started thumbing my clit with his thumb, turning it in wide circles. He kept his dick in me, just sitting while he played with him. My legs were resting over his, and he rubbed my inner thighs with his free hand. "Mmmm sexy thighs" he murmured to me as I moaned in pleasure. He moved his dick slightly, pushing it in more, keeping up the circles on my clit. Then before I wanted he dropped back down and started fucking me again, then pulled his dick out to clit fuck me. Back and forth, he went on this, teasing me both ways. His dick was thrusting on my pussy lips and swollen clit, almost beating them up with his hardness but in a very pleasurable way.

Back up he sat, and his started turning circles with my clit. My orgasm was building, but elusive this morning. Without the foreplay my build is always very long... and he knows this. "Cum for me," he asked, or commanded. It was really both.  I wanted to, but couldn't yet. I flexed my hips against him, moaning. He used other fingers to play with me, then clit fucked me while sitting up. So many changes in rhythm I could hardly keep up. "I want you to cum all over me," he commanded again.

Then he used his index finger to finger my clit in very fast diagonal strokes, from above left to bottom right, hitting the most sensitive part in the middle. Fast, and fast, my hands were gripping the pillows next to my head. I came slowly, the orgasm taking forever to reach its peak while he kept going, and going. Then he switched back to his thumb and I kept cumming, pulling my legs in toward his hand.

And then he was fucking me before my brain could catch up with reality. Hard, fast, almost rough thrusts. The kind that make you lose some of your breath because the dick is there, then not, and when its there its so fast you can barely register it. All I could register was the sound of his hips and legs banging into my thighs and hips. It was obscenely loud.

He changed to shallow thrusts, teasing himself, his hands not on my shoulders for the rapid thrusts but now on my thighs reaching slightly back to my ass. He repositioned to be further up on my pelvis, and started thrusting, slowly at first and then faster as I encouraged, feeling another orgasm building. I came quickly and gripped his back while he continued fucking me. "Oohh my baby's cumming again, isn't she?" he said as I tried not to deafen him with my scream of pleasure.

When I relaxed, he sat up again and pulled my legs not out but straight up and together in front of him. He pulled out, and reached for the lube. I looked at him, not understanding - I was so wet from cumming, why did we need lube? Then he pulled my legs apart and rubbed lube on my inner thighs, just a few inches above my pussy where my thighs are pretty fleshy. He added more lube to his cock, moaning at the pleasure of just him rubbing it.

Then he squeezed my legs tight, hold them at the ankles near his face. He started fucking my thighs, his penis ram-rod straight between my legs. I squeezed them tighter around him and he gripped my bound feet to his face, blocking it from my view. He kissed one of the soles of my feet, then just held them to his face, breathing heavily as he fucked.

I told him how sexy I thought it was, him fucking and getting off to my thighs. He kissed my feet again and buried his face him them, one hand pushing my feet into his face, the other gripped one of my thighs for leverage as he thrusted away.  As he came his whole body shook, twitching from the sensation of being surrounded by my flesh.

He released my feet, and I let my legs fall wide. He wiped his cum from my legs, and followed me to the shower. My thighs were wet from lube and cum, my whole pussy wet from my cum. Happy Sunday morning to us.

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